Dennis Michael Lynch announces 2016 presidential bid at Scottsdale event

Posted by on October 6, 2014

220px-DML_headshotAward winning entrepreneur and acclaimed filmmaker, Dennis Michael Lynch, rocked the grassroots world Saturday night in Scottsdale, Ariz. when he announced his concrete plans for a 2016 bid for president. The news was met with thunderous applause at the packed Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, the pinnacle event of his Fighting for America Tour 2014.

“I’ve made decision. I will throw my hat in the ring. Sometime in the near future I will officially announce I am running for POTUS in 2016,” Lynch told the crowd as they erupted in applause and celebration. After weeks hinting at the prospect, it’s official, his mind is made up and there is no turning back.

Following Saturday’s event, Lynch posted his reaction on Facebook:

I made a few promises. I promised to never mud sling at another man or woman who seeks the same nomination. I promised to always keep my humility. I vowed to give it everything I’ve got to ensure a victory and that when we do win, the biggest problems facing this country – illegal immigration, terror, the economy and national debt — will be addressed immediately and correctly.

I vowed to always salute members of our military with the respect they deserve. I explained how I will light a spark in people who have lost hope. I promised I will bring people together and make it so the vicious name-calling comes to an end. I vowed never to be politically correct. I vowed to bring greatness back to America.. And I explained that I will surround myself with the best people – people who love this country.

Here is the announcement speech in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Here is DML filming his upcoming and final documentary film, “Fighting For America”:

Lynch’s wife Mary told the audience that she knows her husband will protect Americans like no other man will or can. She concluded by stating we all must work towards improving the future of our country which means we all have to work together in fighting for America.

Dennis Michael Lynch is the premier grassroots candidate of 2016. Much like Ben Carson, another well-respected prospective candidate, he is not owned or controlled by politicians and lobbying groups. Unlike Ben Carson, Dennis Michael Lynch wants the job and is ready for the challenge.

Keep up with Dennis Michael Lynch and see his work at

Video from the pinnacle event of the 2014 Fighting For America Tour (10/4/2014):

Dennis’s wife Mary (1)

Dennis’s wife Mary (2)


Saluting our military

“As you can see, I marry well”

He [Lynch] threw away his speech – does not read off teleprompters

We need to win the Senate

It’s much worse than you realize

If we don’t do it now, all of our cities will look like Detroit

The President’s number one job is to protect American lives

The number one problem in this country is illegal immigration

Override Obama’s executive amnesty

I don’t get involved in anything unless I think I can win

I will surround myself with the best of the best

Dennis won’t take our guns

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