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Kentucky Governor Beshear opens Obamacare store front in Lexington

Kentucky’s Obamacare store opened last week at Fayette Mall in Lexington with attempts to sign up more Kentuckians for policies they may not want, need, or able to afford. Who needs a kiosk when you can have an entire store?

Credit: Josh James / WUKY

Fayette Mall’s new Kynect store
Credit: Josh James / WUKY

Kynect, the state’s health insurance exchange, opened its first retail store this past Thursday in one of Lexington’s busiest shopping centers.

“I hope we will find thousands and thousands more and I’m confident that we will,” Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear said during the store’s grand opening. “We’ve got some things for free, and that’s pretty good for Black Friday.”

Situated across from Jamba Juice and Hot Topic, the Kynect store attempts to lure in the harder-to-reach crowd in their 20s and 30s, often called the “young invincibles.”

The average cost for every Kentuckian enrolled in Medicaid is $9,634 per year. From September of 2013 to August 2014, Kynect signed up 439,576 new medicaid customers in Kentucky.

This means that the state’s medicaid debt will jump by $4,234,875,184 PER YEAR!

The state of Kentucky owes $10 Billion Dollars in bonded debt and may borrow as much as $2 billion in the next legislative session. Kentucky owes its pension fund another $34.5 Billion Dollars.

We need to know where this additional $4.2 Billion Dollars a year will come from?

Under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government is paying 100 percent of the cost to cover people eligible under the expanded Medicaid rules for three years. But states must pay for a small percentage beginning in 2017 that will grow to 10 percent in 2020 and years after

Beshear said he had no estimate of that future added cost to the state budget. But Republican state legislators have warned that it will be substantial and will crowd out state spending for other programs.

Kentucky tax dollars continue to be wasted by Governor Beshear and the far left liberals in Frankfort, but at least now if you like your Jamba Juice, you can keep your Jamba Juice as you “shop” for health insurance nearby.

Kentucky House District 20 Representative Jody Richards has an integrity problem


Kentucky District 20 Representative Jody Richards is being condemned today for his false and misleading campaign advertising that has been running in the Bowling Green Daily News for the past several weeks.

In these ads, it appears that Representative Richards is intentionally trying to mislead voters about his involvement with a project to bring a new Veterans nursing home to Bowling Green.

The ads state that Rep. Richards is: “Sponsoring legislation to establish a new veterans nursing home in Bowling Green”.

The facts simply don’t support his claim. According to the Kentucky LRC and District 32 State Senator Mike Wilson’s office, Rep. Richards has not prefiled any legislation pertaining to this nursing home project.

The project to bring this veterans nursing home to Bowling Green has been in the works for approximately two years and has been spearheaded by Dr. Ray Biggerstaff, a veteran of the Army’s 101st Airborne Division. Dr. Biggerstaff served as a Captain and Executive Officer of a medevac unit in Vietnam. Dr. Biggerstaff has been working with retired Army veteran, Col. Robert Spiller, who saw service in both Korea and Vietnam. Both men have been working with Senator Mike Wilson and others to move this project forward.

According to Dr. Ray Biggerstaff, “Rep. Richards was approached about helping to sponsor legislation for this project but he told us not to get our hopes up and that the folks in Frankfort gang up on us in bowling Green.”

Dr. Biggerstaff further stated that “Rep. Richards has not been involved in this effort and that Mr. Richards campaign ads are misleading the public and especially the veterans for his own personal gain.”

Dr. Biggerstaff went on to say:

The veterans in Bowling Green and throughout the State of Kentucky have been aware of the progress of this project from day one and many of them feel that Rep. Richards is attempting to take credit for something he had absolutely nothing to do with in order to upstage Senator Wilson’s efforts with the state legislature.

During a meeting of the American legion post last evening, Rep. Richards tried again to claim credit for the project and was called out on it by Dr. Biggerstaff.

When a 38 year incumbent politician feels that he or she is entitled and needs to resort to bald faced lies in their advertising to their constituents and veterans in order to win reelection, that legislator has a huge integrity issue. The press and citizens of District 20 need to call Rep. Richards to account for his lies and they deserve the truth about this important veterans issue. Our veterans are not buying what Rep. Richards is trying to sell them one week before the election.

Kentucky Conservatives have BVS

You can tell who the Kentucky Conservative voters are this year by their ten mile stare and their bent over posture. They’re suffering from BVS or “Battered Voter Syndrome” and they may need a 12 step program to break free of it.

In this year’s Kentucky Senate race, the Republican Party is playing on Conservatives fears that they absolutely don’t want Alison Lundergan Grimes, Barack Obama’s surrogate, as their Senator. The GOP is threatening voters that if they don’t vote for Mitch McConnell, Grimes will become our Senator and the world will end. This election boils down to voting for McConnell, not because he has earned our vote, or that he would be any different than Harry Reid, but that he simply isn’t Alison Grimes.

Never mind that replacing Harry Reid with Mitch McConnell would simply be trading one tyrant for another. Never mind that Mitch McConnell and the GOP haven’t articulated a credible, detailed plan to undo the damage caused by the past six years of liberal governance. Never mind that Senator McConnell and the Republican leadership have spent the past four years openly attacking their own Conservative base. Never mind that Mitch McConnell gave $65,000 to run ads in Mississippi that called the Conservative base and Chris McDaniel racists and told the black community that we wanted to take away their voting rights. Never mind that Mitch McConnell and other establishment GOP incumbents have received campaign support to the tune of $50 million dollars this cycle to get themselves re-elected, so that they can help Obama pass amnesty. Never mind that Senator McConnell refuses to hold open town hall meetings to hear from Constituents, but grants audiences and influence to those corporations who are willing to pour millions into his campaign. We are supposed to look beyond this and thank our lucky stars that Mitch McConnell isn’t Alison Grimes and that alone should be enough to make us want to vote for him.

The Republicans are trying to convince the conservative voters that if they vote for Senator McConnell, somehow the attacks on the base will stop and he will love them again. The same empty promises an abusive spouse makes after they’ve abused their partner and they’re trying to avoid going to jail.

The only way that a chronically battered spouse can break the cycle of abuse is to send the abuser to jail. The only way the Conservative voters in Kentucky can break the chronic cycle of abuse by Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party of Kentucky is for Senator McConnell to lose his job, thus breaking his hold on the state party and the Conservative base.

While I’m not advocating for anyone in the Conservative base to actually vote for Mrs. Grimes, I am asking Conservatives in Kentucky to think long and hard before they pull the lever for Senator McConnell. When an arrogant career politician like Mitch McConnell refuses to hold open and unscripted town hall meetings to hear from his constituents, doesn’t listen to his constituents, and then automatically EXPECTS our vote, it’s time to show him some tough love and NOT send him back to Washington.

If we don’t have the courage to stand up to an abusive politician who doesn’t deserve our vote, we can only expect more of the same abuse. Don’t vote for McConnell out of fear or because he isn’t Alison Grimes. McConnell has done nothing to deserve your vote and everything to not deserve it. Don’t allow McConnell and the GOP to strip you of your right to vote for a politician who has earned and deserves it. This year, please consider sending a strong and clear message to Mitch McConnell and the GOP. Don’t vote for either McConnell or Grimes. After 36 years of McConnell, its time to break the cycle of abuse.

Don’t be a battered voter.

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