*UPDATED* 19-year-old girl burned alive in Panola County, Mississippi

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Source: WTOC/Chambers Family

Source: WTOC/Chambers Family

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PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. – Jessica Chambers, a 19-year-old woman was doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire this past Saturday night in Courtland, Miss.

carAuthorities say that Jessica was found burning near her car that was also engulfed in flames. A passerby called the Panola County sheriff’s office about the burning car along Herron Road, near Highway 51 in Courtland. She was flown to Regional One Health in Memphis, Tenn. but later died. Her family members are desperately seeking answers in this bizarre and heinous murder.

Chambers was the daughter of a Panola County Sheriff’s Department maintenance worker.

The 19-year-old had left her home to go clean out her car and to get something to eat, her mother Lisa Chambers said. “[She] said ‘Bye, I love you, Mama. See you in a little while,” Chambers said. She would never make it back home.

Her father, Ben Chambers,said his daughter tried to tell responders who killed her.

“When the fire department got there, she was walking down the road on fire. Only part of her body that wasn’t burned was the bottom of her feet,” he said.

Her father also says, “They squirted lighter fluid down her throat and in her nose, and apparently they knocked her out. She had a big gash on top of her head.”

There is a huge support on social media from family, friends, and strangers demanding answers as they use the hashtag #JusticeforJessica.

Source: WTOC/Chambers Family

Source: WTOC/Chambers Family

WTOC reports:

Assistant District Attorney Jay Hale knows someone in the community knows something and is pleading for help. Detectives are working to learn who the 19-year-old may have been with before her murder.

“We’re trying to go through the information that we have, certainly interviewing all the potential witnesses we can and going through and using the phone records we can,” Hale said.

“The sheriff called me this morning he told me, he said, ‘I’m working hard,'” Chambers said. “They took something from me I can’t ever get back. Not ever, you know? It’s a part of me gone forever.”

Jessica’s mother hopes for a tip that could lead to her daughter’s killer or killers. “Even if they don’t think it’s information, if it’s just something they heard, to please call the sheriff’s department,” Lisa Chambers said.

Several people are being questioned by detectives, but no arrests have been made. The teen’s car, and any potential clues inside, are charred black. Investigators did find a cell phone at the scene.

Investigators will not disclose at this time what Jessica was able to tell them at the last moment, but the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is investigating the case.

News video via WMC News 5:

This is a very sad and gruesome story indeed and while the family seeks justice, the question remains of when a crime such as this occurs, where is all of the outrage? There have been no protests, riots, or looting to have taken place up to this point. Also, MIA so far are any national media attention personalities arriving on behalf of Jessica Chambers. Perhaps, they’re in route.

Anyone with information on the murder is urged to contact the Panola County Sheriff’s Office at 662-563-6230.

Update #1:

There are no official accounts of anyone in custody at this point, but social media accounts of the victim’s friends state they have had a suspect in custody. Other friends are alleging that police are waiting to make extra sure they have the right person before releasing his name.

ANM News is told that police do not have anyone in custody currently, but are following up with leads. To correct some earlier confusion, Jessica did not have a boyfriend according to her family. She got out of an abusive relationship with a man approximately two years ago. Sources tell ANM News that he no longer lives in the state of Mississippi.

We are still unclear as to the motives behind this gruesome murder, but one thing is certain, Jessica was loved by many.

Jessica’s mother Lisa Chambers tells ANM News, “My daughter did not see color. We loved her dearly and are just seeking justice regardless of skin color,” she said.

One thing to take from this case, unlike the death of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Jessica’s death seems to have been premeditated murder. We cannot confirm this at this time, but we will continue to update this story as an investigation proceeds.

There has been a Facebook page created by Jessica’s sister Amanda Prince, “Justice for Jessica“, which has received over 42,000 “Likes” to date. The page has received posts from around the country from friends, family members, and strangers who are all praying and seeking justice for Jessica.

According to an interview with KTSM, Amanda, a Fort Bliss (El Paso, Texas) Army wife will be heading home to Mississippi to be with family when her husband, who is on his way home from overseas arrives on Tuesday.

Update #2:

A gas station just one mile from the horrendous murder captured video footage of Jessica just hours before her death. The M & M Quick Stop is on Highway 51 in Courtland, Miss. showing Jessica Chambers walking toward the gas station before being called away by someone out of the camera’s view.

WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports


Update #3:

jessica-chambers-1-435As of Wednesday, Mississippi investigators still don’t know who killed 19-year-old Jessica Lane Chambers

Investigators are questioning several possible witnesses, reviewing Jessica’s cell phone data for clues and reviewing the video footage that shows her walking towards a gas station 90 minutes before first responders discovered her on fire about one mile from the M & M Quick Stop.

In the video footage, you’ll see a man wearing a striped shirt filling up a gas can before walking in the same direction as Jessica.

According toWISTV, the police cleared the man wearing the striped shirt.


PEOPLE reports: As the investigation continues, family members grieve.

“No one can believe this really happened to a child,” her father, Ben Chambers, tells PEOPLE. “She was burnt alive. This was cold-blooded murder. They have every person you can think of working on the case. They are checking all leads. It doesn’t matter how big or little.”

“She had her hands up,” says Chambers. “One of the paramedics took his coat off and placed it around her.”

Chambers says his ex-wife spoke to his daughter at 7:20 p.m., about two hours before she died.

“She told her mother she would be home soon but she first was going to stop and get something to eat and clean her car out. She told her mother, ‘I love you, Mama. I will see you in just a little while.’ ”

Right now, no arrests have been made in the case. People are being questioned, but investigators are not calling anyone a person of interest or a suspect in the case.

Update #4:


Nancy Grace has now picked up Jessica’s story.

It’s almost more than I can take in.



Update #5:

Video via NBC News:

The mother of the 19-year-old Mississippi woman burned alive and left for dead says her daughter won’t be at peace until her killer is caught. “She cannot rest,” mom Lisa Chambers told NBC affiliate WMC of her daughter, Jessica, a popular former cheerleader. “She knows who did this. She has told who did this.”

The Facebook page, “Justice for Jessica” created by Amanda Prince, Jessica’s older sister is approaching 100,000 “Likes”.

Update #6:

CNN reports:

After obtaining warrants and cracking a password, police were able to access Jessica Chambers’ phone records and are following up on leads, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Police are searching her data and text records after obtaining warrants Wednesday that compelled Google and her cell phone provider to give police access to her phone’s content, said John Champion, district attorney for Mississippi’s 17th Circuit.

The prosecutor on Thursday also updated information he had given CNN the previous day that indicated Chambers had attended a party but police couldn’t find anyone who had seen her there. Police have now spoken to witnesses who claim to have seen Chambers at the party, the prosecutor said.

Update #7:

John Champion, district attorney for Mississippi’s 17th Circuit, told CNN that Chambers had been able to speak to firefighters as they arrived on scene, but would say only that what she told them, “has certainly given us a lead we’re following up on.”

A gas station and convenience store where, according to surveillance video, Jessica Chambers visited before she was found severely burned along the side of a Mississippi road is pictured on Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014, in Courtland, Miss.

A gas station and convenience store where, according to surveillance video, Jessica Chambers visited before she was found severely burned along the side of a Mississippi road is pictured on Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014, in Courtland, Miss. (AP Photo)

Prosecutors say information from Jessica’s cell phone is providing some leads as to what may have happened to the her in the hours leading up to the attack on her.

Among the clues investigators are examining: surveillance video showing Chambers at a gas station, cellphone records from numerous people, unspecified evidence from her car and interviews with potential witnesses.

“There’s just not a lot of street talk out there about who may or may not have done this,”  Champion said at a news conference. “We feel like somebody out there has heard something.”

Anyone with information on the murder is urged to contact the Panola County Sheriff’s Office at 662-563-6230.

Update #8:

Clarion-Ledger reports:

Authorities have not made an arrest in the killing of Jessica Chambers.

“And we don’t anticipate one in the near future at this point,” Desoto County District Attorney John Champion said at a news conference Thursday.

No reliable forensic evidence and a lack of what Champion called “street talk” have caused investigators to lean on witness interviews. So far, those have not provided anything that would help develop a suspect, Champion said, adding that it’s impossible to formulate a motive without one.

A candlelight vigil is being held for Jessica on Saturday on the Courtland town square in Batesville, Miss. at 5 p.m.

Update #9:



  • A reward of $11,000 is now offered and that amount is expected to increase.
  • The U.S. Marshals Service has added $10,000 to the $1,000 crime stopper reward  being offered for information relating to the death of Jessica Chambers.

WMC Action News 5 reports:

Jessica Chambers was last seen on store surveillance video when she went to a convenience store near her Courtland home. The clerk, Ali Fadhel, said he was surprised she bought so much gas and joked with her. He said Chambers usually purchased $3 or $4.

“Like, wow, why you spending $14 in gas,'” said Fadhel.

He says Chambers told him she was going somewhere, but that he did not know where she was going. Fadhel also says Jessica never mentioned any problems to him and he says she probably would have.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee Anyone with information on the murder is urged to contact the Panola County Sheriff’s Office at 662-563-6230.  

  Update #10:

Saying goodbye to Jessica.

WREG reports:

Friends, family, and Panola County community members attended Jessica Chambers’ visitation Friday night, telling WREG they want anyone with information about her death to contact authorities.

Many of Jessica’s former classmates at South Panola High School attended the visitation. A group of them made t-shirts with her picture that they’re selling online to remember her.

Chambers’ funeral is Saturday at 2 p.m. at Wells Funeral Home in Batesville, Miss.


Update #11:

To say the last 24 hours of research has uncovered significant information would be the understatement of the year.

BREAKING STORY from The Conservative Treehouse.

There are reports that the gas station owner who has been on every news station commenting about when Jessica came into his store could possibly be connected to this heinous murder. His name is is Ali Alsanai, aka Basem Alsanai, a 19-year-old entrepreneur and owner of the M & M Quick Stop in Courtland, Miss.


This story seems to have taken a big turn and we may now know why people are not talking to law enforcement.

Again, read a breakdown on The Conservative Treehouse for more information on the connection between this 19-year-old gas station owner, the local law enforcement, and the increased activity of gangs in and around the Panola County area.



Courtesy of Justice for Jessica Facebook Page.

Jessica had two older brothers, two older sisters, and a younger sister. Allen Chambers, Jessica’s eldest brother, died in a car crash in May 2012.

There has been a GoFundMe page setup to help the family with expenses as they go through this very difficult time.


Here is Jessica’s obituary with details of arrangements.

Anyone with information on the murder is urged to contact the Panola County Sheriff’s Office at 662-563-6230.

* A correction and updates have been made to this story.

ANM News will continue to update this developing story. 

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  • I see no update on Jessica.

  • DeDee

    This burning alive of precious Jessica Chambers is a stark reminder that Al Qaeda is destroying us from within our own borders. The shop owner received a fed grant to open the business. This convenience store is similar to hundreds maybe thousands of others around the country located in small towns where a middle eastern owns the shop and gangs hang out. When the gang member ends up in prison, he is converted to Islam.
    Burning alive is a brutal painful way to die. Al Qaeda enjoys causing us incredible pain. Once in a gang, you cannot leave it. Maybe Jessica was leaving and it could not be permitted. Someone hated Jessica enough to kill her or to order the kill. May her soul rest in Peace.
    Her ex, Bryan Rudd, went to Iowa after they broke up. He’s already been arrested there. He also has youtube videos. At the end of one song, he states: Kill all women.

  • hiway280z

    My prayers go out to the family and her friends. What a horrible thing to have to go through. So much evil in this world we live in now. All will be judged individually by YHWH some day. No one will ever get away with the evil they do in the end.

  • CommonSense

    A US federal probe is needed to investigate this town, local police, store owner, store video and her own family. It looks incorrect and perfect crime to commit with current racial unrest in US. It can be orchestrated crime by a local group of criminals. Drug dealers do not like snitches in their trade.

  • CommonSense

    Let the police investigate and find the killer. Jessica will not rest in peace. The police have a good idea. A person needs a gas can to burn evidence and destroy entire car. Killer or killers will get caught soon or later.

  • CommonSense

    White women better carry a firearm against White and Black men. The Southern women’s greatest equalized to abusive men. Head shots only ladies. I prefer a Colt 45……..a lot of stopping power. The women of the South rise up and fight back. You are veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • CommonSense

    Let have a second American Civil War. All you White and Black folks kill each other off. My Native-American brothers can pick-up the pieces and live in peace.

  • Paleface

    What other white girls have been killed by black guys in Mississippi this year? Jessica Cromwell and another girl that kidnapped, murdered and dumped on the side of the road, her boyfriend was caught in an abandoned house.

    Don’t forget about Hannah Graham in GA!

  • Paleface

    There have been 2 possibly 3 white girls killed in Mississippi this year, Jessica Cromwell, possibly Jessica Chambers. Does anyone know who the third girl was? She was kidnapped by her black boyfriend and dumped on the side of the road.

    Let us not forget about Hannah Graham in Georgia!

    • Atlasshruggedmyass

      There have been multiple white girls killed in MS this year and guess what..98 poo recent of them were killed by White Men!

      Be honest your rant is just because you have a chip on your shoulder in regards to ukulele nnteracial dating!

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    You can bet your bippy that if the suspect should be black there will be a news blackout by the media!

    • Atlasshruggedmyass

      Well there was a black woman in Wichita burned alive like this just a few weeks ago and the media didn’t cover it.

      The only reason there covering this story and not the other is Becuase this a blonde white chick. Breitbart.com did cover the Witchita burning but despicably hid the race of the female murdurerd so that bigoted fools like you would go into a racist frenzy assuming she was white, which is exactly what happened !

      • realistredneck

        Yep… But the proof in the pudding is most probably in both cases the perp was black!
        Case closed!!

        • Atlasshruggedmyass

          Well in the Witchita case the girl, her fiancé, and the perp were all black. So obviously that was not a hate crime or white on black hate crime as Breitbart tried to insinuate . That’s not the case in the MS torch murdur either.

  • Delta Rain

    My prayers for her family and friends. A horrible tragedy. Also praying that the monster or monsters who committed this horrible crime is captured soon.

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    I cannot imagine what this family is going through. It is on my mind most of the time. I’m praying that the killer or killers will be caught and fully prosecuted.

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    Okay everyone in Mississippi this is a sick, worthless, POS and needs to be caught by anyone out there. When you catch it please do not notify the police. Notify her father and then the Thai Ministry of Justice (or any other country’s Ministry of Justice) and inform them that you are packaging it up and exiling it to their country.

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    the mau mau must be found and suffer the same fate only mau mau do this why is this not a hate crime where is doj-demonstrations??

  • Michael Ellis

    More than likely this is a black on white murder and it will not get to mainstream media.

    • Atlasshruggedmyass

      How do you figure it is more than likely. The police are saying it was most likely someone from the Christmas party she attended earlier and guess what there was NO black people there!

      • Michael Ellis

        So, what you’re saying is you’re a racist.

  • Ana

    OMG! I just read on another site that in 2012 another girl who also gassed up her car at the same gas station was set on fire. She survived. Read the info here – http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?264478-MS-Jessica-Chambers-19-found-burning-near-her-car-Panola-County-Dec-2014&p=11290723

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  • Stephen Williams

    It looks like thug city in that quick stop. The MO of this crime is that of a pimp. Pouring lighter fluid or battery acid down someone’s throat is a classic pimp trick. I’ll bet good money that the perpetrator is of African descent. Maybe he wanted to torch a White person in revenge for all the police related killings. People don’t need much of a reason to kill these days and this crime was one of pure HATE. Pouring an accelerant down someone’s throat and nose and on their person and then flicking a match, is one of pure HATRED. He wanted to see Whitey burn! Big question here, Will President Obama speak out about this crime? HE DAMNED WELL NEEDS TO!

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  • allahu.snackbar

    “She did not see color.” Yes, and that is why she is dead.

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  • Regarding the Jessica Chambers torture murder case ….

    It is likely the Obama regime and MSMedia will see to it that a black man is NOT convicted of this alleged crime.
    I’ll be very surprised if a black man is convicted of this crime because that would so glaringly conflict with the long time “evil white man” narritive of the Federal Government and MSMedia. Taking into consideration the recent “full court press” Fed and Media psychological attack on whites and white cops in particular.

    If my above sounds outrageously crazy to you … fine … but bear in mind that most people who have studied the JFK shooting believe a faction of the Federal Government planned the shooting of JFK and planned the framing of Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Government initiating a crime to blame on some “enemy” is a fact of history.

    IOW: we the public cannot trust Federal Government nor MSM … they are both proven notorious liars.

    And both purveyors of the “whites alone are at fault” explanation of race relations problems.

  • White Genocide Watch

    America has gone FULL South Africa. STOP #WhiteGenocide for Jessica and ALL of our fallen women and children.

    “Diversity” means chasing down whites.

  • Susan Brotherton

    Confused why race and life style are even brought into this, a HUMAN was horribly assaulted and killed!

  • Bill G Wilminton NC

    I read in one comment her exboyfriend was an abusive black fellow, if he did this horrendous act…. if this is true, this is bad, very bad………I am concerned.



    • Ste Mach

      wow. Lowlife? How can you wish this upon anyone other then the filth that did this to Jessica?

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    One more thing about the people who did this to her. I am not a believer of the hereafter. I would like to the criminals suffer the same fate as her NOW , but for a longer period.

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    hold…. hold……. (my heart goes out to this young woman and her family)

    • Tina N Clayton

      Well, that was a fascinating read. Prayers to this family that have been dealt not one, but two major tragedies in two years. I don’t care if she is white and the perp is black or if she were black and the perp was white. I know the loss of a child and the heartache that ensues. I am disturbed that this particular blog has turned into a racial battleground. She was a beautiful young girl with a whole world in front of her and it was snatched away. When can we just stop the ridiculous rhetoric and understand that a person did this to another person. Isn’t that tradgic enough?

  • Chuck Bump

    My money is on a muslim. They believe they will be rewarded in paradise for killing “Infidels”

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    Well,in the article.. it says they have no suspects. N they said the killer used lighter fluid. But that car is scorched..not from lighter fluid. If u watch this video above..she exits her car.. stops n waves to someone.. then walks out of camera view to whoever called her over. Then from another angle. A black man IS fillin a gallon milk container by Jessicas car..then walks toward same direction jessica was called to.. just sayin.. Thats what there is so far ppl..

    • PineappleLover

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    • ThomasER916

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        • Pat

          In my opinion the purpose of the gasoline poured into her mouth and nostrils was to destroy DNA evidence. I think she either gave her killer oral sex or that the killer forced her to perform oral sex. I doubt very much a woman killer would have taken the extra precaution of pouring the gas into her mouth and nostrils. I think this was a sexual assault / murder.

    • Pat

      It does matter given the riots in Ferguson over a White cop being forced to defend himself from a vicious attack by a Black psychopathic criminal.

    • Stephen Williams

      WHITE lives matter too! “Hands up don’t torch!”

    • Miso Hoeny

      If the burn victim was black you know Al Sharpton would be on the scene the night of the fire! Your Political Correctness is bullshit.

    • Ana

      Agreed. This was a crime of hate. I think the reason so many jump to the conclussion that this is a black on white crime is because activists are stoking the flames of hate. For all we know this could be a crime of girl on girl. Plenty of those types of murders have occured too, usually out of jealousy.

  • Mark Hayward

    Did you see the photo of her Kissing a Black Boy.. If the Killers were the KKK they would have gone after the boy.. If this is a hate crime the killers are black

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    If its true that this method is typical of a certain race, then white people should go absolutely nuts. I know we’ve all said this before, but how long must we say imagine if the roles were reversed. Whites can’t gather 1,000 people in an area to protest this and other bouts of interracial crime not covered by the media?

    • Ced Truz

      Whites can’t gather that many cause they all have jobs to go to.

    • Atlasshruggedmyass

      Yea typical of the white race! The white race in MS is the group that torched and lynched thousands of Black men for over 100 years. So you obviously don’t know what your talking about.

  • peggy sue

    This kind of story makes me sad, angry, and most of all terrified. I cannot wrap my head around this actually happening to anyone, anywhere. I doubt it will take long to find the perpetrator.

    To J Craig: Why would you use this story as a platform to make a point about unrelated current events? That’s pretty sickening on top of an already upsetting story. Looting, riots? Get a grip.

    • ThomasER916

      Why are you sad? She was a mudshark. She got exactly what she deserved.

      • Alex Cunningham

        Sounds like you need to be taken in for questioning. Maybe one of you ignorant rednecks were mad she would have rather dated a black man than you…so you murdered her. I love how this article had to make mention of her black boyfriend who is RUMORED to have been abusive. Well unfortunately our justice system doesn’t convict people on he said she said bullshit. Damn, your state is so backward.

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          • Ana

            No one can determine what race they are going to be before they are born.

          • PineappleLover

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      • Atlasshruggedmyass

        Based off your comments I’m starting to think that you are the one who committed this atrocity!

    • This is not meant to take away from the story at all, but only to shed light on the differences in media coverage.

  • Mrs. C

    “Her father, Ben Chambers, said that his daughter was able to tell authorities who done it.” No details were given, so to say that black folk did this is assumption. All I know from the article is that whoever did it is a cold-hearted child of satan!

    • TexasRed171

      We will await your correction WHEN it is reported they were blacks seeking retribution for Ferguson.

      • Adam Routier

        hey boyfriend was black , it was probably him

    • ThomasER916

      Stupid White women like you get raped and murdered by Negroes and I don’t feel sorry. Just like this mudshark you’ll deserve it.

      • PineappleLover

        Pretty sure Discus pays you to do this, and that’s one of the reasons your activity is private.


      • peggy sue

        Shh. It’s okay T Money, your community college sociology credit hours were not spent in vain. You did learn that one word, ‘mudshark’.

        • ThomasER916

          It’s OK stupid. I’m still alive and the mudshark is crispy. Did you understand that? Of course not, you’re a moron posturing enlightenment. While you’re acting like a self-righteous ethno-masochist the Cult of Diversity is burning alive. I’ll be fine. My family will be fine. We’ll thrive and survive. Meanwhile, we’ll all get a good laugh and roast marshmallows over your daughter’s flaming, jizz-filled corpse. Did you understand that? Of course not. You’re just way too fking stupid.

          • peggy sue


          • Emily

            Wow. Just Wow. You are low. Lower than the scumbag shithead that did this.

          • carmen wingard

            he is quite the nutbag! Guess my memory deceived me…..I didn’t know that only white woman who date black men are killed by their boyfriends/ex boyfriends!! What a flippin moron!!!!!!

          • Melesa Garrison

            I cannot believe anybody with any regard for human-kind could say such a thing about anybody! Who raised you, a wild animal?

          • carmen wingard

            You are seriously deranged! I hope you do not have children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • carmen wingard

        What is wrong with you??? Whether or not you like interracial dating is not the point. The point is this poor girl had her head bashed in, doused with lighter fluid ( including down throat and up her nose ) and set ablaze. If you cannot empathize with what that poor girl went through….if you are so filled with hate that you think this girls death does not matter because of whom she chose to date….you have the problem. Whoever did this should be given to her father for punishment. The scum has no soul. When you imply that she got what she deserved, you show the world that you too lack a soul and a conscience. Get psychiatric help!

  • Sharon

    The DEATH SENTENCE is NOT brutal enough for her murders. . . . I hope they burn in hell for eternity!

    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      They will burn in hell……………

  • Samuel Hain

    THIS is why southern and S. African whites segregated themselves from blacks.

    • Penelope

      I’m sorry, have the perpetrators of this unspeakable crime been identified? I’m confused? Why is color being discussed here? According to the article I read, this poor girl was the victim of a horrible crime . . . no one has been identified as the perpetrator as of yet. We are surrounded by sickness.

      • Samuel Hain


        Unfortunately, this mutilation/torture is very similar to how other black rapists tried to “erase” their DNA (sperm) from their victims.


        • Oneeyeddog Cole

          yes just like they did in Knoxville Tn when they raped and tortured christen and newsom

          • ThomasER916

            Yep. South Africa, Knoxville, Mississippi, it doesn’t matter where because their DNA is always the same.

            Our problem is you can’t explain this to a Cultist of Diversity.

      • TexasRed171

        Because most people can do simple math in their heads.

      • ThomasER916

        Since Penelope is stupid, naive, and indoctrinated, he’s defending Negroes and speaking in generalities. She’s just too dumb to look at the pictures. Yes, even children can read a picture book but not an anti-White.

        • Penelope

          Note to self . . . remember that satan’s online name is “ThomasER916”.

          • PineappleLover

            http://tinyurl.com/ThomasER619 Yup.

          • ThomasER916

            You’re really stupid and indoctrinated. Write that on a Post It.

          • carmen wingard

            Penelope, my guess is that at night he is running around in a white sheet and a pointy hat!

          • Penelope

            And most likely during the day as well. He is unapologetic about his ignorance, which makes me wonder, is he a real commenter, or someone made up to ignite a firestorm of controversy.

      • PineappleLover


        • Ste Mach

          Get a life. Or a job. You obviously have nothing to do with your time but post BS about someone’s opinion.

      • Samuel Hain


        The prime suspect is her abusive, black ex-boyfriend whom she’d just broken up with:


        • We do not yet know who the suspect is and she had broken up with this abusive ex approx. two years ago.

          • Charvonne Johnson

            J Craig why are you trying to compare this murder to Ferguson ? This has to do with an innocent girl getting murdered the situation in Ferguson and New York has to do with police brutality of all races two different things you tried to sound intelligent and make a point but you really sound like a dumbass.

          • I never compared the two. The mention was to paint the picture of the differences in media coverage and poverty pimps like Al Sharpton. Thank you though for your touching response. Try placing a period at times to break up your sentences next time.

          • Charvonne Johnson

            Thank you for your grammar review, but there have been plenty of young African-American girls that have been killed and they don’t even get put on the news so paint a difference of media coverage on that and even though you didn’t say that you were comparing all the thing you mentioned like protesting and looting proves you were. And my last question to you is where is your article about the young black men found hanging from a tree in Mississippi? Funny I don’t see an article about that.

          • You’re welcome. There have been plenty of deaths, period. This story is about Jessica Chambers and how the MSM fails to report on it in the same manner. Also, we never see those same people in an uproar over crimes such as this as they do with those that fit their agenda. That is the point here. The majority of people will probably get this. Thanks for deflecting though.

          • Charvonne Johnson

            Your very welcome I love deflecting attention from white women in the media for once and I really hope it continues to happen.

          • Ana

            Why don’t you bring attention to the thousands of innocent blacks getting murdered by other blacks in the inner-cities every year? Don’t their lives matter. We know it doesn’t to the leftist media or the Democrats since it’s not reported because it doesn’t fit their agenda that whitey has it out for blackie.

          • Mike Rebate

            We love the news covering HUNDREDS of blakk murders every year in ChiCongo. Unfortunately, they breed much faster than they kill ……..

            The nation’s horrified attention turned to the Sandyhook Elementary School shooting in mid-December 2012 when 20 elementary school children and 7 adults were killed. What was not national news were the 243 young people under the age of 25 killed in Chicago in 2012, an 11% increase over 2011 and a 26% increase over 2010.

          • Charvonne Johnson

            Well Mike like I told Ana just because you people are demonic and messed up doesn’t mean that the black community has to do the same so I do agree that change does needs to happen because I hate seeing my beautiful people killing each other. But what I don’t like is you people making it seem like these crimes are a black thing where there’s poverty there’s crime point blank period.

          • Mike Rebate

            If whites are so dangerous and demonic why do thousands of blacks flee their own kind to safe/white areas, which of course leads to the downfall of every area they infest. 30 years ago spitballs were the biggest threat on those school buses (below) but that middle class community (no poverty) is now transforming into a dangerous cesspool due to the black plague. John McWorter correctly identifies the issues responsible for your cultural decay, but he never receives a receptive audience from blacks in a constant state of denial. Why does your kind claim they “want good schools” when the example below clearly establishes natural born predators have no desire (or need) for an education.

            “Three black thugs are being charged with a laundry list of felonies for assaults, sexual assaults, and other forms of harassment on a school bus. The victims are white. The most shocking thing is that the school is listed as 79% white and only 5% black”.

            “Black author John McWhorter in “Losing the Race explores the three main components of this cultural virus: the cults of victimology, separatism, and anti-intellectualism that are making blacks their own worst enemies in the struggle for success”.

          • Charvonne Johnson

            No need are desire for education I’m 21 years old black female been working since I was 16 years old no kids don’t even know what a welfare check look like I have my associates and my bachelors in criminal justice and I I’m working on my masters and believe me my desire for education is very high honey and I’m not the only black youth like that’s the problem with silly white men you put labels on people you don’t

          • Mike Rebate

            FANTASTIC !! A criminal justice major certainly knows violent crime statistics confirm blacks predators, which is attributable to cultural decay in the black tribe. Poverty, crime, gangs, etc are a symptom of the problem……NOT THE CAUSE. Irresponsible breeding and parenting is one of the primary issues with culture rot.

            REALITY CHECK ……….

            “72% of African American families are headed by a single parent. For the other racial/ethnic groups the percentage is 60% of Hispanic, 31% of white and 22% of Asian families were headed by single parents
            Children in single-parent families are far more likely to grow up in low-income households than those living with two parents. They are at greater risk of low academic performance and behavioral problems and may experience parental conflict and residential instability as well”.

          • Ana

            The difference is that black girls are usually killed by other blacks. For that matter innocent black children are often killed by blacks. Granted, not deliberately, usually in driveby shootings, but their lives are important too. BTW – More blacks are killed in the inner-cities by other blacks in one year than the Democrat KKK ever killed throughout their reign of terror. For that matter, it’s safer for a black man to be in Afghanistan or Iraq than in an inner-city amongst other blacks. Or, as Jesse Jackson once said, he was always afraid when he heard footsteps behind him on the street and was relieved to find on turning around to look if it was a white man. Now that’s some admissionf condemnation of the black community coming from a race-baiting pimp.

          • Charvonne Johnson

            So white people get killed by other whites, 25 white children at Sandy Hook got killed by a white men. The men who when into the movie theater and killed those people was white so please tell me what your point is again? And where is your proof that all those black kids got killed by black people or did you just say that because it sounds good? people like you Ana love to say what’s wrong with the black community are you black do you actually live in these neighborhoods? No! bitch you don’t so you can take a seat with that black an black on black crime bullshit because I can sit here in tell you all of the white serial killers that have killed thousands of white people but yet we don’t call that white on white crime. And then not only that but what the fuck does black girls getting killed by other blacks have to do with the limited amount of attention they get from the media?

          • Ana

            To quote Charles Barkley, ‘if it wasn’t for the police, it would be the wild west in the black community.’ The difference between black and white crime is that in black communities it is a war zone. That’s what the people there are living through. There are plenty of decent black people who do the right thing, go to work everyday, take care of their children, and just want to live their lives. They are the people being victimized by the out of control violence in the black community. Why don’t you care about them except making excuses or ignoring the bad behavior? Why don’t their lives matter?

          • Charvonne Johnson

            Your right their alot of things that happen in the black community that I dont like, but not every black community is like that I live In a black community and it’s nothing like you say it is I think white people need to stop watching boys in the hood and stop putting labels on things they know nothing about. Like I said are you black ? Do you actually live in these neighborhoods? so who are you to say what goes on in my community just because of the media. I do believe just because white people are fucked up doesn’t mean that black people have to be fucked up too so yes there need to be changes in my community but sweetheart I have plans to change that so people like you can’t feel like they have anything to say.

          • Ana

            No one ever said all black communities are like that. Just the Democratically controlled plantations in the inner-cities.

          • Charvonne Johnson

            Right and and the same thing goes for dirt poor, sleeping with their sister rednecks who live in trailer parks.

          • Celia

            She may not live in these neighborhoods or know for a fact but I have and I have an African america fiance and a biracial daughter. Ana and J Craig speak the truth and just because it is coming out of the mouths of whites should not matter. If it is the truth then it should be taken as the truth and a change made. If it is at least acknowledged that would start the change. Now as for this article…this is a horribly tragic event that should be treated like one and all of this racist talk and and all of the other issues need to be discussed somewhere else. However, I do agree that this should have the attention like other issues we have going on today. I also think regardless of color any tragedy like this should be covered in the media. I don’t see color, I see injustice and black, white, asian, bosnian, purple, we all need to stand together to rid this world of hatred. Talks like these only fuel the fire and create more deadly tension.

          • Charvonne Johnson

            Plenty of black, Indian and other colored girls have been raped and killed yet no media attention,half the time their case isn’t even put on the news and have no media coverage at all, but today I was on the internet found ten articles on the news about her my mom heard about this case on the news in we leave in Missouri, but you people claim there is not enough media coverage. Not at all moved by this comment because plenty of girls that look like me don’t get shit were the fuck was the uproar on lack of media attention on cases like this then? answer that question.

          • Celia

            I’m not saying I don’t agree with you. I never said that those cases should not have the attention as well. I actually stated that I do not see color and that all I see is injustice and if a situation is wrong then it is wrong period no matter the race. And if it wasn’t always about race then maybe the line that separates would start to disappear and maybe it would make all the difference

          • Mike Rebate

            The nation’s horrified attention turned to the Sandyhook Elementary School shooting in mid-December 2012 when 20 elementary school children and 7 adults were killed. What was not national news were the 243 young people under the age of 25 killed in Chicago in 2012, an 11% increase over 2011 and a 26% increase over 2010.



      • Samuel Hain

        Have Mercy-
        Go live in any black ‘hood for a year. It won’t cost a thing, I’ll pay your rent. If you survive, come back here and tell all the “ignorant” people how wrong they are about blacks. You’d never do it in a million years, you lying, hypocritical lib in clown makeup.

        • $$$HARKEISHA


          • Ste Mach

            One of the suspects is her ex boyfriend who is BLACK. She also dated numerous other black men. The survailence footage from the gas station shows numerous black men waiting behind her. Learn to read. HMMMMM, 1+1 = 2