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Memorial Day means more than just a barbecue


While cooking our hamburgers and sitting by the pool it’s easy to forget why we have an annual three-day weekend leading up to Memorial Day.  In recent years, it seems like the history and meaning of Memorial Day has been slowly fading into a meaningless tradition of just a couple of days off, accompanied by relatives who only live close by coming over to your house to cook and drink beer on the lawn chairs.  But this holiday means so much more and for some it is not a joyous occasion but a solemn and emotional few days of peace.

Memorial Day is the day we remember and thank the men and women who died serving in the American armed forces.  Originally known as Decoration Day, which started after the Civil War to honor the Confederate soldiers who were killed in battle, the name changed and encompassed all fallen American soldiers officially in 1967.  Congress passed the Uniform Holiday Act in 1968 and Memorial Day was forever cemented in our American history as being the last Monday in May.  This insured three-day weekend could effectively bring about the solemn weekend in a joyous summer while at the same time making serious reflections on our lost soldiers.

For our veterans who know well the sacrifices made in the wars they fought, they keep Memorial Day close to their hearts as a time to honor and remember their friends and sometimes family they have lost. For Retired Staff Sgt. Luke Murphy, “Veteran’s day is easy.  Fourth of July, a piece of cake.  But Memorial Day, that’s a tough one.”  He tells CNN.

“When soldiers die, they don’t just roll over and quit like in the movies. They fight like hell. They do whatever they can to stay alive — sometimes that’s their hardest fight. And sometimes they lose.  The biggest loser is the family, though. I feel terrible for their parents, their wives, girlfriends or kids. I think about how much it hurts them on a daily basis. They’re still suffering, and it’s never going to end.”

However Sgt. Luke Murphy feels that some non-family members and non-veterans could care less about Memorial Day, that they are “too self-absorbed”.  And unfortunately he is right.  There are many people who hate those who serve the military, articles upon articles that attack the military and it showed openly when universities across the nation censored ‘American Sniper’ because some felt offended by his military activism, and others felt offended due to religion.

Luke Murphy believes, “If they really wanted to show respect for veterans, and the price they paid, they’d attend a service to hear somebody speak. If they felt moved, maybe they’d go to a website like Homes for Our Troops and make a donation. Or find a nonprofit that takes care of the fallen service members’ families, like Gold Star organizations. It’s not fun to think about, but people ought to think about it anyway.”

It’s important to remember the sacrifices that men and women make on Memorial Day and the sacrifices they will make in the future that does secure our American freedom and protect our sovereignty.  If you see a soldier, don’t neglect them, shake their hand, hug them and support them.  We need them, we should remember them, and they also need us.

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev sentenced to death

FILE - In this March 5, 2015 file courtroom sketch, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, center, is depicted between defense attorneys Miriam Conrad, left, and Judy Clarke, right, during his federal death penalty trial in Boston.  Prosecutors rested their case against Tsarnaev on Monday, March 30, 2015, after jurors saw gruesome autopsy photos and heard a medical examiner describe the devastating injuries suffered by the three people who died in the 2013 terror attack. (AP Photo/Jane Flavell Collins, File)

FILE – In this March 5, 2015 file courtroom sketch, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, center, is depicted between defense attorneys Miriam Conrad, left, and Judy Clarke, right, during his federal death penalty trial in Boston. Prosecutors rested their case against Tsarnaev on Monday, March 30, 2015, after jurors saw gruesome autopsy photos and heard a medical examiner describe the devastating injuries suffered by the three people who died in the 2013 terror attack. (AP Photo/Jane Flavell Collins, File)

BOSTON, Mass. (ANM) — After 14 hours of deliberation, a jury of seven women and five men sentenced Dzhokar Tsarnaev to death by lethal injection for his role in the death of four and injuring hundreds of people in the Boston Bombing attack on April 15, 2013.

From a previous trial convicting him on 30 counts, Tasrnaev is guilty of killing four people including an eight-year-old boy and injuring over 200 people, 17 of which lost their limbs from homemade pressure cookers that were located in various places inside of backpacks.  His “reasoning” for enacting the attack on innocent people, “Stop killing our innocent people and we will stop,”.

At around 3:15 the court room was silent with Tsarnaev refusing to look up at the jury as judge began reading the penalty verdict  of 12 aggravating factors and 21 mitigating factors sealed Tsarnaev’s fate. Tsarnaev looked emotionless during his verdict hearing but did seem emotional as his family members took the stand to speak on his behalf.

This verdict ends an emotional trial that has gripped national and international attention since the beginning.  It is the first time since 9/11 prosecutors have won the death penalty against a terror suspect. For those who are still suffering under the pain Dzhokar and his brother caused on that fateful day it has created closure and brought justice to those harmed.

Father refuses to abandon son with Down syndrome after wife’s ultimatum


ARMENIA (ANM) – Samuel Forrest was expecting to have the best day of his life while waiting outside the hospital room for his son to be born, but things took an unexpected and unfortunate turn.

“This pediatrician walks out of the room with a little bundle — that was Leo,” Forrest said. “She had his face covered up and hospital authorities wouldn’t let me see him or my wife. When the doctor came out, he said ‘there’s a real problem with your son.’

When Forrest followed the bundle and entered the room the doctors turned to him and told him that his son has down-syndrome, a genetic disorder also known as trisomy 21 that causes the presence of a third copy of chromosome 21.

This news, however, wasn’t the unexpected or unfortunate turn.

Forrest was married to an Armenian woman and he was from New Zealand and although birth defects in New Zealand are accepted much as how birth defects are accepted in the United States, Armenian culture is much different.

“I got the ultimatum right then,” Forrest said. “She told me if I kept him then we would get a divorce.”

Forrest asserts that he was unaware of the customs involving child birth and defects in Armenia, “What happens when a baby like this is born here, they will tell you that you don’t have to keep them,” he said. “My wife had already decided, so all of this was done behind my back.”


Forrest nonetheless kept Leo and his wife filed for divorce a week later effectively abandoning her son Leo in the process.

Because Forrest has bravely and rightly taken the responsibility to raise Leo as a single parent, he wishes to go back to New Zealand and raise his son so Forrest has set up a gofundme page in hopes that people will hear his story and assist him to make life better for him and Leo.

Forrest writes, ‘Leo Forrest was born on 21st January 2015 with Down Syndrome, in Armenia.  His Armenian mother and her family abandoned him at birth.  His father, a New Zealander, was no longer welcome in the family home because he wanted to ‘keep’ Leo. The mother refused to even look at or touch the newborn for fear of getting attached in a society where defects are not accepted, often bringing shame on the family involved.’

Ex-ISIS hostage says captors didn’t even have or use the Quran


Edouard Elias, Didier François and Nicolas Hénin, holding his children, moments after their arrival at the military airbase in Villacoublay. Photograph: Gonzalo Fuentes/REUTERS

London (ANM)In an interesting CNN interview with ex-hostage Didier Francois on Tuesday, Didier says that the militant group ISIS cares so little about religion that they did not even own or use the Quran but did try to hammer their ideological views into the hostages.

For 10 months Didier Francois was one of many hostages held in Syria by the militant group ISIS.  But while he was held hostage he noticed a very important detail lacking in their ideology that the group tried to teach to the hostages, the Quran.  It is mostly assumed that ISIS works straight off the Quran, the Holy Book of the Muslim religion, but Didier’s revelation challenges the idea that ISIS actually might care less about the religion, and more about their personal political agendas.

Didier claims, “There was never really discussion about texts or — it was not a religious discussion. It was a political discussion.” Didier also states, “It was more hammering what they were believing than teaching us about the Quran. Because it has nothing to do with the Quran.”

“They didn’t even have the Quran; they didn’t want even to give us a Quran.”

Francois was released in April of last year and recalls being taken hostage around June 5.  He states that 19 men were kept in a room with him, including the three American men, Steven Sotloff, James Foley and Peter Kassig and three British men Alan Henning, David Haines and John Cantlie.  All murdered within four months of each other in 2014.

Francois also shares that he met British ISIS convert Jihadi John while in captivity; he was one of his guards.

Curious if it were true that ISIS Brits were feared more than any other nationality in the militant group, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour asked what Jihadi John is like, Francois bluntly says, “You can see on the video — he’s not somebody you’d like to have to deal with.”

Jordan executes 2 ISIS prisoners to avenge horrific murder of pilot

Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi, the woman suicide-bomber who failed to blow herself up, as part of bomb attacks, in a Jordanian hotel in 2005, Amman, Jordan 24 April 2006. (Photo: epa/Jordan News Agency)

Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi, the woman suicide-bomber who failed to blow herself up, as part of bomb attacks, in a Jordanian hotel in 2005, Amman, Jordan 24 April 2006. (Photo: epa/Jordan News Agency)

AMMAN, Jordan — After promising a swift response to the barbaric murder of Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, Jordan executed two ISIS terrorists on Wednesday morning, which included a female who was caught playing a role in a hotel suicide bombing.

Spokesperson for the Jordanian Government Mohammed al-Momani identified two prisoners whom were sentenced to hanging as Sajida al-Rishawi, who in 2005 helped kill 60 people in a hotel suicide bombing in the Jordanian capital Amman and Ziad al-Karbouly, who in 2008 plotted terror attacks on Jordanian people in Iraq.

The two week-long negotiations between Jordan and Islamic State militants, took a horrifying turn when Jordan received word that there was no evidence that the pilot was actually still alive.  ISIS then released a video of the horrific and torturous murder of Jordanian Pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh late Tuesday on the internet after Jordan paused all negotiations to swap Rishawi for Muath al-Kaseasbeh.  Although ISIS had murdered the pilot in early January, the militant group continued back and forth negotiations hoping to create fear and frustration in the Jordanian government.

Al-Kaseasbeh was captured by ISIS militants in December when his F-16 crashed in Raqqa, Syria.  He is the only foreign military pilot to be captured by the militants since the U.S. began leading massive airstrikes on ISIS controlled locations.  The murder of the pilot appeared to be directed at Jordan’s involvement with the airstrikes, however, Jordan’s response to execute two prisoners immediately after witnessing the video, sends a clear message that the country won’t obey a terrorists group’s demands.

Leaders around the nation, including President Obama gave a statement on the video, “It’s just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization,” He said, while also meeting with King Abdullah the Jordanian leader on Tuesday.  “And I think it will redouble the vigilance and determination on the part of the global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated.” He vowed.

Celebrities cause confusion on what ‘American Sniper’ is really about


If Clint Eastwood said ‘American Sniper’ is about a hero who fought for our country’s freedom against radical terrorism, the right would be in a roar of agreement and challenge anyone against those views with passion.  In opposition, if left-wing actors like Michael Moore, Seth Rogen and “comedian” Bill Maher said that Chris Kyle was a psychopath who murdered innocent people and was a coward for hiding, in tall, dry, grass while handling sniper rifles, the left would hang on it and run with it for miles without ever seeing the movie.

And that’s exactly what happened.

A “Twitter war” broke out between actors and celebrities on whether Chris Kyle, the famous sniper who made over 160 confirmed kills, was either a national hero or a psychopathic war-lover who enjoyed blowing people’s heads off.  The left has also been pointing their fingers at the director of the film Clint Eastwood for simply giving Chris Kyle a film and exercising his 1st Amendment rights by comparing his film to Nazi propaganda.

Seth RoganSeth Rogen later back-pedaled on his twitter comments and apologized.

However, neither views that Kyle was a great hero or that Kyle was a murderous psychopath is supported by the movie itself.  In fact, Eastwood himself has commented that he is dismayed by attempts to ascribe political meanings to the movie.  “Pardon me for sounding defensive, but it certainly has nothing to do with any (political) parties or anything,”Eastwood told The Star, in an interview.  “These fellows who are professional soldiers, Navy personnel or what have you, go in for a certain reason. Their commander-in-chief (U.S. President Barack Obama) is a Democrat and the administration is, and there’s no political aspect there other than the fact that a lot of things happen in war zones.”

The star of the movie who played Kyle, Bradley Cooper told the Daily Beast, “The guy that I got to know, through all the source material that I read and watched, and home videos—hours and hours—I never saw anything like that. But I can’t control how people are gonna use this movie as a tool, or what they pick and choose whatever they want. But it would be short-changing, I think.”

The movie draws less from the idea that Chris Kyle was a war hero who took down the Iraqi terrorists who waged war on their own people.  And more on the idea that the human man Chris Kyle experienced emotional and psychological hardship from being deployed multiple times in such a war-torn country and then coming back home to his family.  It also expounded upon the stresses and the emotional hardship his wife bravely struggled through, knowing that Kyle could be killed any second in Iraq.

What’s most disappointing is not Eastwood’s personal analysis that Chris Kyle is a hero, but that men who would never sign up to serve our country in the time of crisis are willing to demean and slander the name of a man who actually died trying to help a friend overcome PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

The leftist criticism on ‘American Sniper’ has been used to gain 15 minutes of fame and to rile people up against a man they don’t even know personally for political upheaval.  The movie’s success of $105 million on its opening weekend is proof enough to show that Americans who support the movie aren’t looking for an affirmation of their political faith, they are looking for a good, honest film about a soldier named Chris Kyle.


According to abortion statistics black Lives DO NOT matter

Marchers gather for the an anti-abortion rally during the annual March for Life, Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015, on the National Mall in Washington. (AP photo)

Marchers gather for the an anti-abortion rally during the annual March for Life, Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015, on the National Mall in Washington. (AP photo)

WASHINGTON — Thousands of people who support life showed up on Thursday at the National Mall in Washington for the 42nd annual March for Life. Although the march was a huge success our nation is still plagued by the stench of death in our neighborhoods and on our streets.  Unfortunately, the right to sentence our babies in the womb to death without a trial and without a jury of our peers still exists in our society, and the fight that modern feminist and the left is waging on our children is still being protected by our Supreme Court over 40 years since Roe vs Wade.  This decision has majorly affected some of the most vulnerable of Americans citizens, African-Americans.

An alarming number of abortion procedures done on African-American women has some people wondering if black lives really do matter to those protesting in the streets against white police officers. The slogan ‘Black Lives Matter‘ when used to suggest that officers are purposely seeking out black men to kill ignores the fact that 14.1 percent of African-Americans make up the U.S population, but contribute to 37 percent of abortion procedures in the nation.


Past NAACP President Julian Bond, spent his free time last year drenching accelerate on the fire inside the bellies of abortion advocates and anti-abortion advocates alike, by gloating about the extremely high number of African-American abortion rates at an NAACP rally.  Not only affirming the statistics, but also seemingly proud to say, “Black women exercise that precious right (abortion) at a rate far exceeding their percentage in the (American) population.”

After Michael Brown died, over 981 babies were aborted during and after the ensuing riots in Ferguson, Mo. In New York City there were 76,251 abortions in 2011.  Of that number, 46.1 percent of those babies aborted were black, while only 12.5 percent of aborted babies were white and yet, this information is often rejected by the left and responded to in a hostile way by ‘Black Lives Matter‘ protesters.

Planned Parenthood has taken great advantage of the black communities willingness to comply with their abortion measures and now locates 80 percent of their services in minority neighborhoods. An extremely disproportionate amount of services that target minorities more than whites. These numbers could be mistaken for orchestrated genocide.

Unfortunately, there are simply no future rallies to discuss these issues in Ferguson. But new protests against the police force are lead by misguided people at least every week across the nation. What would it take for the black community to be exposed to these alarming statistics and not only understand them, but to take them to heart and seriously re-evaluate the state and condition of their communities moral views? What will it take to publicly and seriously address the real issue of why black lives don’t seem to matter?

The greatest way to help end abortion and its destructive nature is to rid Planned Parenthood’s power over the black community.  Intellectual growth, higher graduation rates in both high school and college, cutting welfare dependency and at the same time making job opportunities more frequent and accessible by keeping a free market are only few of the ways to release the hold that the organization has over African-Americans and all ethnic groups in general. It is in the hands of the American people to educate and stand together in a time of crisis.  And the genocide of American children is definitely a crisis.