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John Kerry’s Israel Derangement Syndrome

John Kerry speaking in London

John Kerry was for Israel defending herself before he was against it. Recently, Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya’alon, trashed John Kerry’s demands to forcibly remove IDF troops from strategic areas in Judea and Samaria. In layman’s terms; allow Israelis to be murdered by Palestinians on a daily basis.  John Kerry says that censors and TV screens will do more to combat terrorism than a trained Israeli soldier with a Galil, Negev or Tavor 21 rifle.  There is nothing this man can teach us Jews about our enemies that we haven’t already experienced. The Obama Administration and Progressives around the world have long held the view that “if only Israel didn’t exist the world would be so much safer.”  I have news for you people; History has proven that when Israel fights terrorism as she has for the last few thousand years, she keeps it from coming here.

I appreciate the special bond America shares with Israel, our common values of a free republic (I despise the word democracy) , Jews and Christians bond to the land. It is like no other relationship America has with any other nation.  However, times have changed, Israel takes care of herself, defends herself and builds her own weapons now. The dependency on our weapons systems isn’t like the early days when President Kennedy kept his promise to sell arms to Israel and always have his door open to Jewish leaders. Those Democrats don’t exist anymore anyway.  Today, Israel is given an ultimatum; give up more land, and we’ll give you what you need to defend yourself.

Our bond with Israel will never change. It is this Obama Administration that has created this co-dependency of threats, manipulation, and coercion and retribution for Israel building on her own land by way of getting suddenly cozy with Iran.  I was in Israel March 2012. I can assure you that Iran is already on Israel’s doorstep by way of Hezbollah in Lebanon. I saw it with binoculars while visiting Kibbutz Misgav Am which is right on the tip of the border between Lebanon and Syria.

It is interesting to note that John Kerry has visited Israel TEN TIMES while Obamacare was being implemented. A bit suspicious don’t you think? If this Administration has used and abused Israel to deflect from the American people finding out what Obamacare is really all about, treating Bibi Netenyahu like a dishrag, ordering his cabinet to come to the White House through the backdoor, pointing his finger in his face, and demanding Israel go back to pre 67 borders.  In this video Bibi reiterated AGAIN that Israel must and will maintain a long-term presence in the Jordan Valley.

I dug up this video of President Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon having one of their first meetings at the White House. I encourage all of you to watch it and see how loving and kind President Bush was to Israel. In this video he gives it straight to the media that he expects Israel to respond with force if Sadaam Hussein ever attacked Israel. In return, Ariel Sharon praises and thanks President Bush for being one of the best Presidents that understood Israel’s need to defend herself and her right to exist.

When I watched this video for my article this morning, I cried.  Not because Ariel Sharon has passed, but because this was a real friendship, a true relationship, and a real President who treated Israel always with the utmost respect and dignity she deserves. Say what you want about President Bush, when it came down to Israel, he REFUSED to deal with Yasser Arafat and only talked to Israel. That, my friends, is called standing on principle.

Alabama Kicker Receives Letter From President Bush

U.S. President George W. Bush waves upon arrival at RAF AldgSports fans are downright crazy as most of us know and probably have our own moments we’d like to forget, but University of Alabama kicker Cade Foster received much more than craziness. After missing all three of the field goals he attempted against Auburn in the Iron Bowl, he received multiple death threats from many irate Alabama fans.


After these messages soon went viral and his teammates came to his defense, he then received something that would brighten up his day like no other. From one “43” to another he received a hand written letter from former President George W. Bush.


President Bush writes:

Dear Cade (#43),

Life has its setbacks. I know! However you will be a stronger human with time. I wish you all the best—Sincerely—another 43 George Bush

Cade shared this message and photo on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He was obviously very appreciative as he states, “Framing this.”

George W. Bush continues to be a class act well after his Presidency.