Mississippi Senator Chris McDaniel releases statement on National Religious Freedom Day

Posted by on January 16, 2015


LAUREL, Miss. — Senator Chris McDaniel today released the following statement in support of National Religious Freedom Day.

National Religious Freedom Day commemorates the adoption of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom that became the basis for the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

Senator McDaniel authored Mississippi’s landmark Religious Liberty Law in 2013 that re-established the state’s commitment to the rights of all to freely worship.


“I join today with millions across the country to celebrate National Religious Freedom Day and with those who believe that if we are ever going to get our country back on track, it is going to start in our churches,” Senator McDaniel said.

The foundation of everything we believe, the cornerstone of society, is religious freedom. It is the driving force of engagement and involvement that comes from that freedom that has made our country the most prosperous in history. It is not man-made designs but our faith in a higher calling and purpose to serve one another that has created prosperity. 

“God has shined the light of his blessings upon our willingness to serve. It is the millions of unknowable transactions of neighborly kindness and prayer that we all take for granted every day. 

“This is the foundation of a country of traditions that is worth preserving. 

“I will continue my dedication to those traditions and to the rights of the people to freely worship where ever they may be, whether in the classroom or in the public square. I will continue my service to the people that they may have a voice and a place to share their unique God-given gifts with others. 

“Religious Freedom is what allows that Power to bring us into individual renewal and prosperity. 

“We must never allow the divisive schemes of secularism and the cultural worship of ourselves to hide that from the world. We must renew our commitment to the spiritual guidance only available to us by our Creator. Christians must stand now like we have never stood before, and we must do everything within our power to maintain that right without compromise.”

Senator McDaniel is an attorney, conservative commentator and was a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014. He has represented the 42nd District, which encompasses part of South Mississippi, since 2008. He resides with his family in Ellisville, Mississippi.

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  • David C Schupbach

    Those of you who so kindly follow Senator McDaniel around to disparage and show your hate of him,are merely fulfilling scripture. Jesus clearly stated that the world would hate his followers as it has hated him. No true follower of Christ would be mad at you, as your hate only emphasizes the lost state of your soul, something that causes a deep sadness in anyone who loves God. It doesn’t hurt our feelings, the approval of the world has never mattered to us, but rather the approval of God.

    No matter how much hate and lies you spew, you cannot change the fact there is a God, and he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him, and seek to serve him.

    Senator McDaniel obviously understands that if a man doesn’t take a stand for what is right, then he is, by default, taking a stand with all the evil and wickedness of the world.

    Some of us who love light rather than darkness will continue to seek and stand with the light in spite of anything the servants of darkness can say or do.

  • Zachary Goldberg

    Amen McDaniel. Amen.

  • Dead_Mariner

    Banjos… Banjos everywhere.

  • javadanny

    You can be VERY sure that Sen. McDaniel misunderstands the meaning of Religious Day. He means that he supports the right of fundamentalist, right-wing “Christians” to control the social life of the country, the sex lives of the populace, and to OK all lawmaking.

  • gcaveman1

    Isn’t he cute?!?! I’ll bet all the other backwoods, ignorant fundamentalist states wish they had a senator like him!

  • Mr. Black

    I’m pretty sure this guy is misunderstanding the meaning of Religious Freedom Day.

    • Don Coleman

      The stench from you perverted miscreants, such as Mr. Black, is unbearable.

      • Mr. Black

        Perverted miscreant? Based upon what? Oh, that’s right: like your boy McDaniel, you don’t need actual evidence to whine about something. Such a good role model for integrity you have.