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Virginia Congressional Candidate has a disgraceful past (and present)

   Some of you may know of Mike Dickinson from his god awful twitter rants. Same may recognize the man who calls “the next Alan Grayson. Still others may recognize him from his appearance on Fox News’ Hannity, where he was eviscerated by the host. Just speaking to him and giving him facts will normally just earn you a block from his account @VoteMike2014. Others aren’t so lucky. Mike Dickinson recently agreed to an interview with this website as we profiled the Virginia congressional candidates in the 7th district. Mr. Dickinson answered a series of questions including what his professional background is. Well that doesn’t tell the whole story. In a letter to the Richmond Times Dispatch from January 2013 Dickinson said he was an “adult entertainment club owner” and in another letter from 2012 Dickinson said he was the “CEO for Mid-Atlantic Showclubs”. Dickinson did in fact work for Richmond strip club owner, Billy Pyliaris, for six years and managed several of his clubs in the Richmond area. It is rumored, but I cannot confirm that Dickinson left after trouble with the handling of those businesses and that he went “west” to open his own strip club.

Now, owning or managing a strip club, while not a great profession, is not in and of itself a sin. Although, the type of people in this industry are notoriously engaged in seedy behavior and not normally the type of person you’d want to represent you in congress.

These very revelations though came to light at a recent meeting of the Spotsylvania Democratic Committee meeting. Committee member Opal Stroup asked him about a letter he wrote to The Free Lance Star in which he criticized the women of the Chesterfield County Democratic Committee who were opposed to his candidacy because he had a “background in business with adult clubs”. Dickinson says this is the type of thing “democrats are supposed to be against”. She said “you’re asking us to donate money” “to work our butts off for you” but that he attacked women in Chesterfield County? She also asked about the letters he wrote in which he identified himself with the positions running the strip clubs because earlier in the meeting he said he “just consulted’ for those clubs. She said “You either misrepresented yourself to the public or you’re misrepresenting yourself now.” Dickinson said “I was a lobbyist working for a company, and I wrote what I had to write on paper to get the job done”. He claimed he never owned an adult business (from The Free Lance-Star Feb 24th 2014).

MIKE D Account

   That’s exactly what I think Mr. Dickinson did in the interview he did with me. I sent him a questionnaire with plenty of time to complete it. This wasn’t a quick question but something he had time to complete. Time for a well thought out answer. I may not think a lot of his actual profession however it is legal and could be considered an honest living, but I think a lot less of a person who tries to hide his past in this way. However this is not the only thing about his life Mr. Dickinson may want to hide. His past has been reported, it’s his present that concerns me the most.


   Again, the following activity is not illegal and while many people have had “dust ups” with those anonymous people on twitter or other forms of social media, I think the behavior of someone in social media can be telling of their overall personality and can call into question their character in general. I would think that a person seeking a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives may be held to a slightly higher standard of behavior. It is more than a serious lack of judgment for a congressional candidate who would not go and delete an offensive twitter account they have run in the past. But, to run an offensive twitter account while simultaneously running for congress is not just “not smart” but I suspect it can only be done by someone with possible deeply seated personality issues.

linked account

   I have independent confirmation from several anonymous sources that Mike Dickinson is the person behind some deleted accounts for which I will show screenshots that have what I would call questionable and inappropriate comments, especially for someone seeking to represent a large portion of their state in Washington. I also have confirmation that he runs other accounts which are both inactive & active on twitter and tweet some of the vilest and offensive things a person can read on that application. The one account is private but one of his followers confirms that normally all he does is send tweets to women in the pornographic film industry. In addition to his offensive tweets that are demeaning to individuals and women in general, he also runs smear campaigns and engages in online bullying of other user accounts on that site. The people who get most bullied seem to be, like Mr. Dickinson, alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University or VCU.

Let’s take a look Mr. Dickinson’s online “alternate personalities”. First, there is @fatcat2112, the persona he allegedly uses to send tweets to porn stars but I cannot confirm it through the screenshots. This has been confirmed by his one of his 83 followers. The connection of his congressional campaign account to this account can be shown through the tweets where he uses his cat “Chilli” and the twitter handle and avatar picture on the @fatcat2112 account. One of his deleted accounts, confirmed by the same sources, is @theshieldVCU. Another is @MikeD_PhD, for which I provide screenshots of his comments from there in which he says offensive and misogynistic things about women, insulting people by speaking about their weight, requests to show their breasts, and other things too lewd for publishing here.

phone confirmation mike d

   The worst of all is still his active account, which I have verified through more than just a few sources. That is @VCUBoobs. The tweets there and the pictures posted are beyond the decorum even for the industry from which Mr. Dickinson has made his living. Through this account he has led vicious attacks and bullying of other twitter users and namely some VCU alumni or fans. The account regularly trashes all of the same people that Mr. Dickinson has attacked in the past & simultaneously tweeted the same things as the @MikeD_PhD account which I have verified through an independent reverse phone lookup as belonging to Dickinson when he posted his phone number in an attempt to get Howard Stern to talk to him. These comments to others are not in any playful or joking way but vicious personal attacks meant to harm people’s jobs and well-being. Mr. Dickinson regularly tweets photos and vile comments to women on these accounts. I guess women’s bodies are their own in his Democratic Party, especially if he’s paying for them. I can find no redeeming quality about Mr. Dickinson, even his defenses of free speech are not done in a patriotic way but in a self-serving manner. The Democrat Party of VA has threatened to run the 7th District as “no candidate”. My guess is after they find out all of these things, they will.

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  • reforger1974

    I’ve been following his Twitter feed not so much because I think he’s a serious candidate or a real threat to Cantor, but just for the pure entertainment value of his silly Juvenile rants. Not only is this guy as far ultra liberal left as you can possibly go, he’s also the sleaziest of the sleazes. I noticed this AM that his Twitter account has been suspended. Now, there are a number of reasons an account could be suspended, most involve rules violations, but having an account “hacked” is also one, so it will be interesting to see if he’s resurrected from Twitter oblivion. In addition to all his twitter accounts, he’s also got a Facebook page where he’s been “liked” by such notables as Sen. Warner, Vice Pres. Biden, and the White House, I wonder if these people have any clue whatsoever just how big a sleaze ball this man is…?? Anyway, it really doesn’t matter as he has little money, almost no grass roots support, and zero chance of defeating Cantor. Still, it’s disturbing and a little frightening to think someone like this, under the right circumstances, could actually be elected to public office.