Al Haaretz


Al-Haaretz sinks to its lowest form of existence

In the wake of the shooting of Yehuda Glick, campaigner for Jews to pray at the Temple Mount, Al -Haaretz put out a cartoon depicting a plane with Israel written on it flying toward the Twin Towers. Yehuda Glick was shot four times because the Islamic Jihadist terrorist was upset that Yehuda wants us to have the right to pray on our Temple Mount, peacefully I may add.

On to Chickenst-gate.  Jeffrey Goldberg’s article revealed a senior White House official anonymously called Prime Minister Netenyahu chickenst, filled with Aspergery and a coward who won’t have the courage to attack Iran. Really White House? It is you that told Israel to show the ultimate “restraint” while working out a backroom deal with Iran for their continued program in developing materials intended for a nuclear war in the Middle East; primarily to attack Israel.

Al-Haaretz scrambles to protect Obama’s already drowning reputation and poll numbers in posting a despicable cartoon.  Peter Beinart’s twitter page was blowing up with comparisons from the Clinton Administration where he proposed that squabbles between our two nations occurred, calling for Moshe Ya’alon’s firing for apologizing to John Kerry for referring to the Secretary of State as “obsessive” and “messianic” over his need to control Israel.  It’s one thing to describe someone with an accurate adjective and quickly man up and apologize, but it’s another thing when the White House uses the Saul Alinsky tactics of personal attacks in an attempt to sway public opinion against Bibi Netenyahu.

BOOM AND A BACKFIRE. Al-Haaretz has a history of twisting Israel’s right to build on its own land as “occupation” in an attempt to give street cred and justification to the Palestinians who engage in constant terror and fear tactics when they don’t get their way.  The cartoon is the poorest attempt at discrediting their own leader who has fought valiantly in the Sayeret Maktal unit to defend Israel, ensuring that Israelis could sleep in their warm beds every night. It might be helpful for the narcissists at Al-Haaretz to revisit Bibi’s time in the Israeli Defense Forces and realize it was he who was one of many soldiers that risked his life for them and their families to defend their right to exist and live in peace.

In many articles by Gidon Levy ,Peter Beinart and the former drunk employee, Emily Hauser is a ghoulish fairy tale that no target in Gaza is ever legitimate.  When the summer war of Protective Edge was happening, it was Emily and her cohorts in their fiercest self loathing and being over indulged as spoiled, rotten children lamenting how hard life was for them because they were so conflicted with their Jewish identity while Israeli lives were being threatened with missiles and rockets.  The product of over indulged, old money, overnight camp going and private school tutoring, limousine liberal driving parents who gave them more than most can afford.

On 9/11 America faced its worst attack by Arab terrorists.  Israelis, Muslims, American,s and people of other faiths and cultures were murdered just because they showed up at work and because of the Muslim hatred of the west, America, and Israel. PROJECTION. This is a disgusting display of Jesse Ventura type conspiracy insanity. The two countries who fled to our side in a horrific time of grief were England and Israel. Shame on you, Al Haaretz. It’s time you packed up, left Israel and settled in Qatar.