Saturday, September 27th, 2014


Video: Islamic State Member Warns of NYC Attack

Islamic State member Abu Usamah Somali warns of New York City  attack in exclusive interview with VICE News founder Shane Smith. Somali, a Canadian citizen who left his native country to fight with the Islamic State in Iraq. He is seen in a recent propaganda video burning his passport and promising to destroy the U.S. and Canada as reported on The Blaze. They will not stop killing. This is truly insane and needs much more attention than the Obama administration is giving it. Evil will always exist, but we cannot continue to sit idle by and think that they will just allow us to live in peace.

“We may stop when we fly the Islamic flag over the White House.”

He has a message for President Obama as well.

“I swear you infidel, I swear to almighty Allah, we will fight you until the end.”

Foreign fighters from all over the world have left their home countries to join the ranks of the Islamic State.

“[We] will make some attacks in New York soon.”

From Global News:

A Somali-Canadian who left Calgary to fight with ISIS in Iraq earlier this year, and was for a time believed to have been killed, appears to have given an interview to VICE this week, saying Canadian intelligence missed their opportunity to stop him.

Identified as Abu Usamah Somali, the 21-year-old who spoke with VICE on Sept. 23 is purportedly Farah Mohammed Shirdon.