It’s Time to Throw a Block for Clint Didier

Posted by on September 29, 2014

With all of the nonsense surrounding the NFL and the Washington Redskins lately, there is one story with a direct link to both that deserves some attention. Former Washington Redskin, Clint Didier, is seeking a new title, “Washington Congressman.” He is running for the seat in the 4th district of Washington state against “moderate” Dan Newhouse. It is one of the few congressional races in the country that does not involve a Democrat, as both Didier and Newhouse are running as Republicans.

Last week, I was privileged to join a conference call with Clint Didier and learn more about his positions and the challenges he and many other conservative candidates are facing from the establishment GOP and their “hired guns” like Karl Rove. Anyone who will not tow their line is a target, and Didier is definitely on their radar.

Clint Didier grew up on a farm near Eltopia, Washington. Anyone who knows anything about farm life knows it is hard, physical work. It is also a way of life that teaches stewardship and perseverance.

Clint Didier would go on to play tight end with the Washington Redskins, after being told that he did not have what it takes to play professional football. He would collect two Super Bowl rings and wrap up his career with the Green Bay Packers before retiring from the NFL in 1990.

After football, Clint Didier returned to farming in Washington with his wife and family, and he also created his own excavating business. As a farmer and a business owner, Didier has been directly impacted by big government. He is a strict Constitutionalist and he espouses the conservative philosophy that so many in the Republican rank and file want to send to DC, which is why the GOP is sending out their goons. They know Didier won’t carry their water…but Dan Newhouse will.

During the call, Didier, who is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, contended that Newhouse approves of allowing a judge to determine if someone is mentally fit to own a gun. Upon doing further research, I came across a debate between four of the WA-4 candidates that took place before the August primary whittled the race down to two. Not only did it confirm Didier’s contention (at the 12:05 mark), but it raised some alarm bells in other areas as well.

Newhouse says that, if you have been determined to have mental issues by a judge, your right to own a firearm should be restricted. While that might seem like a sensible policy on the face of it, what happens if the government, under either party, uses the judiciary to declare conservatives, libertarians or self-described Tea Party activists mentally unfit? The Feds have already placed various “right wing” groups on the Terrorist Watch List and used the IRS to target private citizens who have conservative leanings.

The candidates were also asked whether they would support a more progressive tax structure to address “income inequality.” Clint Didier said “If God can live on 10%, I believe our government should be able to live on 10%” (16:42). While Dan Newhouse said that the tax code needs to be simplified (15:05), he also said “We need to make sure that everyone pays something, according to their ability.” Perhaps Mr. Newhouse would agree with Karl Marx who said, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” This is the guy that the GOP supports? While addressing the tax code, Didier noted that the number of agencies within the federal government has ballooned from 100 in 1960, to over 1300 today. Big government advocacy is no longer exclusive to the Democrats, and the establishment GOP knows that Clint Didier wants to shrink the size of this massive behemoth. That cannot be tolerated by those who profit from the system.

The power players in the GOP are expected to throw all of their resources behind Dan Newhouse because he is the perceived “yes man” for the Republican establishment. Clint Didier knows he has a hard fight ahead, but he has seen hard fights before. During the call, I asked him who could be compared to Karl Rove, in terms of his opponents on the football field. He said that Lawrence Taylor was always a formidable foe, but we all agreed that Rove was not worthy of a Taylor comparison, as Didier pointed out that Rove has not been an effective “architect” at all for the Republican Party. He may have successfully engineered the re-election of George W. Bush, but his failures were also instrumental in the Democratic takeover of the House and Senate in 2006, and his influence within the Party has driven a wedge between moderates and conservatives at a time when the GOP cannot afford to spare a single vote.

Recall what happened in the Mississippi runoff between Chris McDaniel and Senator Thad Cochran. The Republican elites, including Karl Rove, were so desperate to prop up Cochran, a senile old fossil who has held office for more than 35 years, that they were willing to smear conservatives as racists and buy Democrat votes to push him over the top. It was a move that could very well cost the GOP that seat if the conservative base remains angry enough to stay home in November.

John LaRosa, who is the co-founder of FourTier Strategies, LLC, and who hosted the conference call, is also a long time football fan. He had a great line when he said, “Karl Rove is an architect like Garo Yepremian was a quarterback” (for those saying “Garo Who?”, click here to watch him stink it up against the Redskins). As of February of this year, donations to Rove’s fundraising machine have literally dried up. If Rove had been an actual architect, his buildings would have been condemned by now.

To be a successful tight end in the NFL, as Clint Didier clearly was, you not only have to catch the ball and make yards after the catch, but you also need to throw some good blocks for your teammates. We need Didier to advance the Constitutional principles down the field, but we also need him to throw a few crack-back blocks on bad policy. Obstructing legislation that further increases our debt or impedes our liberty will help the conservative ground game across the nation.

But before any of this happens, Clint needs to make the roster. That’s where “We The People” come in. Let’s draft Clint Didier, support him, make him a starter, and help him rip a gaping hole in the establishment Republicans’ Party line.

Visit Clint Didier’s website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Concerned50
    a good chance US Voters are going to hand control of the Senate over to
    Republicans. Here’s what we’re going to get. Bobby Jindal once called
    his party “The Stupid Party.” We’re beginning to think the US is “The
    Stupid Country.”
    The Republican Platform In A Nutshell
    – More Tax Cuts
    – More Cuts To Social Services
    – More Deregulation
    – More Loopholes For The Rich
    – More Cuts To Education
    – More War and More Money To The Pentagon
    – Criminalize Abortion
    – Fewer Protections For Workers
    – No Marriage Equality
    – More People Locked Up and More Private Prisons
    – More Corporate Subsidies For Pet Industries
    – Fewer Rights For Consumers
    – Fewer Rights For Women
    – Fewer Rights For Religious Minorities
    – More Doing Nothing About Income Inequality
    – Health Care is a Privilege
    – More Families with Food Insecurity
    – Bigger Police State
    – More Voter Suppression
    – More Purchased Elections
    – More Rigged Elections
    – More Climate Change Denial