2014 U.S. Senate Race in Kentucky UPDATE: Matt Bevin Leads Grimes in New Poll

Posted by on February 3, 2014


Kentucky will be home to one of the most important races in the country this election cycle as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is up for re-election for his sixth term. In a new Rasmussen poll released on Monday, McConnell runs dead even with his Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes with each getting 42%. The big news is that his Republican primary challenger Matt Bevin actually leads Grimes by six points.

President Obama lost Kentucky in 2012 by 23 points and 116 of 120 counties. Mitch McConnell has consistently hovered around similar approval ratings as President Obama at 31% in the state. These recent polls are not looking good for the Senate Minority Leader. Kentuckians are not only fed up with Obama’s failures, but they seem to be waking up to McConnell’s old tricks as well. They simply do not believe in Mitch McConnell any longer.

McConnell’s primary challenger, Matt Bevin, is starting to get some national attention, which the McConnell campaign certainly didn’t expect. They did not take the conservative businessman from Louisville very serious early on and that may prove to be disastrous for the re-election efforts of the veteran Senator. McConnell once led Bevin by 52 points when he first announced his run, but that lead has dwindled to 20 points recently.That is major with an incumbent and Senate Minority Leader. There is still a road to climb, but Matt Bevin is surging fast and closing the gap.

The conservative grassroots powerhouse FreedomWorks PAC recently announced their endorsement of Matt Bevin and the Madison Project along with their endorsement has opened up five offices throughout the state to help get out the vote for Matt Bevin.  The tide seems to be turning in Kentucky and possibly toppling on Mitch McConnell.

“Now more than ever, we need strong fiscal conservatives who will fight to cut spending on the front lines, not the sidelines. Matt Bevin is a great upgrade for Kentuckians who are serious about transparency, fiscal responsibility and accountability in government.” – FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe

Matt Bevin is starting to resonate with many Kentuckians. It was only a matter of time because once you hear this man speak, you instantly think about Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Yeah, he’s like those guys. Kentucky needs  a lot less Mitch McConnell and much more of Matt Bevin. 30 years is long enough of McConnell. If someone has been in congress since the Cincinnati Reds last won a World Series, then it is certainly time for them to go home. Mitch McConnell doesn’t have to necessarily go home, but he does need to get the heck out of Washington!

“These poll numbers are an accurate reflection of what I see and hear every day traveling across the Commonwealth. Kentuckians have had enough of career politicians like Mitch McConnell who compromise our conservative principles and instead vote for Obamacare, bailouts, amnesty and tax increases.

“It is increasingly clear that the voters of Kentucky are suffering from McConnell fatigue. My candidacy is offering conservative Republicans a chance to save this Senate seat on May 20.” – Matt Bevin.

The Kentucky Republican Primary is May 20, 2014.
If you’d like to support Matt Bevin and his campaign, be sure to donate here.
* This story has been updated.

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    Great post – I couldn’t agree more. Could you shoot me an email when you get a chance? Quick question for you. Thanks.

  • MikeCrognale

    Good to hear. If Matt can beat the Democrat we can take the Senate.