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ANM News has journalists on the ground in Mississippi following the big stories and every day news. If there is new legislation pending, you can read about it here. We are here to inform, communicate and share information with all readers.

The Magnolia State has 82 counties and is largely a rural state, with agricultural areas dominated by industrial farms and the state’s catfish aquaculture farms produce the majority of farm-raised catfish consumed in the United States.

Here’s a brief look at Mississippi media, politics, and grassroots.

Talk Radio

Mississippi has many different top-rated talk radio stations, below are a few:

Super Talk


Government & Grassroots

Below you will find all of the stories and news related to the great state of Mississippi.

ANM Mississippi is a forum where readers can come together and learn how the news of the day relates to the larger story of developing strategies for Mississippi’s future. We hope to inspire discussion that leads to better understanding but also, more importantly, good solutions.

Education, Government Spending and Taxes, Transparency and Ethics, Public Safety, Entitlement Reform, Social and Cultural Issues, Economic Development, Job Creation, and the political action that attempts to influence the way Mississippi works through the problems associated with each–it’s all going on here.

Communicate. Learn. Vote.

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