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Walker wins Alaska governor’s race after Friday ballot count

ANCHORAGE — Independent candidate Bill Walker has won Alaska’s gubernatorial election, defeating incumbent Republican Gov. Sean Parnell.

The Associated Press called the race for Walker just after 6 p.m. Friday. Walker’s lead over Parnell increased Friday from 4,004 to 4,634, or 1.7 percent, with the counting of outstanding ballots.

Walker has held a consistent lead over Parnell since election day on Nov. 4.

After reviewing ballots since Election Day, and counting 20,000 early, absentee and questioned ballots Tuesday, the Alaska Division of Elections recorded votes from an additional 26,000-plus ballots on Friday before posting new totals for the candidates just before 6 p.m. Counting was occurring at regional elections offices around the state.

Walker didn’t declare victory Friday night but said he anticipates that things will play out in his favor.

“We think they’re right,” Walker said. “We’ll see over the next few days, but based on the number and the information we have, it definitely looks like we’re going to prevail.”

According to a daily email update from Elections Director Gail Fenumiai on Friday night that there are roughly 10,000 absentee ballots left to be counted.

The Parnell campaign did not issue a statement conceding the race.

Parnell was elected as lieutenant governor in 2006 and became governor in July 2009 upon the resignation of Sarah Palin, the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee. He won election to a full four-year term in 2010, defeating Walker in the Republican primary that year.

Walker avoided the August primary this year by becoming an independent candidate with Craig Fleener, a former deputy commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, as his running mate.

That all changed after the primary election.

Walker and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Byron Mallott joined as a self-proclaimed “unity ticket” not long after the primary. Mallott had won the Democratic primary for governor and was to be paired with state Sen. Hollis French of Anchorage, who won the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor. The two original lieutenant governor candidates — French and Fleener — agreed to drop out to make way for the Walker-Mallott ticket.

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A Historic Effort: Defending the Chris McDaniel Campaign

From Mississippi Conservative Daily:

Back in September the left-wing website Politico named the Chris McDaniel campaign as one of the worst of 2014, comparing his effort to those of serial liar Wendy Davis of Texas, the drab Pat Roberts of Kansas, and others, many which were actually flops. Unsurprisingly, the establishment hacks at Y’all Politics couldn’t resist reprinting the nonsense on its site the same day.mcdaniel-point-AP

Nor could Sam Hall, who, in his Clarion Ledger column took the same shot at McDaniel by citing the Politico story.

So, who really cares what Politico has to say anyway? It’s a Democratic, leftist site created solely to challenge the Drudge Report. Their opinions are irrelevant to conservative Mississippians. But desperate to tear down Senator McDaniel and his insurgent campaign to take down the entrenched Cochran/Barbour establishment machine, these useful idiots will get into bed with just about anybody they can, even liberal Democrats, since they share a common enemy and want to see the continuation of the status quo, despite the current poll-supported opinions of a majority of Americans.

But what of this silly notion of a bad McDaniel campaign? Let’s look at the key facts, shall we? And I do stress FACTS, not media or establishment drivel.

Senator Chris McDaniel, who represents Jones County and parts of Forrest County, took on a 42-year, statewide elected incumbent who was thought by many to be unbeatable. Henry Barbour scoffed at the notion of McDaniel challenging Cochran, telling the media that “he will get his head handed to him and he will deserve it.” Hinds County Boss Pete Perry, who never met an honest election he liked, predicted McDaniel would lose 80-20. The political “genius” Frank Corder of Y’all Politics, who couldn’t even successfully manage his own bid for mayor of Pascagoula, thought McDaniel would do a bit better, but would still get no more than 40 percent of the vote.

Yet all these so-called political virtuosos, who still joyfully rip into Senator McDaniel, as well as his staff, on an almost daily basis, were wrong and hugely so. They could not even read the pulse and mood of their own electorate. But Chris McDaniel could.

Having no organization to counter the mighty Cochran/Barbour machine, Senator McDaniel had to build one from scratch. And he did so in spectacular fashion, organizing in nearly every county and raising millions of dollars. If you want to know the real reason why Chris McDaniel is so hated by the establishment, this is it. The politically animalistic Barbours want no competition to their rule over the state of Mississippi and McDaniel’s group has brought a serious challenge to that monopoly.

In the 8-month campaign from October to June, Senator McDaniel crisscrossed the state, traveling tens of thousands of miles, speaking to hundreds of groups, and shaking an incalculable number of hands. He wanted a campaign based on the great political issues before us, and held townhall meetings to talk directly to the people. He invited Senator Cochran to join him for these public forums, and to debate on television before all Mississippians. But the aging Senator took a different approach. He chose to ignore the issues, snub the people, and run a campaign based largely in the gutter.

What were the results? Chris McDaniel, against all odds, defeated Thad Cochran on primary night, June 3. In the runoff election three weeks later, McDaniel won nearly 60 percent of the Republican vote and gained a Republican record 187,000 votes, a record for a Republican primary in Mississippi. Talk about party building! Senator McDaniel greatly expanded the Republican Party base across the state.

Though the media and the Cochran camp obsessed over the “outside money” that came in to help McDaniel, the establishment spent $15 million, much of it coming from out-of-state crony organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, to take down the insurgent, yet still failed. The only way Cochran, Barbour & Company could defeat Senator McDaniel and his conservative army in the runoff was to bring in more than 42,000 Democrats, thousands of which we know voted illegally, and many of whom were likely paid to do so. Those that weren’t paid, voted out of sheer fear, ginned up with one of the worst race-baiting campaigns in modern memory.

And while we are on the subject of facts, it is important to note that Senator McDaniel needed not a single Democrat to defeat Cochran but Cochran needed tens of thousands to beat McDaniel. That is the bottom line to Cochran’s whole sorry campaign. He couldn’t rally the conservative Republican base around him so he chose to go after voters who think more like he does in seeking to expand government services, an ideology he has held his entire political career.

Yet we hear not a word from Y’all Politics, Sam Hall, or the rest of the media in Mississippi about these facts. They are still fixated on these manufactured scandals, and any attack against McDaniel, and are busily carrying water for Attorney General Jim Hood, a Democrat who seems to be infatuated with the idea of nailing the McDaniel camp with something they had nothing to do with but has made no effort to peer into the real scandal of Mississippi 2014 – the Cochran vote-buying scheme.

Just like on the national scene, though, conservatives know that we will never get the real story from the media, or from all these political prognosticators, the little Karl Roves of Mississippi, who are more often wrong than right, and never more so than in 2014. They are only interested in keeping their hands in the taxpayer-supported cookie jar, not in any real, meaningful political reforms.

Like it or not, Chris McDaniel beat Thad Cochran, not once but twice, and ran not the worst but perhaps the best campaign this year. He did better than any Tea Party/insurgent candidate in America, terrified the establishment in Mississippi and in Washington, and has built a serious organization to strengthen the conservative movement, not only in Mississippi but across the country. And only with true conservatism, the McDaniel brand, will we finally be able achieve serious reforms for our state and for our nation.

Massive Historic GOP Landslide is Coming

The GOP is about to win another historic landslide- similar to the one I predicted publicly in 2010. Back then, I predicted the GOP would win over 60 Congressional seats. The experts said I was crazy. I wasn’t. The GOP won 63 seats.

Another historic tidal wave is coming in November. Democrats will be wiped out. It’s all breaking wrong for Obama and the Democrats.

How bad is it breaking? The government just last week announced fantastic economic news- 244,000 jobs created in the month of September. No one cares. In the latest CNBC poll- after hearing that news- American’s confidence in Obama’s economic policies dropped to all-time lows of 24%.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

Considering Obama has the unwavering support of blacks and almost perfect support of other minorities (Latinos, gays, single mothers, etc) that means Obama’s support among the rest of America must be near Z-E-R-O. Outside of black voters, Obama has the least support of any President in U.S. history.

The reasons why are simple. Even the greatest salesmen in political history eventually wears out his welcome when the consumers try the product and it’s a rip-off. At that point, no one believes a word you say. At that point, no amount of poetry, propaganda or fancy salesmanship can save the deal. All credibility is gone.

America is a mess. The borders are wide open. Illegal immigration is out of control. Illegal children are being sent to schools across this country- thereby risking the spread of diseases such as TB or the deadly childhood illness Enterovirus.

Then there’s Ebola. Obama’s response to Ebola has been disastrous. He has done nothing to secure the border with Mexico. He has refused to ban incoming flights from African countries where Ebola is raging. And sending over 3000 U.S. troops into harms way into that same “Ebola hot zone” is reckless and fruitless. Thousands of soldiers could become exposed and bring Ebola home to America.

Then there’s terrorism and ISIS. A new CBS poll shows voters give the GOP a 21-point advantage over Democrats on the issue of terrorism. Worse, a plurality of voters say Obama’s policies has made the country less safe.

Of course there’s nothing that hits home more than the economy. Voters finally understand that there is no “recovery”- no matter how many times Obama and his socialist cabal claim it to be true. Voters know there are no jobs, no matter what the jobs report claims. All they have to do is look around. No amount of propaganda can change what they see with their own eyes.

Want proof? The government’s own JOLT report came out on Tuesday. It says that monthly hiring has plummeted. Dropped off a cliff.

It was down 294,000 positions last month- that’s the worst drop since 2010…and the third worst number since the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008.

So now I ask you…how could there be good news about jobs created…at the same time the government’s own report shows a severe halt to hiring? Somebody’s cooking the books folks. How can there be jobs if there’s no hiring?

But I’ve saved the most important reason for a GOP landslide for last- Obamacare.

Last week was the one year anniversary of Obamacare. It’s a date that will live in infamy. It’s no longer a theory. It’s reality. Middle class America knows first hand what a failure and disaster it is. Meaning Obama’s lies are rendered meaningless.

Millions of Americans have lost their health insurance. Millions more have seen massive unaffordable increases. Millions more have seen their jobs cut from full-time to part-time. Funny how none of these facts have made it into the mainstream media.

Take this author and small businessman for example. My family’s health insurance has gone from $500 per month to $1,700 per month thanks to Obamacare. But my fun was just beginning. Because the tripling of my rates wasn’t the worst part. In July my family received a notice from Aetna that our insurance was being cancelled. The reason? Because of the mandates of Obamacare, Aetna can no longer afford to insure my family for $1,700 per month.

What will the new rate be? $2000 per month? $2500 per month? Will they charge me $30,000 per year (before taxes) to provide health coverage for a family that has never experienced a major illness?

The lives of average middle class Americans are being ruined by Obamacare. Since the average income in America is about $50,000 per year, how will anyone afford $20,000 or $25,000 or $30,000 insurance bills? You think people are panicking across America? You’re damn right they are. 

But the disaster of Obamacare is about more than dramatic rate increases. It’s about the destruction of full-time jobs. Obamacare has turned America into a nation of part-time jobs.

Into the fray – enter WalMart. America’s biggest employer just announced they are ending healthcare benefits for part-time employees. WalMart employees over 1.3 million Americans.

Obamacare is a tragedy for middle class Americans. Like the title of my new book, it is “The Murder of the Middle Class.” The lives of millions of middle class Americans- many of them independent voters, or blue dog Democrats- have been damaged badly. They are angry and they will take it out on Obama and the Democratic Party this November.

A historic landslide is forming. My prediction is that most every close race will break the way of the GOP in the closing days. Republicans will take control of the Senate and expand their advantage in the House by as much as a double digit seat increase (once thought impossible).

If Obama thinks the news about ISIS, Ebola and the economy is bad, wait until he sees the headlines the day after the election.

Saddam Hussein’s Consultant Threw Party for AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Fred DuVal


Former lobbyist and Democrat nominee for governor of Arizona, Fred DuVal, has a long history of associating with rogue or questionable figures across a vast political landscape. The Daily Caller reported Tuesday that one of DuVal’s cohorts was a consultant for Saddam Hussein.

The former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s consultant threw an extravagant farewell party for Fred DuVal in 2001, when DuVal ended his career in the Clinton administration.

Edward J. von Kloberg III, who died in 2005, served as a public affairs consultant for Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Kloberg, also a a lobbyist and well-known Washington insider, served as a consultant for longtime Congo dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, former Liberian president Samuel K. Doe among other world leaders. Edward von Kloberg called these leaders “the damned” or “the impossible” to represent.

DuVal had no problem being the guest of honor at a von Kloberg party, or in accepting praise from von Kloberg, as DuVal left the nation’s capital for Arizona after serving in Bill Clinton’s White House and State Department.

“Mr. Von Kloberg’s double penthouse on Cathedral Avenue NW was filled Wednesday night when about 150 guests stopped by to wish Mr. DuVal well as he departs for Arizona,” the Washington Times reported on June 1, 2001. “It all was impressive, even for members of the diplomatic corps, most of whom certainly have seen their fill of ribbon-and-medal honor ceremonies.”

He greeted party guests while “Donning black slippers embroidered with a devil holding a pitchfork,” the Washington Diplomat reported.

“Through Fred’s work at the State Department he occasionally encountered Mr. Von Kloberg, who was known as a shameless self-promoter within the Washington diplomatic corps, at diplomatic receptions and events,” DuVal campaign spokesman Geoff Vetter explained to The Daily Caller, calling their association an “acquaintanceship” and criticism of their relationship a “smear.”

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham said Tuesday,“The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, and DuVal’s long career as a lobbyist clearly show he’s the product of an era of political back-scratching, kickbacks, and corruption. Fred DuVal is not looking out for Arizona taxpayers, he’s looking out for his friends.”

Tim Riester, who is Duval’s dark money group, created a series of ads which were protested by PETA. The Washington Free Beacon reported that Riester will likely run into fundraising problems if he tries to get money from dog and cat lovers, as he became an enemy of animal rights watchdog PETA for a series of ads created by his company. PETA asked Riester to stop doing advertising work for pet food company Iams Co. due to accusations that the company abuses the animals used in its testing. Riester refused to adhere to PETA’s demands, and continued to work with Iams.

DuVal has also received support from former State Senator Leo Corbert, once caught offering kickbacks in an undercover sting operation. According to the Washington Free Beacon, undercover cops videotaped Corbet offering kickbacks to Teamsters union officials in exchange for financing on a land deal worth $18 million that would have personally netted Corbet $3 million, according to a 1990 article by the Associated Press.  The investigators recommended that Corbet be brought up on charges of conspiracy and commercial bribery, but state prosecutors rejected the recommendations.”

Former Arizona Attorney General, Grant Woods, has been dubbed one of DuVal’s most conspicuous cohorts. In 2009, Grant Woods was hired to investigate allegations of campaign finance misconduct involving the Fiesta Bowl, but found no credible evidence. “Husk, the bowl’s former lawyer and chief lobbyist, recommended the hiring of his friend, Woods, in late 2009 to investigate allegations made by former and current employees who said they were reimbursed for making political-campaign contributions, a felony … He was paid $55,000, and he said he gave $20,000 to Husk,” according to the Arizona Republic.

Former Illinois Governor and now prisoner, Rod Blagojevich, has received support from Fred DuVal in past years. Blagojevich is now going on his third year in prison.  It’s been two years this weekend since he started his 14-year prison sentence for corruption, including trying to sell President Barack Obama’s former senate seat.

Former Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, has faced corruption charges on numerous occasions. He has also received Fred DuVal’s support.

The age-old proverb, “You may know a man by the company he keeps,” is particularly applicable to the science and art of politics. Fred DuVal leaves a colorful cast of characters in his wake.

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New ‘Rock The Vote’ video featuring Lil Jon and Lena Dunham

Rock the Vote has just released their new ad in attempt to turn out voters on November 4th. The ad features Lil Jon and Lena Dunham talking about legalizing marijuana and turning out for reproductive rights. The entire video covers a host of liberal issues, but tries to market towards the youth and the millennial generation.

The video, entitled ”Turn Out for What” is a parody of Lil Jon’s hit song “Turn Down for What”. It stars Lil Jon and featuring Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg, Natasha Lyonne, Fred Armisen, E.J. Johnson, Darren Criss, Sophia Bush, Ireland Baldwin, Devendra Banhart, Ioanna Gika and Gabriel Valenciano.

“The work that Rock The Vote does is incredible,” Lil Jon said in a statement. “It’s cool for me to collab with such an iconic organization.”

The ad features an overly excited Lena Dunham dancing across the screen with no pants on while various celebrities tout their liberal topics they are passionate about.

Rock the Vote spokesperson Audrey Gelman told The Daily Beast that Lil Jon “took zero convincing” to do the video. “We wanted to make a PSA that wouldn’t make people hit the snooze button,” she added.

This allegedly “non-partisan” organization is encouraging young voters to turn out and vote this November for Barack Obama’s policies, which are on the ballots across the country.

Let us not forget Lil Jon during the 2012 Presidential election when he asked “everybody” to dismiss Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney:








The video was released on Tuesday and has started a hash-tag buzz on Twitter: #TURNOUTFORWHAT

Latest Details Emerge on Antisemitic Kentucky Candidate






‘The antisemitic write-in candidate who has put up the slogan “With Jews You Lose”  attempting to swoon voters in Kentucky to vote for him and send him to the United States Senate.  Mr. Ransdell put up signs without the permission of home and land owners and seeks to put up approximately 200 more signs.

Daily Stormer also has a grotesque anti Semitic propaganda picture of a man with a huge nose stating “With Jews You Lose.”  It will be interesting to see if he has connections to such aggressive anti Jewish campaigns.  No one just pulls this slogan out of thin air without having “friends in such low places.”

More details have emerged on the opulent Ransdell.  According to Abe Foxman, National Anti-Defamation League, Robert has a history of antisemitic behavior, activity and ties to the Neo Nazis.  Who knew that Abe could stop being complacent and do his homework for the first time in many long years?  Perhaps he’s finally getting over his Obama obsession and starting to wake up and pay attention to the vicious Jew hatred that is infecting our country.

The anti Jewish activities have not been exposed yet, however, Robert Ransdell seeks to have an open and honest debate and discussion about Jewish power in America (those pesky evil zionist bankster paid Hasbara troll agents you see) are the root of everything that’s wrong with the world.  My way of letting my audience know that term is coming sooner than you think.

Mr. Ransdell also offered to pay Elie Wiesel $1,000 to prove his Holocaust bonafides by proving he survived Auschwitz and demanding Mr. Wiesel show Ransdell the number on his arm. How repugnant of a man who is obviously jealous of Jewish accomplishment throughout the world to incite Holocaust denial and diminish true suffering of those including my parents who survived the Shoah.  I think someone is in serious need of a visit to one of the hundreds Holocaust museums all over the world.

It isn’t like Ransdell doesn’t know his beloved Nazis did not keep meticulous records.  I have seen them in Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, Israel.  They exist and so do the eyewitness accounts of survivors.

Soon, we will be hearing how illegitimate Israel is because Jews are living on stolen land.  Believe me, it’s coming sooner than you think.  Mr. Ransdell will slap a title on himself as a “NGO Observer of Israel atrocities.”  Stay tuned.


Louie Gohmert Creates PAC To Protect Tea Party – Battle Establishment GOP

We are the push back!

GOH Conservative PAC “We Are The Push back!”

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert is an outspoken statesman who not only rails against the policies of the Obama administration, but fights his own party when establishment Republicans take aim at such Constitutional Conservative colleagues like Senator Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Gohmert is also very outspoken when members of the Republican establishment like Speaker of The House John Boehner and Arizona Senator John McCain go against the will of the American people and guiding principles of The Constitution.

With the 2014 elections on the horizon, Congressman Gohmert has created GOH Conservative PAC– a political action committee (PAC) with the mission of protecting and defending candidates from the mainstream establishment Republican Party.

In a Daily Caller interview, Gohmert said he’s launching the GOH Conservative PAC because “there’s a war against the tea party.”

“That’s been a problem, we’ve seen in some races, where we’ve had leadership come and play and there was no counterbalance. So I’m going to do something about it,” Gohmert said.

“There’s a war against the tea party. There’s a war against conservatives, we’re told. If somebody declares war on me I’m not just going to lie down and take it. I’m going to fight,” Gohmert added. ”You’ve got to have money to fight opposition. The leaders in the party raise money so that [makes congressmen] feel they have to stay close to them. If we raise money on our own we can take a stand.”

Gohmert said he was inspired by the Senate Conservatives Fund, started by former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), who now heads the Heritage Foundation.

Says Gohmert, “GOH Conservative PAC is recruiting and empowering Members of Congress and candidates who will join with me to fight for conservative principles. I have some big ideas and some very specific policy goals, that will greatly help in getting America back on the right path to peace through strength, and prosperity through decent enterprise.”


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