Andrew Anglin, Hitler Activist wants Total Fascism and all Jews deported.

Posted by on March 24, 2014


Andrew Anglin is a Hitler activist who wants total Fascism in the United States of America.  He calls for all Jews to be deported back to Europe even if they have legal citizenship. He claims that Jews are the only race to develop into a parasite. Correction; Jews are not a race, we are a monotheistic faith. The belief that there is only one G-d and no other.

In Andrew’s blog, Total Fascism, he brings up the “Jewish Question” and doesn’t want to go as far as Hitler did.  I have tried to ask him what that means on twitter but he refuses to respond to me.  If asking a question about his ideas is the same as attacking him personally, he shouldn’t dish it out if he cannot take it.

The Jewish Question was comprised of high-ranking Nazi Officials who met at Wannsee, Germany to solve the problem of Jewish existence in Europe.  On January 20, 1942, they met in this German suburb to coordinate and execute the “final solution.” The most notorious Nazis were Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Eichmann.

Andrew says there is a difference between National Socialism and Fascism. There is not. Socialism is the first step to Fascism with a redistribution of wealth and a state sponsored religion.  Communism is the second step to a dictatorship in which the state controls all the people all the time with absolutely no freedom to earn a living and keep what you earn.  The Communist state makes decisions on who gets what. The State makes everything and everyone the same and the religion of Government is shoved down ones throat.    People living in Communist regimes are executed for practicing their faith of Christianity or Judaism.  All roads of Communism, Socialism lead to Fascism.  That is the final intent and implementation of far left ideologies; complete and total takeover of a country in which the state leader annihilates anyone and anything that stands opposed to his brutal dictatorial force.

If Andrew wants to use brutal force to murder Jews in this country.

  1. There is one thing he should be aware of. Many Jews exercise their second amendment right to self-defense.

  2. Relations between Jews and Christians have never been better and we support each other against the Obama Administration’s foot on our throats in his quest to destroy our Constitution.

  3. THERE IS A COUNTRY CALLED ISRAEL with an Israeli Defense Force that is one of the strongest in the world. Andrew and his merry band of nutjobs are no match for the IDF.

In this blog, he complains that people do not attack his ideas, but rather his person. He embodies all that is evil, and his actions speak volumes about what he would do to any Jew if given the power to wipe us out.  His ideas consist of committing another Holocaust and blaming the Jews for all the world’s problems.  Sound familiar?  If it does, it’s exactly what Hitler preached when he wrote Mein Kampf.

Andrew claims he struggled his entire life. This man has traveled all over the world, lived in Asia and taught English and has experienced living in other countries.  This is not struggling.  This is someone who had enough money to travel outside the United States but is fine to bash Jewish people who worked their entire life to be successful and contribute greatly to American society.  Andrew wants all Jews deported back to Europe. How has this miscreant gone under the radar for so long. Why is he not on a terrorist watch list?  Has any local agency of his allowed him a gun permit?  If so, THIS is the exact type of person who WE law abiding gun owners need protection from.  Things can only get worse with someone like this in general population.  A quote from Andrew on his Total Fascism blog on what to do with the Jews:

Andrew explains that Hitler was moving in the right direction. I believe Andrew seeks to finish the Job Hitler started.  A quote from his blog:1385140192593


    • think Hitler solution to the Jewish problem – a Jewish colony – absolutely would have worked if he had won the war. I don’t want to exterminate Jews either. I have no interest in this sort of thinking. Clearly, many of them do deserve to be rounded up and executed for the crimes they have committed, but as a race, they simply need to be quarantined. And I am only half joking when I speak of appointing the “good Jews” such as Nathanial Kapner as Kapos of a Jewish colony.

      Martin Luther’s antisemitism did seem to be slightly restrained by Christianity, and Muslims have shown that their own faith restrains their antisemitism. It was Jews who “converted” to Islam that took down the Ottoman empire.

      I don’t think this has to be the case though. It is an issue of reaching an understanding about the nature of the problem, and I don’t think this understanding is directly connected to religion.

      One last thing about Christianity: it is clear that this religion has been a thousand different things. We can make it whatever we want it to be. I think Hitler was very much moving in the right direction with Rosenberg’s “Positive Christianity.”

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Eileen Hart

Eileen Hart

Israel Correspondent at ANM News
Eileen Hart is a religious zionist who is passionate about Israel. Eileen articulates Israel's right to exist and defend herself on a daily basis. She has been working in pro Israel activism for almost 20 years and has engaged in outreach to fellow Jews who are uneducated on Israel and the truth about its conflict with Palestinians. Eileen devotes her time to homeschooling her daughter and writing the truth about the world's misconception about Israel.


  • Mel Jackson

    admin? Jean Bush and Meqweqweqweqw?? btw i’m not jewish.

  • Guest

    admin? Me qweqweqweqw and Jean Bush??

  • Jean Bush

    Hitler saw you parasitic bastards for what you really are: an alien race who wants to exterminate all Gentiles:

    The holocaust is a hoax. His “final solution” was to move your kind out of Germany and into Europe and America. You invented the hoax to hide your destructive activities while you set about destroying the white race.

    • factsmatter

      drugs damaged your mind…. you will be droned soon

  • Me qweqweqweqw

    This lying parasite Elieen Hart trying to say the ugly gflat and deformed rat face and greasy dark nappy hair isnt a genetic trait. Sorry manipualtive parasite but “jews isnt a race” doesnt deceive those smarter than you or even an informed idiot. You will pay for your robbery of trillions from america using jewish wars and jewish federal reserve criminal banking cartel. You will pay you deformed face horse mouthed rat faced parasite

    • factsmatter

      you have been reported

  • YellowOnline

    One insane extremist criticizing another. Let me get some popcorn.

  • JeffThomas23

    Actually I know nothing about this “Positive Christianity”. I’ve just been exploring ideas.

  • JeffThomas23

    The guy has intelligence, but you hear him make some crazy jumps in assumptions to try to suit his agenda. I’m not even sure he sees himself doing it.
    He claims to want a non violent way to accomplish his idea of a White Nation. He is either stupid or counting on Jews and those rational Whites to be sympathetic, and fight back. I certainly wouldnt let any hypothetical group try to deport my cousins husband.
    I’d obliterate them.
    The guy has issues.
    I recently posted to his Daily Stormer site, and I, a European descended person, was undeniably a Jew to them. Apparently they are all experts at spotting “Jew tactics”. All I was doing was asking questions, that absolutely nobody had any answer for. To them, any failure is the fault of “Jews”. Anything in control seemingly (and they seem to believe there is some all powerful Jew government to everything, including Gay people, and that there is some conspiracy), is automatically “Jew”. Anyone that demands reality in their questions, like me, a trying-to-be-discerning person, is Jew.
    I honestly doubt you have anything to worry about from him.
    TBH- I am exploring. I have “racist” thoughts. The fact that Jewish ideologies don’t want race mixing, and other things, I’m sensitive to. The idea that they are “Gods Chosen People” is sometimes offensive. White Nationalists have an idea of Positive Christianity, which is, sometimes convincing. It says that Whites are actually the chosen. That Jesus was actually White. It cites that the Bible said Noah was very, very White. Yada yada. Even still, I know what is right in the world. In my heart, beyond this FAKE world, I know how I must conduct myself. And this is not in alignment with the likes of this fellow.
    I do however have issue with Islam. But that’s another subject.
    Sorry if I’ve rambled on.

    • factsmatter

      your mind is damaged

    • Jean Bush

      I just discovered your post. What questions did you have, Jeff? BTW, the bible was written by jews, forget it. Stick with reality.

    • stemwinder

      I don’t see Anglin as having ANY intelligence. He is evil, for sure. But he’s also crude and uninteresting.