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Posted by on February 25, 2014

Florence, KY – Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, Matt Bevin had a town hall meeting on Monday night in Florence, Kentucky where more than just supporters attended. On the way into the parking lot you had to pass a couple of Mitch McConnell supporters waving signs along the main road as if they were protesting against Asian food or something. That certainly didn’t have any impact on the crowd once Matt Bevin arrived and began to speak. This is a man who continues to persuade undecided voters by simply being himself, a concerned family man. Bevin is married and has nine beautiful children, four of whom are adopted and he is in this race because he is concerned with the direction of this country. He is a successful businessman who has a track record of creating jobs and saving businesses. Something Kentucky and this country desperately needs.

Matt Bevin spoke about why voters in Kentucky should consider him over the highly unpopular Mitch McConnell. He covered several different topics such as the national debt, immigration, abortion, gun rights, Obamacare, running a business, job growth, and the false attacks from the McConnell campaign. Throughout his speech, he received numerous loud applauses because the people are wanting a change. They are enjoying what they hear. He is speaking to them rather than at them. His message is resonating with them. All of this was done while an Alison Lundergan Grimes ‘tracker’ arrived to videotape and write about him. This seems to be an on-going occurrence with both the Grimes and McConnell campaigns as they continue to search for that five second soundbite they can use for a new attack ad.


With every speech and every new event held for Matt Bevin, he continues to impress voters and share with them his vision for a better Republican Party and a better America. Mitch McConnell is not traveling across the state in the same manner Matt Bevin is. He is too busy handing blank checks to President Obama. Mitch McConnell is not speaking to everyday Kentuckians to find out if they are appreciative of his record or what he has done in Washington for the last 30 years. Why? He already knows they aren’t happy as you can tell by his 31% approval rating in the state. President Obama is more popular in Kentucky than Mitch McConnell.

Once more and more people start to hear what Matt Bevin is really about and not who the McConnell campaign try to paint him as, they will come around. They just need to think about why we are in the mess we are in today. They need to stop thinking the same way I previously was when I supported McConnell. That mentality is the reason we continue to simply kick the can further down the road. We can’t simply wait for tomorrow to get here before we start making changes. We have to act today and make the changes based on what makes sense and what is logical. Voting for Mitch McConnell for 30 years is nowhere close to being logical. There is a reason McConnell is more focused on falsely attacking Matt Bevin than running on his record alone. He can’t.

  • Mitch McConnell recently just handed a blank check to Barack Obama.
  • Mitch McConnell called passing TARP one of the finest days in the Senate’s history.
  • Mitch McConnell not only voted for TARP, but he whipped up votes for it.
  • Mitch McConnell refused to support Ted Cruz and Mike Lee’s efforts to defund Obamacare. (2013, RCV 206)
  • Mitch McConnell has voted to raise the debt ceiling 11 times.
  • Mitch McConnell voted for the fiscal cliff tax hike. (2012, RCV 251)
  • Mitch McConnell voted to increase the federal minimum wage. (2007, RCV 42)
  • Mitch McConnell voted to give the government unprecedented surveillance powers. (2006, RCV 25)
  • Mitch McConnell continuously votes for larger federal government, including No Child Left Behind.(RC#371, 12/18/01)

Matt Bevin is out there speaking to Kentuckians about what is important and relevant in their lives. He is still a long shot in this race, but so was Ted Cruz in Texas and we see how that turned out. If the voters in Kentucky listened to who the establishment base wanted in office, the likes of Thomas Massie and Rand Paul would not have been elected. This is the most important race in the entire country and we can stand up and truly make a difference. Our voices can be heard and we can be the change we wish to seek, but we have to want it bad enough. We have to continue to educate and share with others the poor record of Mitch McConnell and explain why Matt Bevin is the best person for the job. We have to make sure to vote, but more importantly we each need to get 10, 20, or 30 people to go vote with us in order to win this. The voter turnout is usually very low for primaries, so every vote truly does matter.

It’s time we stand up for our principles and stop voting for the people who no longer represent our values. It’s time we change the direction of our party and the direction of our country by supporting Matt Bevin in Kentucky. Both Washington and Kentucky have their share of problems. Mitch McConnell is that problem. Matt Bevin is the solution. If we want to change Washington, then we must change the people we send to Washington. We can start right here in Kentucky.

Please DONATE here to the Matt Bevin campaign.

The Kentucky Republican Primary is May 20, 2014.

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