Matt Bevin Will Defeat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky

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You read that correct. The Senate Republican leader and five-term Senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell will lose to Republican challenger Matt Bevin on May 20, 2014. Why? Many reasons really, but mainly because of the power of grassroots. I, for one have been a supporter of the long time Senator for awhile, but for different reasons than many. I believed that he would be our best option for Republicans to take back the Senate in 2014 and then we could do some house work. I was wrong. Too many things clouded my judgment and my conservative principles simply would not allow me to continue with the same old same. Enough is enough already. Kentucky deserves better. Much better.

Mitch McConnell has been in Washington for 30 years. Just let that sink in and ask yourself if you prefer the same old same and business as usual or do we need to venture down a new path with a new leader? That leader is Matt Bevin. Matt is a family and businessman from Louisville, Kentucky with true conservative values and will bring a fresh face and attitude to Washington on behalf of Kentuckians. We do not need the same tired old tricks and constant political rhetoric we get from Mitch McConnell. We do not need to hear him begging for the conservative vote only when election time comes up because he knows his record tells quite a different story.

GOPpicnicMatt Bevin is a man of character and tells it like it is. I met him a few times when I was attending Tea Party meetings and GOP picnics throughout Kentucky. I spoke to him in great lengths when I was previously supporting McConnell and he took the time to listen and offer up his views. I knew then that he was a great family man and a great American, but Matt Bevin is a man that simply gets it. He understands the situation in both Kentucky and Washington, but he also offers a fresh outlook and competitive spirit that will surely get more Kentuckians to give him a listen.

Mitch McConnell cannot defeat Alison Grimes. – Matt Bevin

How is Matt Bevin different than Mitch McConnell?  Click here.

Mitch McConnell is currently polling around 31% approval rating in Kentucky. He has been and continues to be unpopular in the state, which does not sit well for him against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes. Matt Bevin will win in Kentucky. People are just tired of Mitch McConnell and Alison Grimes is not only not ready to be a US Senator, but she isn’t right for Kentucky.

Matt Bevin is not a career politician and he will challenge both parties as he brings to Washington his conservative values, belief for limited government, holding both Democrats and Republicans accountable, and most importantly, he will stand up for all Kentuckians. Matt Bevin is a man of principle, not a man who is after power. He will put principle over party and challenge his peers on all issues that are important to Americans. That is what Kentucky needs. That is what America needs. Matt Bevin is a man with integrity and courage to challenge the status quo. We cannot continue to kick the can down the road. We have to remove the band-aid and address the problem. Mitch McConnell is the problem. Matt Bevin is the solution.


Mitch McConnell failed to take Matt Bevin seriously early on. That was a mistake. McConnell and his staff continue to falsely attack Bevin and participate in a mud-slinging campaign because they cannot run on Mitch’s record. They have an endorsement from Senator Rand Paul. Why is this? Simple. McConnell can help Paul in his 2016 Presidential bid. That is the only reason Paul and his campaign director Jesse Benton have been working and supporting McConnell. It certainly isn’t because they truly believe he is the great conservative leader he has claimed to be.

Do you want to clean up the Republican Party? Are you tired of the same old same going on in Washington? As RedState pointed out, the biggest thing you can do to help clean up the GOP is to defeat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky by supporting Matt Bevin. If you want to change Washington, then you change those you send to Washington. You can help bring true change by supporting Matt Bevin in Kentucky helping him to defeat the Senate Republican leader. We need more folks like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul in Congress. Matt Bevin certainly fits this bill.

Send a message to the old guard and send a message to Washington. We the people have had enough and your services are no longer required. Retire Mitch and make the switch, to Matt Bevin, a true conservative leader. We can make history on May 20, 2014 by showing them that grassroots truly do matter. Our voices and concerns matter. We matter.  Matt Bevin is a leader that both Kentucky and America needs because he will help us fight to restore liberty and work tirelessly to hold both political parties accountable to the American people. There was a man who was going up against the odds and viewed as a long shot who ended up winning in the state of Texas. That man was Ted Cruz. It will happen again in Kentucky.

I officially endorse conservative Republican Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate in Kentucky.

Matt Bevin is endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Gun Owners of America, Erick Erickson of RedState, Madison Project PAC, and many others.

Matt is a firm believer in this country’s founding ideals: Individual liberty, limited government, and constitutional principles. He is a job creator who believes American taxpayers deserve more than the failed policies of recent decades – more than the repeated bailouts, tax increases, amnesty, automatic debt-limit increases, congressional pay raises, and backdoor special-interest deals.

Policy Speech – A Path Forward for Kentucky:

If you’d like to support and donate to Matt Bevin’s campaign, please visit here and be sure to follow him to stay up to date on what is going on with his campaign.

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* This story has been updated to correct that Mitch McConnell is a five-term Senator from Kentucky. It previously stated he served four terms.

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J Craig

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  • JKruyswi

    I’m from Washington state, and we don’t have conservatives in the Senate to donate to.  So I’m donating to out-of-state conservatives.  Good luck Matt, McConnell has to go.

    • Thank you very much! Bevin needs all the help he can get to go up against the establishment’s funds.

  • MikeCrognale

    Chrislynn MikeCrognale  No. I can’t. However, if KY re-elects him and we then take the Senate he will be the Majority Leader and I feel comfortable that he will then reverse a lot of Reid’s treason. Matt may be a great guy. I hope he is. I just don’t think he can beat Grimes in the general election McConnel will. It’s that simple. We HAVE to have the Senate. We will LOSE it of we start”purging” the RINOs. Who knows. They may grow a spine once they are in the majority. But they won’t be if we continue eating our own.

  • Chrislynn

    MikeCrognale: Can you guarantee that McConnell will not continue to double-cross conservatives and to give Obama everything he wants?  Again?

  • Chrislynn

    Red State also believes that we Texans should re-elect Cornyn, McConnell’s right-hand man and GOP Whip, who likes to vote for cloture before voting against bills to protect his “strong conservative” rating.  And who also stabbed his fellow Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, in the back over raising the debt ceiling and funding Obamacare. Just saying….

  • JayCraig

    MikeCrognale Nobody can “guarantee” that, but what we can do is stand by our principles and stop voting for the people who continue to be happy with kicking the can down the road. The Democrat opponent is Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky’s current Secretary of State. Matt Bevin consistently polls ahead or even with her at this current time and that is with a very low name ID. Still a very small % of Kentuckians know who he is. This is what we can do.

  • MikeCrognale

    Can you also “guarantee” that Matt will not lose to his democrat opponent? Who ever that might be. Remember that the dems have perfected the art of the stolen election. Why do you think that KY will be exempt from their machinations?