Sam Janney


JANNEY: Obama will cure cancer and save the planet (aka the 2015 SOTU)


So I made it, I sat through the 2015 State of the Union so you good people wouldn’t have to. Yes, I’m a giver… or a glutton for punishment, I’m not entirely sure just yet. As usual, President Obama was his charming yet annoying smug self, taking jabs at tradition and mocking those who may disagree with him. From a flat-out misconception about women making less than men to penguins kicking the bucket because of global warming, it was the quintessential Obama speech.

He proclaimed that 2014 was a break-through year, that our economy is soaring like an eagle and unemployment is the lowest its been since 1999 (conveniently when Clinton was still in office.) Now those of us who can actually think for ourselves know the unemployment rate is a joke and just recently claims for unemployment benefits have climbed for four months straight but hey, those in attendance at the SOTU aren’t concerned about thinking for themselves. This was evident as the president spoke about free community college, took credit for low gas prices and insisted more Americans have coverage than ever before.

Of course he left out how doctors and nurses are leaving the field in droves and hospitals are closing but I digress. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Obama intends to cure cancer and other diseases… he said so.

The president patted himself on the back because supposedly energy production in America is at an all-time high and we haven’t been less dependent on foreign oil in 30 years; he did not mention the number of coal plants his regulations are closing, the thousands who are losing their jobs because of it or give credit to fracking. Oh no, he was busy pushing wind, sun and rainbow energy (with this admin that could be a thing).

Obama pushed respect for vets, job creation and college for all young people, even though 1 in 4 college grads is unemployed or underemployed. He gloated about our global placement and Democrats applauded loudly when he mentioned taking down terrorists “as he always has”… although he made no mention of who these terrorists and violent extremists are. Obama even admitted his number one job is keeping this country safe.

Don’t laugh.

My favorite part of his speech was when he spoke about the need for free childcare. Yup, apparently in his Constitutional studies he saw something that said it is the government’s responsibility to provide free child care, probably right next to the amendment about free health care and free birth control. Apparently the word “free” is all over the Constitution, who knew?

Oh yeah, and amnesty? He said he’d veto any efforts of congress to stop amnesty, even though 76 percent of us don’t want it. But as a Democrat, Obama fully believes we just don’t know any better, can’t think for ourselves so of course we don’t understand that we do want it, right?

So long story short, Obama promised us the world as long as climate change doesn’t blow it up first and kill the penguins. He is going to give us everything including the kitchen sink because he KNOWS Republicans will never go for any of this nonsense and a year from now he can blame them for nothing getting done. Let’s be honest, Obama doesn’t really care about making America great, he only cares about making himself look great and his ignorant, mindless base loves it.

Mark my words, next year when all of the penguins have exploded from climate change and Obama has failed to cure cancer, he’ll blame the GOP and insist they only care about the wealthy and not the middle class and then he’ll pander to his base in an effort to pimp them for Hillary. Or Warren. Or whichever moonbat the Democrats run.

Makes me wonder, will 2015 be a break-through year in Obama’s mind as well? My guess is no, and it will be all Bush’s fault.

Father might know best… if we gave him a chance

We all remember the show “ Leave it to Beaver” with Ward, June, Wally, and the Beav – a perfect family unit who always had dinner together at the table with mom and dad asking their sons how their day at school was. And often times Wally and/or the Beav had done something wrong and even though they knew they’d be in trouble, they’d fess up and Ward would have a long talk with them about the importance of not doing whatever it was they did. There would often be a message about honesty, integrity, working hard, never giving up… and while Wally and the Beav learned their lesson, the show sent a message to viewers as well and that message was fathers matter.

Today, if you watch any television show you will see a very different side of fathers. They are mocked, ridiculed, treated as the secondary parent or completely absent. We have made a joke of the role fathers play, and not just in entertainment but in our media and ultimately our homes as well.

It is important that we discuss this, especially in light of recent events such as Michael Brown and Eric Garner and their untimely deaths. The leftist media would have us believe that both Brown and Garner were victims of the system brought on by police officers who deliberately go out of their way to harass black men because ya’ know, they’re racist and stuff. It has nothing to do with 72% of all violent crimes being committed by black men, no no no, it’s all because the police inherently hate black people. Sure, they might not have been racist before, BUT once they put on that badge they change into the Klan.

The reality is the system is responding to crimes being committed, and if the majority of crimes being committed are by black people then there is not a problem with the system, but with that community. Now before you start sending me hate mail and calling me a racist, KEEP READING. We are failing our black neighbors, by not being honest about this, by coddling them and most of all by creating divisive rhetoric that keeps them at a distance.

For example, the left has been pushing the “hands up” marketing for months, even though it was proven via forensic evidence that this was indeed a lie and that Michael Brown did not surrender. And yet thousands of “activists” have been lying on the floors of malls, disrupting tree lightings, attacking shoppers on Black Friday using just this sentiment. Does this change a thing about what happened with Brown? Does it address why he didn’t live at home? Why his mom had given up on him? Where his dad was? No. Instead of looking at what may have happened to Brown to put him in this situation to begin with, the whole leftist narrative has been RACISM.

When we make excuses for the Browns of the world we do them a disservice and we set them up to fail. Instead of going out of our way to make sure no one feels bad that they robbed a convenience store (because God forbid anyone is accountable for their behavior) we need to look at what’s happening at home and at school.  Did you know that 72% of black children are born to single mothers – that is nearly 3 out of 4 with NO FATHER in the household – whereas only 28% of white children are born to single mothers?

Now single moms out there, I respect you, I can’t begin to understand what it takes to be a single parent, however there is something to be said for needing a father in the home. Society has done all it can to lessen the importance of the father and in doing so is perpetuating this cycle of poverty and crime. Government has become a parent and is proving to be a lousy “dad” at that.

Fathers, you do make a difference and until we start working on the family unit, not only in the black community but in all communities, nothing changes. Putting cameras on cops doesn’t stop the crimes from being committed – maybe sitting down at dinner with your family as you grow up though does. Making cops take sensitivity training doesn’t stop crime – but maybe some true discipline as children grow up does.

The problem is not outside of us – sorry liberals, it’s not just a society thing where we only see skin color and make assumptions based on said skin color, ya’ know, racism? This problem will actually take work and sorry not sorry, fueling riots and creating hate-filled narratives that divide this country further does nothing but make you feel better about yourselves