No hate speech on Facebook, unless it’s against the Jews of course

In December 2015, the NGO Shurat Hadin – Israel Law Center, started an experiment on Facebook to see if the social network giant was indeed guilty of double standards when it comes to Israel and the Palestinians.

They decided to create two similar Facebook pages called “Stop Israel” and “Stop Palestinians” and started posting similar articles, visuals and statements on each site. For instance, the anti-Israel page had a post that read “The Zionist bites Palestine part after part and the world is silent. We’ll stop them any way we can”, while the anti-Palestinian site posted “Greater land Israel should return soon from the hands of the Muslim enemy back to Jewish sovereignty! We’ll do it in any way we can.”  

More posts purposely filled with hatred and incitement against both sides and from both pages continued to flow. The verbiage was almost similar on all posts except for the obvious targeting of one side by the other. They actually documented the process in a two-minutes film where they show how Facebook shut down the anti-Palestinian page while the anti-Israel page continued to run. The NGO Shurat Hadin filed a lawsuit against Facebook and both sides are awaiting a date for a court hearing.

This is not the first time that Facebook chooses to take sides. I have reported several pages over the last five years only to get the same answer from Facebook staff. That very answer was given to the Israel Law Center, justifying the taking down of the anti-Palestinian page because, “We reviewed the page you reported for containing credible threat of violence and found it violates our community standards.”  The very same day, the page inciting against Jews received a message from Facebook staff saying that “ it was not in violation of Facebook rules.” Wait a minute, I thought that violence and hatred against anybody was to be reprimanded. The Facebook “Community Standards” that were violated on one page were IDENTICAL to those violated on the other page except of course for the fact that one targeted group was the Jewish people and Israel.

The sad truth about this experiment is that the vast majority of people won’t react because they are used to seeing Jewish people harassed, abused and even physically hurt. There seems to be a sense of resignation, if not acceptance when Israel and/or the Jews get hurt, while there is an immediate display of outrage when Palestinians are targeted. Forget the fact that Palestinians and their leadership are almost always the instigators and Israelis the victims. Let us simply seek equality in the censorship of xenophobic websites and social network pages or accounts.

Consider Facebook pages such as  Images from Palestine, Image and Reality of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict or Jewish Ritual MurderThey are replete with antisemitic rhetoric in pictures, videos and words, yet they are not taken down because they are “not in violation of Facebook rules.” Seriously?

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg –a self-proclaimed atheist from Jewish parents–declared his unequivocal support for Muslims worldwide in response to Donald Trump’s statement about closing US borders to all Muslims. He was quoted coming to the defense of Muslims after the November 2015 Paris attacks “As a Jew, my parents taught me that we must stand up against attacks on all communities. Even if an attack isn’t against you today, in time attacks on freedom for anyone will hurt everyone.” So I wonder if Mr.Zuckerberg forgot or ignored his recent statement that all of us should “stand up against attacks on all communities?” Maybe he doesn’t even know about the double standards applied to Jews and Palestinians on Facebook, although by now he has got to be aware of it all.

Taken straight from Facebook’s “Community Standards” we can read their simple statement under: Encouraging Respectful Behavior: Hate Speech “Facebook removes hate speech, which includes content that directly attacks people based on Race, Ethnicity, National origin, Religious affiliation, Sexual orientation, Sex, gender, or gender identity, or Serious disabilities or diseases. Organizations and people dedicated to promoting hatred against these protected groups are not allowed a presence on Facebook.”

Then please explain why the anti-Israel page with virulent antisemitic statements was never removed? Regardless of where the double standard comes from, Facebook must be held accountable. The Israeli lawsuit might correct the recent wrong but it will not stop the next one and those thereafter.

I have used Facebook for years as a platform to share my thoughts, comments, and articles. I value that platform because of its global reach. It has become such a part of our daily routine and social communication that it would be hard to refrain from using it. On the other hand, if you feel that there is a double standard in the treatment of Jews and Palestinians on the Social Network giant, speak up.

You can file complaints on Facebook’s Help Center and you don’t have to be Jewish, Muslim or anything else for that matter. You just have to be a proponent of truth, justice, fairness, and accountability for all mankind. If we don’t say anything, we have no right to complain when Israelis are getting stabbed to death on the streets of Israel or French Jews machine gunned in a Kosher supermarket or any other xenophobic acts take place.

Have we learned anything from Kristallnacht?


Seventy-seven years ago during the nights of November 9-10, 1938, Jewish people, businesses and synagogues suffered greatly throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria and Czechoslovakia. This ominous night continues to be remembered as Kristallnacht or “the Night of Broken Glass”. It consisted of a series of pogroms (organized riots) against Jewish communities during which 267 synagogues and 7,000 Jewish businesses were destroyed. It also resulted in 91 Jewish people being killed. Additionally, 30,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps. Joseph Goebbels orchestrated the whole thing. Reputable historians see Kristallnacht as the inception of the “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem” that is the Holocaust.

The reason given for Kristallnacht was the assassination of German diplomat Ernst vom Rath by a young Polish Jew living in Paris at the time. The life of one German man precipitated the destruction of thousands of Jewish properties and the deportation and death of millions of Jews. In reality, the death of Ernst Vom Rath was simply a pretext for pogroms and mass boycotts against the Jewish community.Remembering Kristallnacht is crucial for our global village. We live in a postmodern and post-Christian world under the constant threat of historical revisionism. Holocaust deniers are indeed gaining ground as most of the few remaining Camp survivors are now dying off. So we must not only remember Kristallnacht, but we must also learn from this tragic night. Looking at how the world is handling this important memorial of Nazi boycott and the official launch of the Holocaust, I wonder if we have actually learned anything from Kristallnacht?

Germany should, of course, tread very, very lightly when it comes to Kristallnacht, but instead we see some odd behaviors like the march of the Pegida Far Right party on the day of the anniversary of Kristallnacht. In Dresden, one of the many German cities where the Pegida marches regularly take place, a local cultural organization was very troubled: “it was ‘incomprehensible’ that Pegida was allowed to hold the march on Monday night. ‘Kristallnacht is one of the darkest nights in the German history, the association was quoted by the regional Dresden newspaper ‘Sächsische Zeitung’ as saying. ‘We cannot understand this decision and are sad and deeply ashamed. It shows that we are giving space to hatred.’”

I join the concerned Germans who voiced their outrage at the fact that a “neo-Nazi” party would be allowed to march on the anniversary of Kristallnacht. This is just another reason why I have identified and named this new wave Jew hatred, End-Times anti-Semitism, because of its irrational mix of all previous brands of anti-Semitism.

Additionally, Munich allowed for a BDS event (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) to take place on the same November 9 night. As most of the BDS events and propaganda, this event hid behind the facade of boycott against the “Jewish State” when in reality it prescribes not buying from Jews. Germany is currently dealing with a tremendous wave of refugees that will possibly reach 1,500,000 but year’s end. While I believe that Germany is going overboard with their refugees intake, I commend Mrs. Merkel for her desire to reach out and help needy immigrants. But I can’t help but wonder if Chancellor Merkel’s approach to immigration isn’t a knee-jerk reaction still connected to the post-war German collective guilt? And if indeed that is the case, why are the Jewish people brushed aside by minimizing the anniversary of Kristallnacht?

Sweden is also contributing to this Kristallnacht “Twilight Zone.” The city of Umea organized a Kristallnacht memorial but for some odd reason, the Jewish community wasn’t invited. One of the reasons given by the organizers was that Jewish people wouldn’t be appropriately protected in case of anti-Jewish activity. Some officials worried about how the whole event would unravel: “In previous years, we have had a lot of Palestinian flags at these rallies, and even one banner where the Israeli flag was equated with a swastika,” organizer and local Workers’ Party member Jan Hägglund told locals. “The Jewish community wasn’t invited because we assumed they might be uncomfortable around that sort of thing.”

Seriously, if Palestinians equating Israel to the new Nazis of the Middle East seems to be a concern, why don’t they ban Palestinians from a Kristallnacht commemoration? This backward diplomacy is oxymoronic and so counter-productive, not to mention anti-Semitic.Another event took place in Amsterdam where Arab MK Hanin Zoabi denounced Israel as being a modern day Nazi state. She was participating in yet another Kristallnacht commemoration, but didn’t see the irony–not to call it anti-Semitism–of describing Israel in similar terms as Nazi Germany “The Israeli rules, said Zoabi, are similar to the conditions under which Jews lived at the time of the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom in Germany.”

I fear that the world hasn’t learned much from the events of November 9-10, 1938. Kristallnacht is about Jews being ostracized, demonized and massacred, period. If some countries cannot recognize that simple historical fact, they should refrain from organizing memorials of this infamous night in Jewish history. Their hypocrisy could be replaced by indifference, but at least, we would all know where they stand on Israel and the Jewish people. That, of course, requires global chutzpah, which is in short supply these days.

Terror in Israel: Lone wolves are still wolves


In the last month, Israel has reported almost 800 acts of terror. Much speculation arose in the media around the globe as to the possibility of a third Intifada slowly taking place. Yet, as of now, if we compare the current events to those of the First Intifada of 1987-1991 and of the Second Intifada of 2000-2005, we are not seeing an out-of-control uprising of a large number of Palestinians. It is simply too early to tell. There is little doubt that it could pick up more momentum and become a third Intifada, but for right now it appears to be a random series of acts of terror by Palestinians acting as “lone wolves”.

Frankly, the recent attacks on Israeli citizens–as isolated and sporadic as they have been–are still posing a great danger to everyday life in the land. They represent individual jihad more than a third Intifada, but at the end of the day, the same people are targeted, the same people are victimized and the same agenda is promoted. Terror is terror. Many unnecessary fatalities have been reported.

• Unpredictable Terror:
One of the grave dangers posed by this ongoing terrorism in Israel is the fact that each act of terror is very unpredictable and very different from other murderous acts.

Here are just a few:
• October 20: The stoning of a car forced an Israeli citizen to exit his vehicle and led him to be killed by a moving truck.
• October 18: A Palestinian grabbed the rifle off an IDF soldier, killed him and wounded eleven more people.
• October 16: A Palestinian disguised as a journalist stabs an IDF soldier
• October 13: A stabbing and shooting on a bus in Southern Jerusalem led to the killing of 4 people and wounding 15 more.
• October 1: Shooting to death of a young couple under the eyes of their wounded young children.

These acts are all different which makes them nearly impossible to predict or thwart. This unpredictability is possibly the greatest threat to Israel right now. Israel has become a world leader and expert on how to detect explosive devices ahead of their detonations. But how do you detect a knife made out of a school ruler? How do you predict the stoning of a car on the road? How do you avoid a car running into a group of people waiting at a bus stop? It is simple…You don’t.

• Cheap Terror:
Martyrdom has long been part of the Palestinian culture. Young Palestinians are indoctrinated at a very early age against Jewish people. They are told and taught about “killing Jews.” Death is part of the fabric of many Muslim countries in the Middle East, especially when it is connected to Israel. The promise of a “heavenly harem” of 72 virgins along with financial incentives to the families of homicide bombers have been common practice in Palestinian circles.

Not every Palestinian is keen on losing their life to “the cause”, but just about anyone would be willing to randomly hurt Israelis as they have done recently. This demands a very small investment of willing “Palestinian Martyrs” and thus is a cheap method of terror that becomes very attractive to many. We can expect a lot more of these acts in the upcoming weeks.

• Financed Terror:
It was good to hear that the US decided to cut its financial aid to Abbas by $80 million (why they still sent the remaining $290 million defies logic). Financial help to a terrorist group is basically terrorism. Why would we look at any other terror states such as Iran funding Hamas, Hezbollah or Al-Qaeda and see them as terror partners but ignore the United States involvement in terrorism?

Not one dollar of the $290 million that the United States sent Abbas in 2015 was ever justified unless of course we bought Abbas’ lies about Palestinians being the victims of the Israeli occupation. The fact that the US retained $80 million in funding shows that something is wrong, but it is akin to trying to get somebody to stop smoking by pulling a few cigarettes out of their pack and letting them smoke the rest. It simply won’t work.

This current wave of spontaneous terror attacks on Israeli citizens and soldiers is not an intifada per se, at least not an “old school” intifada. Yet it might end up being more damaging than the previous two intifadas. If creativity prevails, we will see more attacks in ways that nobody could predict. This has become a logistical nightmare for Israel. No wonder the mayor of Jerusalem recently announced to its Jewish residents that if they had a valid carry license, they should never leave home without a firearm.

The wolves attacking Israel might not come in packs and might be far from being well organized and structured, but they remain wolves with a ferocious appetite for Jewish lives. It is not about Jerusalem, it is not about the Temple Mount and it is not about the disputed territories. It is simply about the complete eradication of Israel and all Jews.

I still rest in the fact that God continues to be a Zionist and continues to protect Israel from complete destruction as we can read in Psalm 121:1-4:

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come? My help comes from the LordWho made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, He who keeps Israel Will neither slumber nor sleep.

Israel not taking refugees is not a humanitarian crime


There are those who claim that the world is getting better as we are increasingly becoming more tolerant and accepting a multicultural/holistic approach to sharing our planet. I am not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in tolerance and multiculturalism (within reason and mostly within the home.) But let’s face it, the world is far from getting better. Wars and rumors of wars are on almost every continent. The Middle East sits on a powder keg with a very short fuse. Iran is very, very close to lighting the whole region ablaze. Afghanistan is still in turmoil. ISIS has infiltrated just about every country around Israel (reminiscent of an ancient biblical prophecy found in Psalm 83.) Russia is moving weapons to the region, and Syria is being destroyed by a civil war with no end in sight. This is far from what you would expect if the world was getting better. This world is in crisis mode on so many levels.

Another sign of global crisis is the recent influx of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Albania, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Iraq into several countries of the European Union. Sweden and Germany have been on the receiving end more than any other European country because of the myriad of benefits they offer to refugees, and the fact that Germany announced that they weren’t putting a cap on how many could come. The result has been a demographic tsunami hitting multiple borders at once. Even Greece–a bankrupt country desperately trying to rise out of its own ashes– has received several thousands of refugees.

Most of the refugees come from Syria for reasons that no decent human being would disagree with. Syria has common borders with five countries: Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel (add Cyprus by sea.) The Russian military build-up in Syria is frightening. This refugee exodus creates a humanitarian dilemma all around Syria and far beyond but it also creates a security problem for the receiving countries. Israel of course is not exempt. Mr. Netanyahu just published a statement where he affirmed that Israel wasn’t in a position to take in any refugees. I don’t think that he meant solely Syrian refugees, but this will affect them [the Syrians] the most.

Mr. Netanyahu was unequivocally clear about the refugee situation: “Israel is not indifferent to the human tragedy of the refugees from Syria and Africa. We have already devotedly cared for approximately 1,000 wounded people from the fighting in Syria and we have helped them to rehabilitate their lives. We are speaking with African heads of state, and with the Italian Prime Minister recently and with other European leaders, about multi-lateral aid packages for the countries of origin in Africa – in agriculture, economics and security – in order to deal with the problem at its source. But, Israel is a small country, a very small country, that lacks demographic and geographic depth; therefore, we must control our borders, against both illegal migrants and terrorism. This is what we have done on our border with Sinai; we blocked illegal migration from there.”

Of course, it was not long before Mr. Netanyahu was scolded by his own Israeli opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog who believes that Israel should take in refugees. Israel has often been accused of committing crimes against humanity–the latest accusations coming from multiple foes regarding the 2014 Gaza War. The humanitarian crimes have become the leitmotiv of the Palestinian Authority and other enemies. So why is it that Israel decision to not take refugees doesn’t constitute a crime against humanity?

Obviously, there are many other countries and states that cannot and will not absorb any refugees for demographic and /or geographic reasons. Israel is already struggling with it own infrastructure to receive the tens of thousands of olim (new immigrants) who just made aliyah (30,000 so far this year.) This would probably require more settlements to be developed and a further reduction of the “Palestinian boundaries” that currently exist. Would so-called “Palestinian refugees” living in Israel’s “disputed territories” be willing to share some of their real-estate? Doubtful.

If I were to make a list of reasons why Israel is right about not taking in any refugees, safety would have to be on top of that list. Once we understand that Israel is the size of New Jersey, with a constant and increasing influx of Jews returning to the land, we also have to consider what opening the borders to more people could do. A flow of unidentified people would undoubtedly include shady characters that could bring more trouble as they come in. There is no doubt in my mind that ISIS is taking advantage of the world’s postmodern tolerance. This simplifies their goal of infiltrating as many countries as they can. Israel cannot afford to have terrorists infiltrate their borders when they are already dealing with terror inland on a daily basis.

European countries like Germany, Sweden and even France are opening their doors to more crime and terrorism–something that has also worried me greatly regarding our own borders with Mexico. I want to be clear about the fact that a border between two countries doesn’t mean that refugees moving away from one into the next are all from that bordering country. Europe is starting to realize that as they see a massive number of refugees coming in from various places as well as many without any papers. These are hoping to become “instant Syrian refugees” and are banking on the asylum-offering countries tolerance for war refugees. But not all are war stricken and destitute. Many just want a better life for their families and who can really blame them?

It is also an undeniable fact that most of the refugees are Muslims. We know how difficult it has been for the West to identify radical and/or apocalyptic Islam from the rest of Islam. This refugee crisis will only exacerbate the issue.

I believe that Israel is doing the right thing by not accepting refugees but before anyone accuses me or the Jewish people of committing humanitarian crimes, we must consider all that Israel has done and continues to do around the world. As a matter of fact, Israel is helping several European countries with this very crisis by sending help as I write this. Israel has long been one of the first responders in global disasters and wars. This is the way that the only democracy in the Middle East rolls when it comes to partnering within the global village; they give, give, and give.

So, Israel not taking refugees IS NOT a humanitarian crime because there is so much more you can do to help, and they are already doing that. In many cases, they are doing much more than the very countries pointing the finger at them.

Now you can be a “Dirty Jew” even if you are not Jewish


It was about a year ago that a café in Belgium posted a sign on its window stating that dogs were allowed inside but Jews weren’t. The sign didn’t stay on the window for very long as the outrage of several Jewish organizations was quickly demonstrated and the police were dispatched to take the sign down. They might have pulled the message away from the public, but they certainly didn’t change the mindset of the café owner.

It was only a few days before that incident that another store in Belgium decided for a short time that they wouldn’t sell merchandise to Jews. Similarly, the police came to that store to question the owner about their strange decision. The owner swore that this wasn’t true and that in fact they had many Jewish customers. While it is again very hard to prove that they indeed chose not to sell to a Jewish woman, the behavior was symptomatic of serious problem.

A recent incident in Belgium further proves the point that anti-Semitism is viral, lethal and irrational. Yet at another café in Brussels, a European Union official insulted a woman, calling her a “dirty Jew”. The woman engaged the EU official in conversation, complaining about an item he had in his hand that was displaying former Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. In sharp disagreement with the woman, the man said: “Dirty Jewess … Hitler should have exterminated all Jews, just like Jews today are exterminating Palestinians.” Here again we see a display of anti-Semitism based on the false premise that Jews are killing Palestinians just like Nazis killed Jews. The altercation turned violent when the man by then identified as EU Maltese official Stefan Gersh started to hit the woman and add: “All you Jews should have been killed.”

An investigation is taking place and the man will most likely be disciplined and possibly even lose his position within the European Union. After all, many of us remember how former Dior designer John Galliano lost his job after a similar incident in a Paris café where he praised Hitler and insulted two women in very similar terms as what just took place in Belgium. Galliano was caught on video speaking to the two women and saying: “I love Hitler, and people like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers, would be … gassed and … dead.”

What is probably the most puzzling and disturbing aspect of Galliano’s and Gersh’s diatribes is that they were both directed at people who were not Jewish. This has to be the epitome of irrational hatred when you become verbally and/or physically abusive to someone you believe to be Jewish who in fact isn’t.

This also should make decent people realize that we could now all become targets of anti-Semitism simply because of someone’s preconceived idea that could potentially lead them to abuse and violence. This could be a game changer! Maybe this unfortunate twist in the way anti-Semitism is expressed and/or carried out is what is needed for people to speak-up. After all, there’s no better way to fight a monster than when it is in your own backyard threatening to devour your entire family.

I used to say that, “Anti-Semitism is hatred of the Jewish people characterized by destructive thoughts, words and/or actions against them.” I still believe that. Additionally, anti-Semitism goes further as it is the only kind of hatred that includes contempt for the people, the land and the law. All aspects of Jewish life, customs and culture, along with the Jewish homeland are not exempt from the vitriol of anti-Semitism. But today, it is no longer any act or behavior connected to Jewishness or Judaism that puts you at risk. You are at risk if you support Israel and the Jewish people or if you speak-up against pro-Palestinians or BDS proponents. Basically, you are also at risk if the person dispensing the vitriol of anti-Semitism decides that you are “Jewish enough” to deserve such a treatment. This makes absolutely no sense at all.

During the Middle Ages, the image of the Jew had been brought down to the lowest possible level as Jewish people were described as blood drinking devils with a stench. No wonder the masses saw it their obligation to rid medieval Europe of such a malevolent group of people. That trend has resurfaced globally and for the most part people are either drinking the proverbial Kool Aid or at the very least serving it to their community.

Most of the Church Fathers and Luther “theologized” anti-Semitism.
Adolf Hitler “industrialized” anti-Semitism.
Will our post-modern world “normalize” anti-Semitism?

In today’s world, you don’t even have to be Jewish to be a “dirty Jew”. And all this time I thought that we–the Jews– were special.

As a Jew, I can support Palestine


Depending on which side of the Middle East fence you are on, Palestine and the Palestinians can be defined in very different ways. Of course, your understanding and supporting of the Arab/Israeli conflict will vary greatly based on which definition you adhere to.

One of the major reasons why there is so much strife in the region is because of the lack of clarity in these definitions as well as the amount of historical inaccuracy supporting them. Modern day Palestinians and their supporters often speak of “historic Palestine” in an attempt at validating its existence prior to that of the Jewish people. But was there such a thing as a historic Palestine and if there was, how could it be defined?

Let us start with what we know from history and define a geographical Palestine. At this point, my use of the word Palestine will only be to describe geographical boundaries in the Middle East. It is therefore critical to differentiate between the “Land of Palestine” as a geographical area and the “State of Palestine” as a political entity. Palestine is a piece of land in Eastern Asia between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, squeezed in a very strategic region between Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Iraq.

The word “Palestine” has been etymologically altered over the last 50 years. Until then, it was simply the name of a region. Biblically, it was actually NEVER called Palestine but “The Land of Canaan”. It was God’s choice to give the Land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendants as we read in Genesis 17:8: “I will give to you and to your descendants after you, the land of your sojournings, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.”

Nevertheless, the first use of the word itself may go back to the 5th century BCE out of Greece.  It came from Herodotus who penned The Histories, considered a foundational work on history in Western literature. In Book III of The Histories, he calls it Palaestine. Many authors and historians such as Aristotle, Plutarch and Josephus followed Herodotus in the use of the name which always described a geographical area.

Fast forward to the last Jewish revolt against the Romans known as the Bar Kochba Revolt (132-135 CE) and you now have the official renaming of that area as Palaestina to further humiliate the remaining Jewish people after their defeat. Additionally, Jerusalem was renamed Aelia Capitolina by emperor HadrianThere is no archeological or historical evidence for the survival of the people known as the Canaanites–from whom many believe the Palestinians come from. On the other hand, we can trace the first Hebrews in the Land of Canaan back to 1,300 BCE.

The name Palestine continued to be used for that area of the world through the centuries, and Jewish presence was never put into question. In the early 1880s, Diaspora Jews who had been spread out all over the world since the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 CE, had started to return to Palestine in a series of Aliyot due to intense persecution. In 1916, the region was divided under the Sykes-Picot Agreement between France and Grand Britain. Lebanon and Syria were assigned to France and Palestine was assigned or “mandated” to Great Britain. The 1917 Balfour Declaration established that because of the “historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine“, The Jewish people were entitled to return to the area. The statement was very clear: “His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object.”

While there might have been some tension as to who really belonged in the land and its exact boundaries, Palestine remained a descriptive for a geographical area and not a political movement or people group. It is then accurate to say that historically we can support geographical Palestine.

The area known as Palestine under the British Mandate actually included what was then known as Trans-Jordan (East of Jewish Palestine). One is to wonder why Trans-Jordan or “Eastern Palestine” is never mentioned and never included in the modern quest for the Palestinian State? That area known today as Jordan, represented 85% of the Entire British Mandate, yet it apparently wasn’t enough! Incidentally, the Palestinian flag is almost identical to the Jordanian flag.

The tide began to turn in 1929 during the Hebron Massacres and the Arab revolt of 1936-39. Around that time, it was still appropriate to speak of ” Palestinian Jews” and “Palestinian Arabs”. In 1948, Palestinian Jews became known as Israelis and Palestinian Arabs started to be called Palestinians as the narrative switched from geographical Palestine to “historic” Palestine. Yet many arabs from neighboring countries continued to call themselves Arabs and not Palestinians for a while longer.

Yassir Arafat (born in Egypt) came on the scene and the pressure was increased on the modern state of Israel. The terms Palestine and Palestinian continued to be deconstructed and re-defined. Today Egyptians and Jordanians of the past are calling themselves Palestinians and claiming right to the Land of Palestine in the name of “self-determination.” Arab victims of the War of Independence (1948), the Six-Day War (1967) and the Kippur War (1973) have been made into political refugees, forcing Israel to become the “occupier.”

Historical revisionism will work for two reasons. On one hand, the lies propagated by its supporters are constantly placated on the news, in books, interviews and the internet. On the other hand they are for the most part never challenged. A repeated lie that is never challenged eventually will become the new accepted truth.

This new truth of a displaced people [the Palestinians] and an occupier [the Israelis] is what currently punctuates the news. Unfortunately, it also dictates the world’s response to the Middle East crisis. But it is based on revisionism and not on historical facts. Any serious student of history, while not blindly exonerating Israel of all guilt over the last 67 years, will recognize Israel’s right to exist and be in the land. Israel’s right to the land can be proven biblically, historically, geographically and archeologically.

You can choose to call that land the Holy Land, Eretz Yisrael, Jewish Palestine or even Western Palestine as we could agree that all these term are inter-changeable, as long as the name refers to a geographical area. From that angle, I support Palestine. The moment that Palestine becomes a political entity with a fictitious displaced people is the moment that I draw the line.

Geographical Palestine exists while historic Palestine never did. More than the Israelis, the real victims are the Jordanians, Egyptians and other Arab neighbors of Israel who were made into something they are not. Of course, their children and grand-children, innocently born as “refugees” only exacerbates the problem. We might not be able to come-up with a viable solution any time soon, but this shouldn’t give us the liberty to ignore the problem and its root cause.

Obama’s Legacy and Tisha B’Av


We often say that the Jewish life cycle revolves around the Jewish calendar, its holy days and the foods we eat accordingly. There is even a a Jewish motto about it: “They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat!” But let us remember that on the Jewish calendar, outside of the biblically ordained Levitical feasts (Leviticus 23), there are several other dates marking some critical events in our history. One such date is Tisha B’Av or the ninth of the month of Av. This annual fast (lasting 25 hours in Jewish tradition) commemorates several tragedies that occurred in Jewish history. It is believed that on the ninth of Av:

• The 12 spies returned
• The First Temple was destroyed
• The Second Temple was destroyed
• The 135 CE Bar Kochba revolt was put to an end by the Romans
• The first Crusade started
• Jews were expelled from England in 1290
• Germany entered World War One
• “The final Solution to the Jewish Question” was officially put in motion in 1941
• Large scale deportation of Jews to Auschwitz and Treblinka started in 1942

Needless to say that this is a very somber date for Jewish people worldwide. This is a time when the Book of Lamentations is read in synagogues. Jewish people fast, do not bathe and do not have marital relations on this day.

This year, the ninth of Av fell on July 25 and I cannot help but think about the way that it might be remembered and added to the long list of catastrophes for the Jewish people.

We are in the midst of a global crisis with the Islamic Republic of Iran which is on the threshold of acquiring its own nuclear arsenal. The same Iran has recently and repeatedly vowed to destroy Israel and the United States.

Since 2008, President Obama’s foreign policy has been less than spectacular. Like every previous president since 1948 and to no avail, he tried to make a positive contribution to the Middle East peace process. But it is clear that Mr. Obama has an obsession with Iran, and like the National Review aptly said it: “The Obama administration values a future relationship with Iran more than it values the historic relationship it has with Israel.” President Obama’s obsession with Iran might only be surpassed by his obsession for his own “messianic legacy”. In any case, both are tightly linked and they unfortunately are at the expense of Israel.

Secretary of State John Kerry testifies at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Thursday, July 23, 2015, to review the Iran nuclear agreement. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Secretary of State John Kerry testifies at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Thursday, July 23, 2015, to review the Iran nuclear agreement. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

During Thursday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, we heard Secretary of State John Kerry try to defend the current Iran nuclear agreement with the 5+1 super powers. Frankly, it is starting to feel more and more like another check will soon be added to the ominous list of Tisha B’Av tragedies. Especially in light of Mr. Kerry’s answer when asked by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) about US loyalty in the eventuality of a unilateral Israeli strike to sabotage Iranian facilities. First, there was a foggy answer from Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz. Mr. Rubio reiterated his question to which he got a firm “No” from Mr. Moniz, stating that the US was not under any obligation to protect Iran. Immediately following, Mr Kerry chimed in and tried to sound as if the current administration was Israel’s friend and that all would be good. He never gave a firm yes or no, but finished by saying: “ …I don’t see any way possible that we would be in conflict with Israel with respect to what we might want to do there. I think we might have to wait until we get to that point.

The problem with that statement from Mr. Kerry is that it can be interpreted several different ways depending on what the audience wants to hear. When I hear the phrase with respect to what we might want to do there, I am left wondering if “what they might want to do” is bomb Iran in accord with Israel or help Iran to defend itself from an Israeli attack (cyber or military). Pick one, they both work! There is some wording on page 142 of the document drafted for the deal stipulating that the 5+1 would help Iran defend themselves against sabotage once the deal is approved. This would make me think that the US would lean towards helping Iran, and frankly, this wouldn’t surprise me under the current administration.

Then there is the statement he closed with: “I think we might have to wait until we get to that point.” which is even more frightening. If we truly have to wait for the eleventh hour when Israeli planes are in Iranian airspace or even later if possible, it is akin to asking people to wait until Hiroshima was detonated before deciding if it was the best option.

Israel, the United States and the rest of the free world cannot afford to wait and see because the more time we give the Islamic Republic of Iran to acquire the bomb the less time we will have to successfully respond. In other words if we wait much longer there might not be much left to see.

I continue to keep my trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His unconditional love for Israel. But I must remain pragmatic in understanding that the highest human casualties in the history of mankind are yet to come.

It sure feels like Tisha B’Av again but hang in there because Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner!

Could the conspiracy of Psalm 83 against Israel involve ISIS?


It was only 15 years ago that I was conducting research for my first book on anti-Semitism, They Have Conspired Against You. This led me to an in-depth study of the 83rd Psalm written by Asaph who was a contemporary of King David.

Psalm 83 spoke of many enemies of Israel and of the pleading of Asaph with God for His miraculous intervention on behalf of the Jewish people. Of the several points made by this short psalm, I was intrigued by the ten people groups who were described as conspiring against Israel.

In digging a little deeper, I realized that this covenant of nations had never taken place in the history of Israel. I also thought that there was a strong possibility that Asaph’s usage of the sentence: “They make shrewd plans against Your people, And conspire together against Your treasured ones. They have said, “Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, That the name of Israel be remembered no more” could very possibly be a literary device to express emphasis in despair. Maybe Asaph wanted to express that Israel had enemies–a true statement–and for emphasis, he described all her neighbors as the enemies, akin to someone with a few foes saying:”The whole world hates me!”

Of course, an equally valid interpretation could be that it is a future attack on Israel by a confederation of countries and/or states. I find it fascinating to look at the people described in Psalm 83:6-8: The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagrites; Gebal and Ammon and Amalek, Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assyria also has joined with them, and compare them to modern day countries or people groups. The results could even be too close for comfort.

Edom – Southern Jordan
Ishmaelites – Ishmael was one of the fathers of all the Arabs.
Moab – Central Jordan
Hagarenes – Egypt
Gebal – Lebanon
Ammon – Northern Jordan
Amalek – The Sinai Peninsula
Philistia –  The Gaza Strip
Tyre – Lebanon
Assyria – Iraq and parts of Syria

By these standards, Israel finds herself surrounded by enemies who have conspired together to destroy the Jewish state. This would be a likely scenario in light of the fact that eventually the whole world will go against Israel, but we are faced with an inconsistency. There are two countries that have an ongoing peace treaty with Israel in the whole Middle East: Jordan (Edom, Moab and Ammon) and Egypt (Hagarenes). Yet these are listed as enemies of Israel, so how can this be possible? I wonder if the answer could not be found in the events of the last year and the progress of ISIS (Islamic State) in the region? ISIS is continuously making progress in a very volatile region, not to mention their global recruitment over the last year. A quick review of their progress could lead credence to an upcoming fulfillment of Psalm 83:

• ISIS started their bloody takeover campaigns in parts of Iraq and Syria.
• ISIS has also been trying to gain some ground in Northeast Lebanon and Northern Lebanon. The mere idea that Lebanese Christians would praise Hezbollah for fighting ISIS is frightening at best and most likely temporary.
• They even got into the Gaza Strip, giving Hamas a run for their money.
• Of course, they also recently launched an offensive in the Sinai Peninsula. How’s that peace treaty with Israel looking right now? Very shaky if ISIS spreads further into Egypt!
• This leaves us with Jordan and the Iraqi border, which have also been affected.

So there you have it in a nutshell. To an extent, ISIS has infiltrated all the areas listed in Pslam 83, INCLUDING JORDAN AND EGYPT, the only two countries with existing peace treaties with Israel. Asaph might have spoken prophetically and we might be getting really close to seeing the evil confederacy of Psalm 83 being formed. It was almost impossible to fathom that Psalm 83 would have a literal fulfillment 15 years ago. Today and with the advance of the Islamic State, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it took place. And what if it did take place?

While the entire civilized world appears to be in agreement regarding the barbarism displayed by ISIS, it is now becoming obvious that the terrorist group is not being stopped, let alone even contained. It is very surreal and quite puzzling to see ISIS recruits coming from all corners of the world to train under “the black banner of death”. So yes indeed,  the grip around Israel is tightening at the hands of ISIS.

Israel has her plate very full with a Hamas ruled Gaza Strip in the south and a Hezbollah ruled Lebanon in the north. The Jewish state has been on high alert since May 14, 1948. They will not provoke but they will certainly respond. They will do it better and faster than the rest of the world because their existence depends on it. To an extent, the rest of the world’s existence also depends on how serious we are about ISIS. But when you hear people such as Richard Barrett, former head of counter-terrorism at MI6 who said that:” We cannot destroy ISIS, so we will have to learn to live with it“, you wonder how serious anybody really is about defeating ISIS? We are not even discussing how Islamic ISIS really is or is not, but we are still faced with a terrorist group that is organized, wealthy, well advertised and very arrogant. The minute that ISIS crosses the line where Israel feels threatened, they [Israel] will respond swiftly and efficiently. No question about it.

We must also keep in mind the rest of Psalm 83 like verse 5 describing the enemies of Israel as the enemies of God Himself:“For they have conspired together with one mind; Against You they make a covenant.” God may or may not intervene between ISIS and the world, but if they [ISIS] go against Israel, I am certain that He will get involved. Yet, there is still time for the enemies of Israel to repent because God might be just but He is also patient as Psalm 83:15-18 says:

So pursue them with Your tempest And terrify them with Your storm.
Fill their faces with dishonor, That they may seek Your name, O Lord.
Let them be ashamed and dismayed forever, And let them be humiliated and perish,
That they may know that You alone, whose name is the Lord, Are the Most High over all the earth

The prophetic hourglass was turned on May 14, 1948 and it is running out of sand in its top section.

Why would “Christ at the Checkpoint” compare Israel to ISIS?


While I was recently traveling throughout Israel, I drove about 600 miles. Looking at the landscape around me, I quickly realized that we were often driving nearby the Palestinian territories and at times even through some Arab neighborhoods.

It was as if someone had ripped pages from the Bible and made street signs and town signs with them, pointing to The Galilee, the Dead Sea, the river Jordan, Ashdod, Jerusalem, Jericho, Ramallah, Gaza, Jaffa, Modi’in etc.

I particularly fell in love with the Old City in Jerusalem. Its extensive color palette mixed with a myriad of scents was a perfect backdrop for Jews, Arabs and Christians to interact. We had dinner in an Armenian restaurant, a Jewish one AND an Arab one. If you asked me to tell you where the food tasted better, the answer would be…. YES!

While the Middle East crisis is indeed a crisis and Israel is far from perfect, it is obvious that Jews, Arabs and Christians share their cultures, heritages and foods on a daily basis. The mix is simply overwhelming…in a good way, of course!

Sadly, while I was in Israel I was also made aware of a video that was released to promote an upcoming conference in July 2015, by and for young adults. The conference promotional piece was advertised as coming from “Christ at the Checkpoint-Young Adults” or CaTC-YA.

While I must admit that I was unable to understand the closing commentaries in Arabic, the video collage that came first was enough to upset any supporter of the truth about the Middle East. The video is rather short and it even repeats some of its footage on a loop.

Yet, what it tries to do will turn your stomach upside-down. It sends the very clear message that Israel is equal to ISIS in violence and human rights violation. You see footage of ISIS thugs getting ready to decapitate rows of “infidels” dressed in the now world “infamous” orange overalls, juxtaposed with Israelis filtering Palestinians though checkpoints. Then, another frame shows the Islamic State brandishing their black flag followed by an Israeli tank brandishing a Jewish flag, making again a “not-so” subliminal connection.

The attempt at drawing a parallel between ISIS and Israel shouldn’t be missed AND shouldn’t be dismissed either. It is a new low in Christian Palestinianism. To be sure, the parallel was already attempted by CaTC superstar Stephen Sizer, when he compared Israel to ISIS and even said that Christian Zionists were Christian Jihadists.

Christ at the Checkpoint (CaTC) is a conference that started in 2010 and continues to take place every two years, sponsored by Bethlehem Bible College (BBC). The next official CaTC conference should take place in March 0f 2016 with the theme: “The Gospel in the face of religious extremism.” In the meantime, a group of young adults proponents of the same agenda, is promoting a 2015 date. Their video is posted on their Facebook page and on the CaTC YouTube channel.

This raises some serious concerns about the biblical integrity of Bethlehem Bible College. How could they possibly claim to be Christians and promote such virulent demonization of the Jewish people and Israel. There is always the possibility that the video in question was produced by a group of supporters not necessarily officially affiliated with either CaTC or BBC (although currently posted on the CaTC YouTube channel). Even if it is the case, we need to hear from either or both very soon. I fear a silence that will of course speak tons about their position.

I cannot help but ask CaTC and BBC which “Christ” do they mean in “Christ at the Checkpoint” and which “Bible” do they use to validate him? If CaTC and BBC do not distance themselves from such unbiblical libelous attacks, they will further validate their anti-Semitic stance. This will leave a vast number of uneducated and/or gullible Evangelicals with a choice to make as well. Each choice we make leads to consequences.

Would they continue to support and attend such a conference as it compares Israel to ISIS? I certainly hope not! You can only claim ignorance for so long before you loose your credibility and ruin your reputation, but then again in a world were tolerance and political correctness are measured by one’s level of hatred for Israel and the Jews, I might be asking for the impossible.

In the meantime, if you want to know what’s going on in Israel, start by reading your bible and then consider making a trip yourself and experiencing some of what I just experienced for a few days. Incidentally, I drove by the Israeli towns of Ramallah and Jericho (under Palestinian authority) where Jews ARE NOT WELCOME EVER, and I drove by plenty of Israeli areas where Arabs AND Jews live in relative peace. But of course that is a topic that will never be covered at such conferences!

The theme of next year’s Christ at the Checkpoint 4 is “The Gospel in the face of religious extremism.” As of right now, I have very little doubt that what is meant by religious extremism pertains to Islamism and/or the Islamic State. Based on the current trend and this new video, Zionism and Israel are in the cross hairs.

It doesn’t matter if you follow Yeshua (Jesus) or not, the fact is that He was born a Jew not a Palestinian. He was born in Eretz Yisrael not the Palestinian territories and taught His followers to love their enemies and pray for those who persecute them (Matthew 5:44)– something that isn’t a characteristic of CatC proponents. So really, which Christ is at their checkpoint?

The Pope who loved the Jews…Really?


It doesn’t matter if you are Catholic or not, the Pope is an international figure that cannot be ignored. As a Jew, I do not fall under his authority like a Roman Catholic would, but I understand that he can be a very influential person.

Over the centuries, many popes have come and gone and those who truly loved the Jews were definitely few and far in between. I do not want to give the impression of being anti-Catholic, yet if history is our witness, the Catholic Church has often failed in the area of Judeo-Christian relations. Where the Church as a religious institution has failed, many catholic individuals succeeded, as there are many stories of Catholics loving, helping, hiding and protecting Jews over the centuries and especially during the Holocaust era.

The current Pope was introduced to the world as a “friend of the Jews”. He comes only a short fifty years after Vatican II and the famous Nostra Aetate  document also known as the “Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions.” This short, very ecumenical document aimed at reconciling Jews, Muslims and Christians among other things. It is at that time, almost 1,700 years after the death of Yeshua (Jesus) that the Catholic Church decided to exonerate the Jews from the charge of deicide (the killing of God). That statement is worth reviewing: “Even though the Jewish authorities and those who followed their lead pressed for the death of Christ (cf. John 19:6), neither all Jews indiscriminately at that time, nor Jews today, can be charged with the crimes committed during his passion. lt is true that the Church is the new people of God, yet the Jews should not be spoken of as rejected or accursed as if this followed from holy Scripture. Consequently, all must take care, lest in catechizing or in preaching the Word of God, they teach anything which is not in accord with the truth of the Gospel message or the spirit of Christ.
There is no doubt that a clear attempt was made at exonerating the Jewish people from the death of Yeshua. But outside of a few within the leadership of the time along with a few of their Jewish followers, the corporate guilt for the death of Yeshua was established on a false premise.  A simple review of chapter 10 of the Gospel of John would probably have sufficed to see that Yeshua claimed to have given His own life for all. One doesn’t need to adhere to the Christian faith to even see that: “For this reason the Father loves Me, because I lay down My life so that I may take it again. No one has taken it away from Me, but I lay it down on My own initiative. I have authority to lay it down, and I have authority to take it up again. This commandment I received from My Father”.

Interestingly enough, within the same breath, that statement declares that “lt is true that the Church is the new people of God.” Such a theological construct is also based on a faulty biblical approach seeing Christians has having “replaced” Israel. Replacement Theology has always been very prevalent within the Catholic Church.

Fifty years and a few popes later, the Catholic Church has a new pontiff in Pope Francis, a Jesuit from Argentina. He has the reputation of having nurtured some very positive relationship with the Jewish community of Buenos Aires over the years. He even co-wrote the book On Heaven and Earth with Argentine rabbi Abraham Skorka.

Pope Francis’ relationship with the Jewish community seems sincere and has garnered him a trust from rabbis and Jewish leaders that had not been seen in decades. So it’s all good, right? Well maybe not! Ecumenism by nature is open to a wide array of various belief systems. It seeks a common denominator on which it can build its multicultural, multi-religious and tolerant agenda.

But the Pope should be careful in his ecumenical endeavor to make our world better. While it is our corporate responsibility to do all we can to improve our world–a concept found in Judaism as well, and known as tikkun olam (repairing the world)–it shouldn’t be done at anybody’s expense but to everybody’s benefit. Lately I would posit that the Vatican’s approach to the betterment of the world could end-up being very detrimental to Israel and the Jews.

The world reacted when Pope Francis was quoted saying to Mahmoud Abbas that he was “an angel of peace”. The media outlets were quick to react, the ADL was outraged and the blogosphere buzzed with negative excitement. How could a friend of the Jews call a terrorist an angel of peace? Was the Pope an anti-Semite after all? Many would have easily taken that road, but soon after the statement was published, an explanation followed. The Pope had simply given Abbas a medal that he had also given to other world leaders, telling the head of the Palestinian authority that he hoped that he could become an angel of peace. So calm was restored and the Pope had retained his good reputation with the Jews.

But did he?

I have to admit that calling Abbas an angel of peace would have been a grave mistake. This being said, is it truly better now that we understand that Pope Francis was encouraging a terrorist who clearly wants the total destruction of Israel? I think not!

To remove all doubt, the Vatican also decided a few weeks ago to sign a new treaty to recognize the Palestinian State. The Vatican has been in favor of the recognition of Palestine since 2012, but this upcoming treaty would “formally recognize Palestine”. This will be a blow to Israel and the Jewish people, but it will also hurt the reputation that the Catholic Church has been working hard at changing at least for the last five decades. How can a friend of the Jews mingle with a terrorist and officially recognize a terrorist state bent on eradicating the Jewish people?

Many Jewish people worldwide do not trust the Catholic Church and/or catholic people. While many Catholics were friendly to Jews, like the family of peasants who hid my mother and her cousins during the Holocaust years, they weren’t the norm. Looking at history, words like forced baptisms, forced conversions, Crusades, Inquisition, Pogroms and Holocaust come to mind when a Jewish person is asked about the Catholic Church. While I recognize that even using these words to describe the Catholic Church represents painting with very broad strokes, the connection is real, it is painful and in many cases the wounds are still open.

Pope Francis recent dealings with Abbas and decision to officially recognize Palestine could very well destroy five decades of Judeo-catholic rapprochement and even ad some salt to these wounds. Catholics are part of what is known as Christendom and as such are considered Christians. Next time one of your Jewish friends tells you that ALL Christians are anti-Semitic, even though that isn’t a true statement, the opposite might be a bit more difficult to defend.

Fighting the darkness of anti-Semitism one candle at a time

The 5th Global Forum for Combatting Anti-Semitism took place in Jerusalem on May 12-14, 2015. The theme was: “The Oldest Hatred in the Newest Vessels: Confronting Antisemitism and Hate Speech on the Internet and in Social Media” and “The Rise in Antisemitism in Europe’s Cities Today: Means of Response”. This is a conference that is organized by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs to study, expose and fight global anti-Semitism.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered the opening speech in Jerusalem at the same time that European Jewish leaders convened in Toulouse, France for the biennial Conference of European Rabbis. There is no doubt that anti-Semitism’s recent global spike is causing great concern amid various Jewish communities as well as within the ranks of those who understand racism and human rights.

Mr. Netanyahu delivered a sobering message pointing to the urgency of the matter as well as the irrationality of the “Oldest Hatred.” I concur, as I have said for a while now that anti-Semitism, and especially the new hybrid that I have called “Eschatological Anti-Semitism” or “End-Times Anti-Semitism” is an irrational hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. It comes from all fronts with accusations that are so ludicrous that they would be comical if their goal wasn’t to destroy a people group and a sovereign state. Consider a few of the most recent headlines:

• ICC Threatens Israel to Provide Information for Probe: ICC prosecutor says if Israel does not hand over information on Gaza op, she will be forced to open full-scale ‘war crimes’ investigation.
The International Criminal Court in The Hague is far more focused on demonizing Israel than probing Hamas, Iran, Syria or Yemen. Logical or irrational?

• Top Khamenei Advisor: We Have Divine Permission to Destroy Israel
This is coming from the country that is currently building a nuclear arsenal arrogantly and as the world watches. There is no viable deal short of preventing them from building a bomb. Their genocidal drive against Israel doesn’t seem to worry anybody. Logical or irrational?

• Israel Used Aid Mission to Nepal As Cover for Baby Trafficking
The recent tragedy in Nepal has drawn the attention and sympathy of many including Israel, and so it should have. As a matter of fact, 30% of the rescue/medical help came from Israel while Israelis only make up less than 1% of the world population. Where was Iran? Where was the Palestinian Authority? So let’s accuse Israel of having a cover-up agenda hidden behind their humanitarian help! Logical or irrational?

I could keep going with many more headlines but you get my point. Mr. Netanyahu clearly brought it up when he called it a travesty: ” Now, thousands are being killed in the brutal conflict in Yemen. You see any demonstrations in London or Paris? A quarter of a million people have been savagely butchered in Syria. You hear any word of academic boycotts on the Assad regime? And in Iran now under the Rouhani government, executions have gone up, innocent people are taken to death. You hear any UN resolutions condemning these violations of basic human rights? And the answer regrettably is no. The demonstrations, the boycotts, the resolutions are all reserved for the Middle East’s one true democracy, in fact it’s the most beleaguered democracy on earth – Israel. This is a travesty.”

Then he went on to say that it all starts with education and here again I couldn’t agree more. In my fifteen years of work on the subject, I have been shocked, over and over by some of the comments I heard from people about Israel and the Jewish people. Some of these comments coming from very bright people and/or Bible believing and Bible reading evangelicals. So I continue to take it upon myself to clarify the misconceptions and debunk the stereotypes as much as I possibly can, and so should you!

What Mr. Netanyahu added to the need for education, was the fact that even when we educate people we cannot fully eradicate the problem of anti-Semitism. It is deeply rooted in the willingness to slander, he said. I would add that in many cases it goes beyond willingness to slanders, and crosses the line over to desire and even obsession: “So education and knowledge may be a partial protector against this slander, but there’s something deeper here because these are such patent falsehoods. It is the willingness to submit to slander, the willingness to believe this. This is what creates the ground, and it starts not from the bottom. It starts with the elites. And that’s where it has to be challenged. And today the treatment of Israel is no different from the treatment of our forbearers. The Jewish state is being treated among the nations the way the Jewish people were treated for generations”.

It is so important to continue to speak up against anti-Semitism and all kinds of xenophobia. It is important but unfortunately increasingly unpopular. It seems that one’s level of tolerance, multiculturalism and liberalism is now measured by how deep their disdain for Israel and the Jewish people is. We might never be able to completely eradicate anti-Semitism–at least before we see the Messiah. This doesn’t exonerate us from fighting it.

Mr. Netanyahu ended his poignant speech by retelling the story of the day he met the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Schneerson and was taught a lesson in courage and endurance: “When I came to the United Nations many years ago to serve as Israel’s ambassador, I met a famous Jewish religious leader, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and he said to me: You know, you’ll be going into a house where many, many lies will be leveled at Israel and at our people, and he said, ‘Remember that in the darkest halls, if you light one candle, then people will see the light of truth for a very long distance. They’ll see it from afar, and your job’, he said to me, ‘is to light a candle of truth in a dark hall.’ Well, I’ll tell you, we need a lot of candles, a lot of lighters of candles, and that’s how I see you”.

When it comes to fighting anti-Semitism, each one of us can play our part. We do not need to be at a global forum in Jerusalem or a conference in France. The darkness of anti-Semitism is all around us and is advancing like an inkspot on porous paper. Each one of us is a lit candle in the hall of Jew hatred. Please do not let political correctness blow you off.

The prophet Isaiah tells us that Zion will shine one day because of God ‘s glory. He also tells us (Isaiah 52:13-53-12) that the hope of Israel can only be in Messiah Who would suffer for His people as Mashiach ben Yoseph, yet also reign in Yerushalaim as Mashiach ben David.
As we wait for that day when light will prevail, let us keep our individual candles lit.

“ Arise, shine; for your light has come, And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
“For behold, darkness will cover the earth And deep darkness the peoples;
But the Lord will rise upon you And His glory will appear upon you.
“ Nations will come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising.
Isaiah 60:1-3

Yom Ha Shoah: Retell the Story or Repeat History

It was in 1953, only eight years after the close of World War Two, that Yom Ha Shoah became an official national memorial day in Israel. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion established that day as a yearly memorial of the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Since then, every year and all over the world, Jewish people remember the Shoah, or “Catastrophe”, as they perpetuate the memory of their lost loved ones. In Israel, on that day, a minute of silent reflection is observed at 10:00 AM as a siren is heard all over the country. It isn’t unusual to even see motorists stop in the middle of the road and get out of their cars to observe that solemn moment.

Historically speaking, the Shoah is a unique genocide for at least one reason. It is the only attempt at annihilating a people group–The Jews–by even going outside of the area where they resided to gather them and bring them back to a certain death. It was an orchestrated, organized attempt at the total destruction of European Jewry. With all other genocides, as brutal as they might have been, there was always a way for potential victims to escape and/or immigrate. This was rarely the case for the Jews during the Holocaust years.

The importance of perpetuating the memory of the Holocaust cannot be underestimated. It is not about dwelling on the past for the sake of dwelling on the darkest days of Jewish history, but rather for the sake of preventing another “Catastrophe” in the future.

General Dwight Eisenhower caught the importance of documenting and remembering the Holocaust the minute that he walked inside the camps. As he visited one of the sub-camps of Buchenwald with Generals Bradley and Patton, he started to realize the magnitude of what he was witnessing and immediately wrote a letter to the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General George Marshall, in which he said:

The things I saw beggar description. While I was touring the camp I encountered three men who had been inmates and by one ruse or another had made their escape. I interviewed them through an interpreter. The visual evidence and the verbal testimony of starvation, cruelty and bestiality were so overpowering as to leave me a bit sick….I made the visit deliberately, in order to be in a position to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations merely to “propaganda.”

And yet, despite the commendable efforts made by Eisenhower and others, the Holocaust currently runs the risk of being relegated into some obscure corner of history. Even worse, some will soon believe that it simply never happened.

How could we possibly go from NEVER AGAIN to NEVER HAPPENED in 70 years? Holocaust denial is gaining a lot of momentum globally. Consider this:

• The Nazi party was at the source of Holocaust denial when they labeled their genocidal efforts “the Final Solution to the Jewish Question”, a euphemism protecting the Nazi genocide from early criticism.

• Holocaust denial officially got organized by Willis Carto (Liberty Lobby) in 1978 with the founding of the Institute for Historical Review(IHR).They regularly promote Holocaust denial while claiming the opposite, as we can see by their support of pseudo-scholars such as David Irving (UK) or Robert Faurisson (France). One of the most visible Holocaust revisionist and denier in the USA is probably Bradley Smith who since 1991 has advertised in college publications to promote Holocaust revisionism.

• French extreme-right long time leader of the Front National party, Jean Marie Le Pen, (now semi-retired) first said that the Holocaust was “a detail of history” in 1987, and just re-iterated his position in 2015.

• Iran just organized its second Holocaust Cartoons Contest, seeking to minimize, revise and/or deny the truth about the Holocaust–all the while preparing for a second one!

• Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas wrote his dissertation in which he doubted the existence of the gas chambers and the high number of Jewish victims. In 2014, he backpedalled to admit that the Holocaust was a heinous crime yet the statements he made in English and in Arabic vary greatly.

Unfortunately, I could keep adding to this list. The point is that in 2015, 70 years after the events of the Shoah, we run the great risk of forgetting it. The last remaining survivors are in their 80s and 90s, with some even over 100 years old. It will not be long before we will no longer be able to talk to anyone who lived through that era. That is one reason why it is crucial to repeat and repeat the story of the Holocaust. The dwindling number of survivors coupled with the sick desire of some to negate the whole tragedy is a very dangerous combination.

Of course, much of history remains recorded for us in numerous books, journals and pictures. But as it pertains to Israel and the Jewish people, once again the standards are different. I am convinced that with an evergrowing animosity for the Jewish state and the global Jewish community, many would feel no guilt if the Holocaust ceased to be remembered, commemorated or even acknowledged.

Iran is working around the clock to acquire a nuclear bomb, Hamas has the destruction of Israel as part of its charter, many liberals and academics are preaching anti-Semitic messages on university campuses and even extreme right-wingers are now resurfacing.

Some claim that the Holocaust never happened, some claim that it was greatly exaggerated, some claim that it was used as Jewish propaganda, and some think that we talk too much about it. The frightening truth is that according to a recent survey by the ADL, 1/3 of the world population believes that the Holocaust was a myth… One third!

If you and I do not retell the story of the Holocaust to our peers and our children, history will repeat itself! Yom Ha Shoah might be one day a year, remembering the Shoah must remain an on-going daily effort.

SmallMauriceIn memory of my Grandfather Maurice Weinzveig.
Born 4 December 1898, Olikka, Russia
Who perished in Auschwitz. One in six million.

Bibi Netanyahu is facing the toughest two years of his political career


In the midst of a global crisis involving Iran’s race for nuclear power, Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected for another two-year term. The landslide victory showed us that Israel isn’t so fed-up with Bibi’s policies. It actually proved that Israelis are very concerned about the Iranian threat and feel that Bibi is the best man to handle the crisis.

The Lausanne “Agreement”–if we can call it that–has left much to be desired. It transforms the West from an inspector into a powerless spectator. Iran’s carefully crafted nuclear “smoke and mirror” show is supposed to appease the international community, so we hear from the media and President Obama.

In a recent interview for NPR, Mr. Obama delivered a 22 minute promotional piece on the exciting deal that is being made with Iran. I would say that it was more propaganda than promotion. While he seems to denounce anti-Semitism, Mr. Obama doesn’t see the need for Iran to recognize the existence of Israel as part of a viable deal as he said: “So there’s still going to be a whole host of differences between us and Iran, and one of the most profound one is the vile, anti-Semitic statements that have often come out of the highest levels of the Iranian regime. But the notion that we would condition Iran not getting nuclear weapons, in a verifiable deal, on Iran recognizing Israel is really akin to saying that we won’t sign a deal unless the nature of the Iranian regime completely transforms. And that is, I think, a fundamental misjudgment.”

Mr. Obama’s dismissal of Israel’s safety goes along with the recent disclosure of a Department of Defense top-secret document exposing Israel’s nuclear information. There were several other countries’ sensitive nuclear information on that 360-pages document. Somehow, they were all redacted out of the document before its release, to leave only Israel’s information readable. To be sure, Israel’s nuclear capability is no news to the world, but this was the first official announcement about it by a foreign state. How could Mr. Obama possibly say that his administration has done more for Israel than any other previous president? Unless of course he means that he has done more than any other president to put Israel in arms way…Don’t get me started on that one!

Yet Mr. Obama clearly wants us to believe that he is helping Israel when he says: “And as I’ve indicated before, if you look at my track record since I’ve been in office, we have had as much or greater military cooperation and intelligence cooperation with Israel than any previous administration. We have been steadfast in the defense of Israel when it comes to them defending themselves, even when there have been periods of great international controversy.”

It looks to me as if Israel is left with the decision to strike Iran if they feel that the threat is getting to close for comfort. Frankly, this is a decision that is currently better left on Netanyahu’s shoulders than any other Israeli prime minister. Additionally, I fear that the decision to strike Iran is no longer a matter of if but simply when! Iran knows how to play the clock. Deal or no deal, they continue to see the time span as a great opportunity to continue with their nuclear program with very little outside control. This will allow Iran to acquire the capability to build a bomb a lot sooner. For all we really know, Iran might be a lot closer than we think to become a nuclear lethal force.

The real danger that isn’t discussed much is the fact that we are now in a stage of what has been called “Apocalyptic Islamism”. There is very little if anything that the West can do to stop the raging hatred and determination of the mullahs in bringing in the “Twelfth Imam”. Both ISIS and Iran–while not necessarily working hand in hand–have a common goal of Islamic global hegemony painted on a backdrop of End-Times with the blood of the “infidels”. Iran of course also helps fulfilling Hezbollah’s agenda by proxy.

This really leaves only one option, and that is the physical destruction of Iranian nuclear facilities–a feat that only Israel seems to be willing to undertake. Of course, once the big boy on the Middle East playground has pushed the bully over, the rest of the cowards will magically appear on the scene. Then we might see an overnight alliance of powers who up to then didn’t have the chutzpah to go after the Khameini regime. Even Mr. Obama might join the ranks of those who oppose Iran at that time.

It appears to be “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” for Netanyahu, but since Israel’s survival is a non-negotiable, It might just be a matter of time before Bibi makes a move. He certainly is facing some of the toughest decisions of his entire political career and could certainly use the prayer of those who love Israel.

Preventing Iran from going nuclear ISN’T ONLY A MIDDLE EAST PROBLEM, it is a global one. Ignoring a problem never made it go away, but we are being told than Iran is on the road to full compliance. Is it on that very road that they also shout “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”. Global leadership isn’t necessarily measured in GNP or a country’s worth anymore. It might be measured more by the ability, willingness and determination to avoid a nuclear cataclysm at any cost. In the case of Iran, I think that only Israel has got it and only Bibi can lead them into making such a decision. I still pray for all of it to be averted because any loss of life is a tragedy. Jews and Muslims alike need to be touched by God and meet their Messiah and redeemer (Isaiah 52:13-53-12). The Bible does shed some light on all of this.

There is a promise from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that He will not only protect Israel but also destroy her enemies. This eschatological promise is based on God’s unconditional and eternal Abrahamic Covenant with Israel and the Jewish people (Genesis 12:1-3) and it should be an encouragement and a call to prayer for those of us who support Israel.

In that day the Lord will defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the one who is feeble among them in that day will be like David, and the house of David will be like God, like the angel of the Lord before them. And in that day I will set about to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:8-9)

The six dangers of Christian Palestinianism

olivier2There has been a shift in Christian theology as it pertains to the Church’s relationship with Israel and/or Palestinian Christians. Loyalties once rooted in biblical principles are quickly changing. For followers of Yeshua (Jesus), it should not be much of a struggle to recognize Israel’s right to exist as well as the desperate need of the Jewish people for their Messiah.

Nevertheless, there is a real crisis facing Evangelicals today. A growing number of Bible believers appear to have made it their personal duty to act as theological referees between Jews and Palestinians. One of the key words heard over and over is “reconciliation,” and it often punctuates the various programs and projects aimed at bringing both Jews and Palestinians to Yeshua. It seems to be the ultimate goal of Evangelicals involved in such programs. But is it really? For any reconciliation to work, it must be a two-way street. Reconciliation needs to include forgiveness, mutual acceptance and a desire to press on together towards a common goal. The new trend in question is known as Christian Palestinianism.

Christian Palestinianism is a new way to look at the Middle East. It is almost like a new worldview. It has ramifications politically, historically geographically, archeologically, culturally and even spiritually. In his book For Zion’s Sake, Dr. Paul Wilkinson defines Christian Palestinianism by opposing it to Christian Zionism. He writes: “Christian Palestinianism is an inverted mirror image of Christian Zionism. All the basic elements of a Christian Zionist eschatology are reversed, so that the Bible is seen to be Christian, not Jewish, the land of the Bible is Palestine not Israel, the son of God is a Palestinian not a Jew, the Holocaust is resented not remembered, 1948 is a catastrophe not a miracle, the Jewish people are illegal occupiers not rightful owners, and biblical prophecy is a moral manifesto and not a signpost to the Second Coming.”[1]

I believe that Christian Palestinianism is a distorted view of God’s Word hiding a political agenda behind a reformed theology, resulting in a presentation of Christian Zionism as heretical. The Bible is slowly getting “de-judaized,” paving the way for Islam’s influence to overtake Judeo/ Christian history. This shift from Israel to Palestine in the Christian psyche really is a slap in God’s face and a grave altering of His Word. Postmodernism’s thirst for social justice and tolerance has positioned many Evangelicals on the other side of the spectrum from Christian Zionism to Christian Palestinianism. It could be argued that Christian Palestinianism is Replacement Theology amplified. It presents six dangers as follows:

• A Distortion of God’s Word
The promise of Genesis 12:1-3, made by God to Abraham and the Jewish people, still stands. The land boundaries of Genesis 15:18-20 have never changed and have yet to be fully fulfilled:“To your descendants I have given this land, From the river of Egypt as far as the great river, the river Euphrates: the Kenite and the Kenizzite and the Kadmonite and the Hittite and the Perizzite and the Rephaim and the Amorite and the Canaanite and the Girgashite and the Jebusite.”

Why is it that almost nobody questions the historical and biblical revisionism of people like Stephen Sizer, Naim Ateek, Elias Chacour and the likes? We are seeing 21st century Christians blinded by reports of occupation and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians completely turn their back on Israel. But even more than changing one’s interpretation of the Bible, we also witness rejection of the inspired Word of God.

• A Rejection of God’s Word
Christian Palestinianist Naim Ateek recently wrote in Sabeel’s newsletter Cornerstone: “The lesson is clear for me: whatever does not agree with the hermeneutic of God’s love for all people has no authority for us and must not be read even if it is written in the Bible…Jesus had a hermeneutic of God’s love for all people and Isaiah’s words did not comply with that criterion.” [2]

This desire to ignore and even reject Scripture from the Tenach simply because it appears to be in conflict with later teachings of Yeshua is strangely reminiscent of Islam’s “Law of Abrogation,” when Qur’anic verses can be annulled, when historically superseded by contradicting ones. Such an approach to God’s Word is inherently wrong, yet many Evangelicals take their lead from people like Naim Ateek on what they perceive to be a valid biblical approach to the Middle East crisis.

Biblical illiteracy is running rampant within the Evangelical Church, and it creates a very shaky foundation upon which historical revisionism can be built with very little challenge, if any. Christian Palestinianists excel at biblical revisionism. They will go as far as painting Yeshua as the first Palestinian. This far-fetched revisionist approach to Yeshua’s origins has been heavily promoted by the Palestinian Authority. [3]

In both cases of distortion and rejection of God’s Word, the authority of the Bible is put in question. The God of the Bible, who is the God of Israel, as well as the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, is made into a different god. This allows for the insertion of a revised agenda favoring the Palestinian people at the expense of Israel and the Jewish people.

The concept of Eretz Yisrael being the Palestinian homeland and that of the existence of a native Palestinian people were already looming over the horizon a couple of decades ago, but today it is no longer discussed. The land ownership is accepted without questions. The false premise of a biblical Palestine was propaganda long enough to become truth, with no longer needing to be checked for biblical accuracy.

• A One-Sided Reconciliation
Accusations of “apartheid,” “colonization,” “ethnic cleansing,” or “nazification” of Palestine are constantly brought-up without ever speaking of terrorism, rocket attacks and human rights violations ordered by Palestinian leadership of both Fatah and Hamas. Islamic terrorism is simply dismissed and, in some cases, even justified. Christian Palestinianism offers a one-sided reconciliation, and that, of course, is no reconciliation at all.

• God the Covenant Breaker
Christian Palestinianism changes God from a covenant maker and keeper to a covenant breaker. While it might not be clear to many Evangelicals yet, for Christian Palestinianism to exist, Israel has to cease to exist.
What better way to postulate that Israel has become irrelevant than to say that God’s covenants with the Jewish people have been changed? If God had reneged on His covenant or changed the original recipients of His covenantal blessings, it would become obvious that He is done with Israel and the Jews.
But God never changed His mind when He said to Abraham: “I will establish My covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your descendants after you. I will give to you and to your descendants after you, the land of your sojournings, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.”

If God were a covenant breaker, He would also have to be a liar. 1 Samuel 15:29 tells us otherwise: “Also the Glory of Israel will not lie or change His mind; for He is not a man that He should change His mind.”

• A Demonization of Israel
Once one is convinced that God is finished with Israel and the Jews, it becomes easier to extrapolate the generalization that Israel is the cause of evil against the Palestinians. The accusations against Israel come from Palestinians, Liberals and some Evangelicals. They come so strongly that at times, it becomes difficult to define one source from another. Additionally, the liberal media has absolutely no other agenda than demonizing the victims and victimizing the perpetrators. Facts no longer matter in our postmodern global village. As a matter of fact, radical anti-Zionism is now part of the fabric of society and is in the process of becoming the standard by which one measures his/her degree of tolerance and multiculturalism. French author Pierre-André Taguieff develops it further in his recent book Israel et la Question Juive when he writes: “ Intellectual and political conformism moves alongside radical anti-Zionism, having nothing to do with a critique of Israel’s politics but rather aiming at the final destruction of the Jewish State.” [4]

• A Promotion of Islam
In her book Eurabia: the Euro-Arab Axis, Jewish author and activist, Bat Ye’or, describes Christian Palestinianism as “Palestinian Marcionism:” “The Christian policy that would eliminate the Jewish source of Christianity by suppressing the link between the Hebrew Bible and the Gospels represents an old and lingering trend, always opposed by the Church. Today, Palestinian Marcionism (Palestinianism) paves the way for the Islamization of the Church as it prepares mentalities for an Islamic replacement theology…and encompasses the whole paraphernalia of traditional anti-Semitism.” [5]

Bat Ye’or’s assessment has tragically proven true in the last eight years. Christian Palestinianism is well on its way to de-judaize Yeshua–a job that the gentile branch of Christianity generously contributed to, out of ignorance and sometimes, pure hatred of the Jews over the centuries. Christian Palestinianism will also continue to invalidate much of the Jewish Scriptures as history gets re-written and Jewish references get replaced to accommodate the “Islamization” of the Bible.

While it would be tempting and almost accurate to describe Christian Palestinianism as anti-Semitism, we must be careful in labeling this new trend. Some Christian Palestinianists are clearly anti-Semitic, but this doesn’t allow us to paint with broad strokes and simply say that Christian Palestinianism IS anti-Semitism.

I believe that it is a fair assessment to claim that Christian Zionism and Christian Palestinianism can be found on two opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of the Church’s relationship with Israel and the Jewish people. In fact, Christian Palestinianism is Christian anti- Zionism. But rather than labeling Christian Palestinianism as anti-Semitism, I would rather place it as one of the key components of the latest trend in anti-Semitism: Eschatological anti-Semitism.

Being well aware of the fact that anti-Semitism is the “irrational hatred” of the Jewish people, I see the obvious converging of many unlikely allies against Israel. Islam, Liberals and Evangelicals have many reasons to disagree ideologically and spiritually, yet they find it acceptable to go against Israel in one accord. Campus Intifada, BDS, media bias, historical revisionism, and Holocaust denial are different arrows in Satan’s quiver of hate.

An evangelical might not be as determined to destroy Israel as a radical Muslim is, but they have become co-conspirators and co- perpetrators. As such, they become guilty of the same crime in the eyes of the God of Israel.

God was the first Zionist but He also sent Yeshua for both Jews and Arabs. I am obviously pro-God and thus I am pro-Israel, but being pro- Israel doesn’t mean that one is anti-Palestinian, sadly, and I must say irrationally, the opposite is seldom true!

[1] Wilkinson, Paul R.: For Zion’s Sake (Paternoster, Nottingham, England, 2007) p. 65
[2] Ateek, Naim: Sabeel Newsletter: Cornerstone (Winter/Spring 2014), p.3-4.
[4] Taguieff, Pierre-André: Israel et la Question Juive (Les Provinciales, Paris, France, 2011), p. 191-192.
[5] Bat Ye’or, Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis (Teaneck, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Press, 2006), p. 213.

Is this an Aliyah or an Exodus for French Jews?


It has only been two months since the terrorist attacks in France, which led to the death of 17 people including four Jews in a kosher supermarket on the east side of Paris. Prime minister Manuel Valls delivered an emotional speech punctuated with rightful indignation in front of the French Assemblée Nationale, calling anti-Semitism, “The symptom of a democracy in crisis”.

French President François Hollande vowed to defend France’s Jews when he was recently quoted saying: “Jews are at home in France, it’s the anti-Semites who have no place in the republic, in protecting its Jews, the republic is protecting itself.”
 In reality, French Jews continue to feel very uneasy in France. The assurance of safety seems to only be a façade. Even with 10,000 troops and police officers deployed all over France in front of key Jewish locations like schools and synagogues, French Jews do not feel properly protected. After all, it wasn’t long after the January attacks that some French soldiers were attacked by a man as they were guarding a Jewish site. Additionally, a Jewish cemetery was vandalized in northern Alsace and over 200 tombstones were destroyed.

French Jews are scared and they are not alone. Other European Jewish communities have joined the French in their feeling of uncertainty. But there is no doubt that France leads the pack when it comes to immigration to Israel.

This unprecedented increase in immigration didn’t just happen because of the Paris attacks of January 2015. To be sure, the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe in general and France in particular has led to an exponential increase in the number of European Jews making Aliyah. But again, France is way ahead of all the other European countries. In 2012, about 2,000 Jewish people left France for Israel followed by 3,120 in 2013 (a 60 percent increase over 2012). Then in 2014, over 7,000 French Jews made Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael, making it the largest Aliyah out of France since the 1970s and the top country for Jewish emigration in 2014( the highest global number in 12 years). We must keep in perspective that this number of over 12,000 Jews out of France over the last three years all happened even before the events of January 2015.

Over 1,000 Jews have already left France for Israel in the first two months of 2015. Numbers could exceed 10,000 by the end of the year. This is of course if no other tragic act of anti-Semitism takes place in France, something I am unfortunately not willing to bet on. Here are some other frightening statistics from the Jewish People Policy Institute:

  • At least 15,000 French Jews are expected to make Aliyah by 2016. (possibly as many as 10,000 in 2015)
  • The Jewish Agency is planning for up to 120,000 French Jews to move to Israel in the next 4 years.
  • By 2030, over half of French Jewry could have made Aliyah.

Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky expressed his fears in the summer of 2014 in Paris while the Gaza War was taking place in the Middle East, and French Jews were already leaving in droves. He was quoted saying“Something historic is happening, it may be the beginning of the end of European Jewry. I think it’s a tragedy for Europe, what is happening in France, the strongest of Europe’s Jewish communities, reflects processes taking place elsewhere in Europe. I keep asking people if Jews have a future in Europe.”

I am afraid that Mr. Sharansky might have been right. We might be witnessing the start of the decline of European Jewry with the departure of the French Jews as some sort of “handwriting on the wall” of western European civilization. The question that I ask myself has to do with the numbers of Jews leaving or planning to leave in the next few years. While a few thousand already create a noticeable demographic shift, if we indeed see up to 100,000 Jews leave France in the next five years or so, we are not talking Aliyah anymore, we are talking exodus.

Not all French Jews will immigrate to Israel. Some will move to America, Canada and even the U.K, but those who choose to make Israel their new home will constitute a formidable demographic and economic challenge to region. Set aside the challenge, Israel will gain a pool of people that will undoubtedly contribute to its further developing. It will be a win/win situation for the French Jews and Israel.

The loser in all this will be Europe. Already demographically circling the drain, Europe cannot afford to lose its Jews. With the Jews still in Europe, we are already seeing the emergence of Eurabia as a result of the Muslim “demographic Jihad” of the last 50 years. If France cannot protect its Jews, it is only a matter of time before other people groups or minorities become a target.

If indeed we are in the infancy stage of a mass European Jewish exodus, there is much more at stake than the loss of a once thriving community. God was not speaking figuratively when He promised Abraham to bless those who bless him and the Jewish people and curse him who curses them (Genesis 12:1-3). God meant every word of it then and He means every word of it today. With its Jews leaving, France becomes even more vulnerable to her enemies. Isn’t it ironic that the very people that many have described as a curse actually are a blessing from God?

Bibi’s miraculous landslide victory will help identify his enemies


In listening to the media and a majority of political analysts, Benjamin Netanyahu had a tough road ahead in the 2015 Israeli elections. So when his Likud party won 30 seats (six seats ahead of Herzog’s Zionist Union party), it was a bit of a surprise for most and even a shock for some. Netanyahu’s victory could be considered a landslide victory, but certainly must be considered a miraculous victory. For the next few years, Israel will continue to thrive under the leadership of one of the strongest Prime Minister in her history.

Bibi’s victory doesn’t make everybody happy, especially after some of the announcements he made hours prior to the elections. His enemies will be quick to denounce and criticize him and his agenda.

At the top of the list we can obviously find the Palestinian Authority and Hamas doing everything in their power to delegitimize Israel. The PA continues to apply pressure at the International Criminal Court in The Hague to force them to investigate possible war crimes during the 2014 Gaza War. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat declared:“It is clear that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will form the next government, and for that, we say clearly that we will go to The Hague tribunal, we will accelerate, continue and intensify.” This is a despicable move akin to accusing Jews of crimes against humanity during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising against the Nazis. Hamas has also called for renewed confrontations with Israel…No surprise there!

Another disappointed enemy is the leader of Zionist Union Isaac Herzog who many had seen as a serious contender in the race for the Knesset. Herzog finally conceded and congratulated Bibi on his victory.

The Israeli government is a complicated political machine. The Knesset demands that the ruling party would form a coalition with other parties since 61 seats are required for a majority over its 120 seats. No party has ever won with a majority in Israel’s 67 years of history. Very often the votes are so close that coalition governments are formed with members of the two parties who were competing for the win only the night before. But this time, with 30 seats, Netanyahu finds himself in a majority position from the start, allowing him to form a government much more center-right than ever before. This is a bigger defeat for the Left in Israel. Netanyahu will certainly gain more power from the get go.

Herzog campaigned on issues that he thought were attractive to Israelis like renewed talks with the Palestinians towards a Palestinian state, a strengthening of US/Israel relations, and a change in Israel’s economy bridging the gap between classes. He wanted to bring “Change” to Israel. I think that someone, somewhere already tried that same socialistic ideology and it failed. As it turned out, Israeli voters were much more interested in the security of their country than the economy of their country. After all, how good is a rebounding economy in a country that would be opening its doors to people determined to kill all the Jews. Security over economy doesn’t mean that Netanyahu will not work towards a better Israel economically, but as he has said numerous times and repeated at his address to the US congress, the security of Israel’s people is first and foremost.

It is also interesting to notice that the “Joint Arab List” became the third party in the Knesset. This will undoubtedly create a new dynamic within the Israeli government. What we need to remember is that the “Joint Arab List” comprises three different lists that strongly disagree within themselves. They had to form a mini Arab coalition to even become a reality within the Knesset. Will they find enough of a common ground in their loathing of Israel to work together? Time will tell, but I am certain that we will hear more from the “Joint Arab List.”

Many international leaders are worried about Bibi’s last minute shift to the right to garner the necessary votes from ultra-nationalist factions. They feel that it will only exacerbate the Palestinians and further bury the prospect of any peace in the Middle East. What they really fail to understand is that a more socialistic party like that of Isaac Herzog would facilitate the emergence of a group of people who have absolutely no interest in a two-state solution. They might hypocritically pretend to be open to the idea, but that is only until they have gained enough power to completely annihilate the Jews. Mr. Herzog’s idealistic vision is obviously blinded by his liberal leanings.

And then of course, there is the leader of the “United Welfare States of America”, Barack Obama. While many heads of states will personally call Netanyahu to congratulate him on the Likud’s victory, Mr. Obama gave the task to a White House aid who congratulated Israel without any mention of Netanyahu or the Likud. Some will accuse me of pettiness, but the least that our president could have done was to call Netanyahu in person. Then again, coming from the same man who chose to snub Bibi’s recent congress speech, it shouldn’t surprise us. What a shame.

It is unclear if Bibi’s speech on March 3, 2015 in front of the US congress was a political move or just a heartfelt desire to cry out to the international community. It was probably a bit of both. What is certain is that it facilitated Bibi’s victory. His stance on the “Iranian Deal” was powerful and obviously a slap in the face of our president and “King of Appeasement.”

Relations between America and Israel are tense and fragile at best. There are still many Americans who support the Jewish state. We might expect that the already strained relations between Netanyahu and the White House could lead to a political divorce. The one positive aspect of this win is that Netanyahu will outlive Obama in office and could very well regain a respected position with the next US administration.

So it would appear that Mr. Netanyahu has many enemies to contend with, within and without Israel. Physical rockets will continue to fall over Israel as will the verbal rockets from the liberals, the current US administration and the media. In the meantime, I believe that Bibi’s victory will ensure the best approach to Israel’s security. The road ahead is a rocky one and would greatly benefit from the prayer of the friends of Israel.

Congratulation Mr. Prime Minister, my prayers are with you and Israel!

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, May they prosper who love you. Psalm 122:6

Holocaust Memorial Day: Why do we still remember?


January 27 is International Holocaust Memorial Day and this year also happens to be the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Soon after the 1945 opening of the death camps and rescuing of those who had miraculously survived, a motto was born: NEVER AGAIN. Emaciated walking corpses believed in that statement and many of them tried to look towards a brighter future or any future if even possible. Seventy years later, most of these survivors have passed. Could it be that they have taken their motto with them?

As it appears in some places, there is a tragic “Holocaust fatigue” plaguing the world these days. The BBC just tweeted the following statement: ” Is the time coming to lay the Holocaust to rest?”demonstrating quite clearly that they either have a very short memory of the events of two weeks ago in Paris or that they simply are clueless about what is appropriate.

But they are not alone in this postmodern quest to minimize the Shoah. They might not be deniers or revisionists but in their process of watering down the “Catastrophe” or even asking such a question, are they helping those who flat out reject the Holocaust? So they ask the question: ‘Why do we remember ?” I could answer that question but instead, I will let Evelyn do that.

In the 1970’s, Evelyn was in her forties, sitting in a park on the east side of Paris, watching her young boy playing with schoolmates after school had let out. This was a daily routine for Evelyn, as she was sitting on a park bench watching people. Suddenly she overheard two ladies that she knew from her small town having a discussion. It wasn’t long before the two ladies started to denigrate the Jews in their own words. Evelyn knew them and they knew her. She had not told them or anybody in town that she was Jewish, but that day was too much, so she interrupted the ladies and with all the boldness she could muster, she looked them in the eyes and said: “You know that I am Jewish, right?” The two ladies were taken aback and very embarrassed, while Evelyn was liberated from the prison of her Jewish identity.

That afternoon, as Evelyn walked back to her house with her son, I wonder how much better she really felt? I wonder if when she approached her home, she remembered the day some 25 years ago when she saw the Gestapo coming to that very house and taking her father Maurice to his death in Auschwitz -Birkenau? As she walked through the small corridor leading to her front door, she could probably visualize her father hiding in the cellar in 1942, right under her feet.

It had taken 25 years for Evelyn to dare start speaking out and telling others she was Jewish. She remembered the time she spent in the South West of France, hiding on a farm in a small village near the town of Pau. She didn’t know it then, but her life was being preserved by a family of simple peasants who would later be recognized as “Righteous Gentiles” by Yad Vashem.

Evelyn is now 87 and she still lives in the same house. She has had a full life. She has two children, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. In a sense, that is the best revenge that the Jewish people could have had after the Shoah. Survivors got up, got better and started families to prove once more that God will never completely forsake Israel (Jeremiah 31:35-37).

Evelyn remembers all these events very well. But she is scared again. When the Paris terrorist attacks of early 2015 took place, she was very nervous. The Kosher Supermarket was only a few hundred yards from the house she lives in and only 30 yards from one of her granddaughters’ apartment. When her son called to check on her and asked her to stay inside, she started crying and said: “They’re coming back aren’t they”? Her son didn’t quite know what to say.

Why do we still remember the Shoah? Because current antisemitism could lead to another catastrophe if we allow our minds to even entertain the idea that the Shoah needs to be archived into history.

Why do we still remember the Shoah? Because people like Evelyn are real and they went through a real nightmare.

Why do we still remember the Shoah isn’t even the question to ask.

Evelyn is my mother, and the real question is: “How dare we forget?”

Apathy shouldn’t be a New Year resolution

As I enter my seventh year of writing weekly articles about anti-Semitism, I realize now more than ever before that the “oldest hatred” comes in many different flavors, but it leaves the same sour aftertaste. 2014 was filled with examples of global anti-Semitic incidents from words to deeds. It did go full spectrum from propaganda to boycott, divestment and sanctions and tragically, from threats to rape and even murder. But did the world really care?

In our age of instant global communication, the eight o’clock news–once the king of the networks–now competes with the ever-pounding, ever-breathing, non-stop social networks. People do not want the whole story anymore; they simply want a catchy headline, clickable and expandable if necessary. By the time the eleven o’clock News come around, the stories are barely adequate to “wrap the fish” as they used to say in newspaper days.

Additionally, all of us have different interests, different agendas and different causes we are willing to fight for. What I mean is that even if a lot of news bites are available to us 24/7, we pick and choose based on our interest and completely ignore the rest.

But even when we focus on a particular topic of interest, we can rapidly become overwhelmed by the information floodgate opening on that topic. So much more is available to us at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger, and before we know it, we suffer from “information fatigue”.

Before anti-Semitism went global in the last couple of decades, anti-Jewish incidents were few and far in between. Maybe it was because we were still close enough to the Holocaust and collective guilt was still playing a part in the human psyche. But now things have changed. The few thousands who survived the “Jewish Catastrophe” have almost all passed away. Their witness might be real within their own family units, photo albums and retold stories, but they are being challenged by historical revisionists and Holocaust deniers. In some circles that are not necessarily anti-Semitic, you might even hear statements such as “Enough with the Holocaust!” or “Let’s move on!” And that is to only quote those who do not harbor negative feelings about Israel and the Jewish people.

So it appears that there is also a “Holocaust Fatigue” and even an “Israel Fatigue” and the danger is that even though the events continue to pour through the News spigots (whichever one you choose), the audience is becoming increasingly apathetic.

Apathy is running rampant in our western society, as people seek self-gratification through many venues within consumerism, but certainly do not want to be bothered with the truth about our sick and dying world.

Unfortunately, when it comes to global anti-Semitism, apathy places us in the proverbial pot of warm water with the rest of those who don’t say or do a thing. The pot is getting hotter as the world is looking at Israel and the Jewish people and remaining complacent. The pot is getting hotter as world governments look at the Islamic State and simply walk away with a simple shrug. The pot is getting hotter as Hamas is rebuilding its infrastructure with the same genocidal goal in mind (and using a lot of US money by the way!)

2015 shouldn’t be the year of apathy especially when it comes to anti-Semitism because that monster is multiplying exponentially in front of our eyes. In the last six weeks alone, France saw four air gun shootings at Jewish stores and/or restaurants as well as a rape, and this doesn’t include the under-reported or unreported events. Except for the Jewish community, nobody really seems to care.

They were only air guns you say? Well you are missing the point. The repeated shootings in broad daylight are really symptomatic of an anti-Semitic behavior. That behavior, guided by the wrong people under a specific set of circumstances has the potential of becoming lethal. A lot of people say that they do care but their voices aren’t heard. Has apathy taken over?

Iran continues to build the bomb as they use smoke and mirrors to make a credulous West believe that they are just seeking a better energy alternative. But we all know that they have Israel as a first target in their scope and the USA as their next one. But hey, Iran is far enough from our homes so please pass the pot roast and change the channel. Has apathy taken over?

Russia and the Ukraine are fighting for territorial hegemony while the European Union tries to come up with sanctions that will not backfire at them in terms of halted or reduced Russian exports.

I could use many other examples but I think that you are getting the idea: Apathy is everywhere!

Everywhere except when it comes to demonizing Israel and promoting a Palestinian cause that demands unilateral agreements and sanctions against Israel for “crimes against humanity”. Somehow, there seems to be enough people around on American campuses, in Hollywood, at the government level, in academia and even within the Christian Church, to get involved and vocal against Israel and the Jewish people.

It is time for those who cherish truth and live on a foundation of Judeo/Christian ethics to say and/or do something, because in a world where the radical Muslim wind of sharia is blowing hard and steady, apathy will lead to paralysis. After that my friend, we will just be sitting ducks!

…but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15)

Part two: The new anti-Semitism 2014 year in review

Part two in Olivier Melnick’s three part series.  You can find part one here.

The world has witnessed what some call an unlikely reconciliation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Both parties desire the complete destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. They might have different approaches to their goal, nevertheless, it remains the same. So, is there a real winner in the reconciliation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority?

The Palestinian Authority has been under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas since 2005. Its political party is Fatah and at the risk of being accused of oversimplification, it could be said that Fatah is more of a secular political party while Hamas leans towards Islamic fundamentalism.          

Drawing from the Palestinian Authority’s reputation of being more moderate, Abbas has pushed the West for Palestine’s recognition on the World scene at the UN and UNESCO. Over the last few years, inching their way towards what appeared to be an inevitable UN and world recognition in the near future, they have picked-up some momentum. The current “reconciliation” may hurt that momentum.

Benjamin Netanyahu immediately decided to put a halt to the peace process since Israel cannot and will not negotiate with terrorists, ever! The safety of Israel is first and foremost. Frankly, it wasn’t much of a peace process to start with since Abbas was never really interested in recognizing Israel and continues not to be.

PC USA held its biennial 2014 General Assembly in Detroit. The result of the week-long gathering of delegates, leaders and other participants is still having major ripple effects within the Christian community at large.

Resolution 04-04 was the one that after several hours of a rhetorical ping-pong match, resulted in a vote in favor of divestment from Israel. The financial ramifications due to the divestment from Motorola, HP and Caterpillar are not really an issue. The motive behind the move is what really matters. PC USA joined other denominations in a bold move against Israel, like the Mennonites and Quakers and some within  the Methodist denomination.

This has been such a biased case against Israel that it is very difficult not to see the anti-Semitic thread driving the whole move.  The farce that was the 2014 PC USA general assembly was painful to watch, as no scripture was ever used to back up their pseudo-Christian move to divest. Why? Because none can be found. Instead, they would rather side with the “oppressed” Palestinians against the “oppressors” from Israel. Like it or not, this latest move aligns the pro-BDS voters with Hamas.

Mid-July in Paris was the first time that such a huge crowd of pro-Palestinian demonstrators was gathered. 10,000-20,000 people did not go unnoticed on the streets of Paris, especially when they were heard shouting “Death to the Jews”, “F*# the Jews”, “Hitler was right”, “We will burn you” or “Jihad, Jihad, Jihad“. When some of the demonstrators called for prayer, several thousand started to shout Allahu Akbar, removing all doubt as to the ethnic/religious fabric of the angry mob. It had simply morphed into an alibi for anti-Semitism.

Not too far from the demonstrators,  about 200 Jewish people had gathered inside a synagogue for a special service to remember the three Israeli victims of the recent kidnappings/murders. All of a sudden the angry mob decided to throw café chairs (some of them lit on fire) at the building and continue to scream “Death to the Jews”. By God’s grace, a pogrom was averted but it appears that It is no longer sufficient for anti-Semites to denigrate the Jews with thoughts, words and even destructive acts against their property, now they want the people too.

The sad part to me is that the two sides of the vise are being tightened by the apathetic French by-standers. A by-stander who does nothing only facilitates the work of a perpetrator. Sometimes your boldest move is made by your lack of action.

After nearly a month of fighting between the IDF and Hamas and several failed cease fire attempts, a truce was reached. As Israel continued to withdraw its troops over a few days, the high cost of the Gaza War was assessed.

While over 3,000 rockets were fired by Hamas, the 2014 Gaza War was NEVER much of a military campaign but rather a media one. To be sure, Hamas’ desire remains the complete annihilation of Israel through jihad as clearly delineated in their 1988 Charter. They have figured out that they can enroll the help of a biased media that has become so efficient at indoctrinating the clueless masses and corrupt governments against Israel and the Jews. So the result has become a smorgasbord of unfounded statements that serve only one purpose: the demonization of Israel. Truth is no longer sought!

There is no doubt in my mind that as the “scapegoat of humanity”, from a human standpoint, Israel cannot win. But there is also no doubt in my mind that as “the apple of God’s eye” (Zechariah 2:8), Israel will prevail. The truth must be told and if our voices remain all that we have, let us use them as much as we can!

Did someone stop drinking the Palestinian Kool-Aid?

The world has grown accustomed to seeing Israel as the culprit for all the ills of the Middle East. As the 21st Century politically correct leitmotif, Israel’s guilt is even carried over to the global Jewish community. Let’s face it, those who come to Israel’s defense are also running the risk of being ostracized by a variety of anti-Israel protagonists going from academics to clerics to government officials. This is why we must applaud the resolution that the US Senate passed on December 9 under the leadership of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-New York, and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia.

It is unclear if this was due to the changing of the guard that took place as a result of last November’s elections, but this resolution sticks out like a soar thumb amidst the usual anti-Israel rhetoric. While a vast majority of the global community continues to ignore the facts, the US Senate sent a clear message to Hamas and other terrorist groups indicating that the game they were playing wasn’t fooling them anymore.

Just about every aspect of the crimes committed by Hamas were brought up in that resolution. The language used was bold and clearly unequivocal, to the point of risking some racist accusations from the more liberal factions. The resolution states that the Senate:

  • Strongly condemns the use of innocent civilians as human shields;
  • Calls on the international community to recognize and condemn Hamas’ use of human shields;
  • Places responsibility for the rocket attacks against Israel on Hamas and other terrorist organizations, such as Palestine Islamic Jihad;
  • Supports the sovereign right of the Government of Israel to defend its territory and its citizens from Hamas’ rocket attacks, kidnapping attempts, and the use of tunnels and other means to carry out attacks against Israel;
  • Expresses condolences to the families of the innocent victims on both sides of the conflict; supports Palestinian civilians who reject Hamas and all forms of terrorism and violence, desiring to live in peace with their Israeli neighbors;
  • Supports efforts to demilitarize the Gaza Strip, removing Hamas’s means to target Israel, including its use of tunnels, rockets, and other means; and
  • Condemns the United Nations Human Rights Council’s biased resolution establishing a commission of inquiry into Israel’s Gaza operations. 

     This is such a departure from the regular libelous tirades we hear from government officials, especially considering that it was a bi-partisan vote. The victims and the perpetrators were actually properly described and recognized as such. It will be interesting to see how Hamas and especially Mahmoud Abbas will react to this accusation, especially in the wake of their push for global recognition.

Another question comes to mind regarding Palestinian recognition. How in the world can countries like France, Ireland, Sweden, Spain and England continue to offer their support for a Palestinian State, co-ruled by Fatah and Hamas AND keep a straight face?

Could this resolution be the first of many, finally putting all parties involved where they belong? Additionally, several congressmen are trying to push the US Department of Treasury into investigating how and where some funds are being disbursed by the US and funneled for terrorism.

Let us not forget that just few weeks ago, the “peaceful” Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was listed by the United Arab Emirates as a terrorist organization, amongst 82 others such as Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. The shock of course was that it came from a Muslim state.

It is too early to tell if more will stop drinking the Palestinian Kool-Aid, following the bold move presented in the recent resolution. On the other hand, in the grand scale of resolutions passed against Israel at the United Nations and/or reprimands pointed at the Jewish State by the US, this is one tiny drop of hope in an ocean of criticism, yet still a move in the right direction.

The three reasons why I support a one-state solution

pal-transjrdn-1922Two states, one state, no state! When it comes to Israel’s right to exist on that small sliver of Middle East real estate the size of New Jersey, people get very creative. Land is being shared, some has been given away, some taken back and the never-ending cycle continues to punctuate life in that region.

The whole world seems to know better than Israel what is good for Israel. So, the Jewish state is being forced into a game of “geographical musical chairs” but every round they go, another chair is taken away. This lethal exercise is, of course, done in the name of peace in the Middle East.

Additionally, some people who claim to be proponents of a two-state solution are really proponents of a judenrein (cleansed of all Jews) one-state solution, but they are simply hiding their agenda until the time comes when they can implement it. I wouldn’t necessarily be against a two-state solution if both parties were equally interested in peace and co-existence, but they simply are not and for anybody to say otherwise is simply ludicrous!

It was only a couple of days ago when Mahmoud Abbas declared (again) that Hamas didn’t need to recognize Israel or even stop their acts of terrorism. How in the world is anybody able to support a Palestinian state under these conditions? And frankly, how are those agreeing with such an irrational claim sleeping at night? There is simply no way that a two-state solution would work under these circumstances.

What we are left with is a one-state solution. I run the risk of sounding racist or promoting apartheid but when you think of it, there are at least three good reasons why a one-state solution is currently the best if not only option for the Middle East.

  • Biblically speaking, Israel is much more than the modern nation that was reborn on May 14, 1948. Now, I am well aware that not everybody believes in God, but even those who have a limited belief and/or understanding of the God of the Bible will have a hard time dismissing the hard evidence for the existence of the biblical land of Israel geographically, historically and archaeologically. Artifacts upon artifacts, not to mention ruins of buildings keep getting discovered and militate in favor of a Jewish homeland, people and customs pre-dating the modern state of Israel by several millennia.

But Scripture alone will show us that God gave the Land of Canaan to the children of Israel, yet He continues to care much for that small piece of real estate as we read in Deuteronomy 11:12 “a land for which the Lord your God cares; the eyes of the Lord your God are always on it, from the beginning even to the end of the year.”

This land that God gave to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Genesis 17:7-8; 25:5-6; 26:3; 28:3-4) originally belonged to God as stated in Leviticus 25:23 “The land, moreover, shall not be sold permanently, for the land is Mine; for you are but aliens and sojourners with Me”.

These are just a few of the myriad of verses about Israel in the Tenach (none about “Palestine”). I cannot help but think that those who take offense at Israel’s biblical right to the Land and to existence really are having an argument with God and about His divine decree.

  • Geo-politically speaking, Israel cannot survive unless it is safe for the Jewish people. The security fence that has been erected for a while now continues to be a thorn in the flesh of the Palestinian Authority. Israel is constantly accused of being and apartheid state, being compared to South Africa. I strongly condemn apartheid, racial segregation and any form of racism. But Israel’s security fence is not and was not based racial discrimination but built for the security of her citizens. Since its inception, the fence has helped reduce terrorist attacks by at least 30%.

The level of hatred and animosity displayed by Hamas during last summer’s Gaza War should suffice to prove that any unilateral decision for a two-state solution is simply a one-state solution waiting to happen. Not to mention the other groups playing second fiddle to Hamas but that are also very lethal to Israel.

Terrorism will not cease under a two-state solution but rather spread further as Palestinians would be given access to more land within Israel. This is a concept similar to saying that World War Two could have ended sooner if only the Jews would have gotten along with the Nazis!

Israel simply cannot afford to let the enemy infiltrate its land and kill its people. It is a matter of life and death, period!

  • Demographically speaking,Israel is currently faced with a great challenge. Under the “Law of Return” enacted in 1950 as a gateway to safety in the aftermath of the Holocaust and other acts of anti-Semitism, every Jew in the world has the right to come settle in Israel and become a citizen. This is what is meant when we say that diaspora Jews are making aliyah. In and of itself, this had never been a great challenge.

But the events of the last two decades having shown an exponential growth in global anti-Semitism, many Jews have recently decided to move to Israel. A perfect example of course is France that will have 6,000 Jewish people leave for Israel in 2014 with 10,000 more expected in 2015 (for a total of 3% of the 500,000 French Jews).

This is a trend that is only going to increase as anti-Semitism acts multiply globally. Never before has the world witnessed the immigration of 1% of any country’s Jewish population within one calendar year. With an estimate of up to10,000 for 2015, we could see a departure of 2% at once next year. And it is only taking France into consideration. This is a modern exodus happening in front of our very eyes.

If the world is closing its door to the Jews, where are we to go? For that very reason Israel must remain safe and open to diaspora Jews pouring in. This would be greatly impaired by an increased Palestinian presence. To be sure, I am not suggesting that all Palestinians be expelled from Israel, yet I do not believe that opening the country for a two-state solution is a viable solution. Before I am accused of pointing to a problem without offering any solution, I would like to remind today’s Palestinians–a term that is really a misnomer– that they had their own land a few decades ago, it was called Transjordan.

Outside of God’s promise to never allow for Israel to disappear (Jeremiah 31:35-37), the survival of Israel remains a very delicate balancing act of diplomacy and national security, but an act much easier to balance without terrorism in the equation.

Biblically speaking, Israel was granted to the Jewish people by God.

Geo-politically speaking, Israel must secure its borders.

Demographically speaking, Israel needs the space for the 21st century ongoing exodus.

The Hillary Clinton of Israel has been fired

Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid have been fired from their Ministerial posts by Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu.  The day has finally come that Ms. Livni and Mr. Lapid will no longer undermine the Prime Minister from doing his job in exchange for a leftist takeover of the Knesset and Government.  The Prime Minister has called for new elections.  His party, Likud, is in the lead, poised to remain in power with 22 seats when the votes are counted.  While anything can change before now and March 2015, a shift to the right is headed for victory.

In recent days, Lapid and Livni have been coarsely criticizing Netenyahu over the passage of the Jewish State Bill that re-affirms that Israel was, is, and always will be the Jewish homeland.  Lapid and Livni joined the coalition and were handed Ministerial positions on a silver platter .  They were given the opportunity to help strengthen Jewish unity, secure Israel’s continued right to exist, and support the Prime Minister’s decision to go to war with Hamas this summer.  However, it was discovered that Tzipi Livni was attempting to undermine the Prime Minister’s leadership by meeting with Abbas in England in order to sway public opinion against Netenyahu.  Some sources have provided information that this was formulated by John Kerry.  The Left never changes its colors.  This is the same tactics the former President Clinton and then advisor James Carville used to turn Israeli public opinion against Netenyahu the first time he was elected as Prime Minister.  What happened?  We ended up with Ehud Barak, a die-hard Leftist who opted for “peace talks” with Yasser Arafat at Camp David.  These talks culminated in offering the Palestinian Authority 98% of what they demanded.  The Left in Israel is trying to come up with ways for their own unity government in order to defeat Likud.  A left-wing government running Israel would be like having Obama work a cash register.  It would be a disaster.

Yasser Arafat came out to a public square screaming no and declared “jihad jihad jihad!!!!” The Palestinians were frustrated at their leader who was not an Israeli Arab, but a born Egyptian with hatred in his soul for the Jewish people.  They fell for it.  He inspired and incited the first intifada that catapulted violence against Jews in Israel to heightened extremes.

The left in Israel may wear different stripes, shapes, and colors.  The tactics are the same: take down any leader with common sense, use the chaos they create to their advantage, and never let a good crisis get away.  I fear that people will fall for this all over again.  NO leader in any country is ever perfect.  We want our leaders to be a man or a woman of the people.   To my friends and family in Israel: Do you want an Isaac Herzog type of Prime Minister?  A man who would give away the entire house of David to the Palestinian authority with more violence against Jews, or do you want someone who is doing everything in his power to keep the Jewish people safe, stabbings and all?

Did it ever occur to any of my friends in Israel that the reason Bibi cannot protect Israelis properly is because certain members, who are now fired, were getting in the way of the Prime Minister doing his job? Have you thought that all they have left in their pockets are personal attacks and no solutions to the current unrest in Jerusalem?  Does it occur to any of you that their presence has done more to harm Israelis than keep us safe?  They have all but ignored the recent stabbings and vehicular terrorism that is happening on a daily basis in Israel.  Livni has always demanded Israel be the way she wants it to be.  Neither she nor Lapid have ever dealt with the way things are in Israel.  He, a former television presenter, was used to engaging Achmed Tibi on his show about the Holocaust with love music in the background.  Tzipi Livni gets praise heaped on her by the likes of Madonna and Streisand, two Leftists who lecture Israelis on peace with no respect of how their demands would affect all Israeli citizens. Typical.  Livni is now free to move to Hollywood where she can dine with Streisand, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow while being chased by the Paparazzi.  I look forward to reading about this future girls’ night out in People Magazine.  Below is an excerpt of Netenyahu’s statement from the Times of Israel article written by Elie Lesham and Ilan Ben Zion:

It’s impossible to do all the things that are important for the security of the State of Israel” with the current government’s makeup, Netanyahu said. He then accused both Livni and Lapid of playing “old politics” and said that they had conspired against him. He also listed several instances in which Lapid and Livni defied him and “undermined” his rule.

“In May of this year she met with Abbas, completely against the cabinet’s decision not to meet during that time and contrary to my specific instruction not to hold the meeting,” he said of Livni, citing her criticism of the ban against meeting the PA leader as “stupid.”

“Something Lapid and Livni have in common in their leadership is grandiloquent statements about new politics. But in effect they are part of the same old politics,” he said. “In recent weeks, they attempted to entice the ultra-Orthodox parties into deposing the prime minister while sitting in government.

“The finance minister who failed in managing the economy joined the justice minister in the dark in order to topple the government,” Netanyahu charged. “In one word, we call that a putsch. It’s impossible to run a government and a state this way, and therefore I advised the cabinet secretary to fire Livni and Lapid.

“I will not tolerate opposition from within the cabinet,” he added, officially announcing that he would dissolve the current Knesset and send the country’s citizens back to the polls for the second time in just over two years.

Outgoing Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, December 1, 2014 (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)Before you complain about Bibi’s leadership, or lack thereof, remember voting in fresh new faces from the Left will spark an even worse storm of violence than ever before.  If we are to remain Am Yisrael Chai, it is imperative Israel’s leadership remain in the hands of a conservative right-wing hawk.  Remember that with any leftist government, no matter where a person lives in the world, there will always be huge tax hikes, more social programs, poverty, a centralized government, less individuality, and more antisemitism.

Elections have consequences.  You get what you vote for.  All one need do is to look at the six years America has had with the Obama Regime and see how the leviathan of our government is ruining so many lives.  Be grateful for an imperfect leader with flaws.

From seven to forty nine, the terror remains the same


I was seven years old when I had my first experience witnessing terror against Israel. In the summer of 1972, the Jewish community of Elkins Park was abound with excitement.  Israel was set to make history at the Olympics in Munich, Germany. Record breaking events in wrestling were going to put this young country on the map in the sports world. We were so idealistic, forgetting that the quiet rise of the Palestinian Liberation Organization was plotting the murder of the entire Israeli team.  We were ecstatic and starry eyed that Mark Spitz, a world record swimming champion, was there to represent, not only the best and brightest America had, but the Jewish community as well.  Jewish athletes from America were not the norm in those days and we were thrilled.

They day of the hostage takeover was and will remain one of the worst days in Jewish history.  My parents, aunts, uncles and cousins were glued to the television.  We paced from one end of the house to the other.  Finally, we were told to play outside while the adults discussed the worst possible outcome so as not to scare us children.  My being a child of holocaust survivors, instinct told me the worst was yet to come.

The day wore on like any other summer day.  Minutes turned to hours and blackness crept in outside in the eerily quiet Jewish neighborhood I was raised in.  Every home waited for good news that, g-d willing, the Mossad had made a secret mission to save those precious men from Arafat’s reign of terror.

The memory of the masked man on the balcony of the Olympic village is forever etched in my mind. The announcement by Jim McKay, coming on to the television in tears to tell the world,  “they’re all gone,” gave us the reality that terror against Jews had arrived in Europe again.

That moment, that minute, the spark of Zionism overcame me and I vowed for my parents, for Israel, for my child and my husband that I would fight to the death to defend her by any means possible.  My innocence was gone.  And, what did the majority of us do?  We simply shook our heads with fear and sadness and grieved.  The Mossad went into action at the behest of Israel’s then Prime Minister, Golda Meir, and took down every Palestinian terrorist involved in this massacre except for three: Abu Daoud, Machmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) and Yasser Arafat.  Unfortunately, two of these terrorists went on to become political leaders.  The world powers that be conveniently ignored this fact and continued to encourage violence by demanding a two state solution.  The anger they direct at Israel, unwilling to negotiate, is a cover-up for the fact that they despise the very existence of the Jewish people.  Especially in a country of our own in love and peace, knowing how to defend ourselves.

After the bombing, a sense of normalcy attempted a return.  Except the PLO started leaving paper bags on the ground in Israel, a ploy meant to blow up Jews that happened upon them.  It happened more than once.  Unfortunately, the body count was to be higher.  On June 27, 1975, Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Greece was hijacked by Arafat’s Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine along with two German nationals from revolutionary cells and re-routed to the pro Palestinian country of Uganda.

The non-Jewish passengers were released, leaving only the Jewish and Israeli captives held in the airport terminal. What were the demands?  The release of 40 Palestinian terrorists held in Israeli prisons and 13 others in other parts of the world.  Since 1975 the release of Palestinian terrorists in an exchange has never brought peace.  In fact, it’s a tactic used time and time again to exact vengeance and the destruction on the Jewish people.

In the cover of darkness on July 3rd and 4th, four Israeli transport planes landed in Entebbe.  Twenty nine Israeli commandos unloaded one Mercedes and two Land Rovers with the hope of convincing the terrorists they were Idi Amin and other high ranking officials.  They were discovered by Ugandan Sentinals as the Israelis stormed the building, freeing the hostages and killing the terrorists.  The commandos destroyed 11 Ungandan MiG17 fighters to prevent retaliation.  Israelis flew to Kenya where the freed Jews were transferred to other airplanes.  It was Bibi’s brother, Yonatan, who was mortally wounded and died en route to Kenya.

For two days and nights, the Jewish community was on pins and needles and silence swept over our homes. We went to synagogue, we prayed, we huddled, we cried and hugged each other.  Faced, again, with the fact that Jews were still hated all over the world.  We never saw or thought the growth of Arab terrorism would grow to the cancer it is today.  Many Jews in my neighborhood were complacent saying, “it will never come here, it’s too far away.”

This is the Israel I grew up knowing.  The Israel that didn’t think twice or negotiate with terrorists or listen to presidents who demanded the release of terrorist prisoners.  In those days the president stayed quietly out of Israel’s business.   No one demanded the release of these terrorists so that a peace process could proceed.  Unfortunately, the Jewish millenials get that with President Obama.  There’s your backbone on foreign policy.

In recent weeks, Hamas terrorists, including women, have been caught plotting attacks against Israel.  I don’t care if one slips through our fingers.  It is unacceptable to me that we cannot pray in our shuls safely in Jerusalem.  It is unacceptable that we need security at our synagogues in Israel the exact way shuls in Europe are guarded 24 hours a day.  How easy we have forgotten the past of Munich and Entebbe and the demands to release Palestinian terrorists in exchange for a short period of calm.  The unfortunate rise of the left in Israel gives rise to “what’s a few dead Jews in the name of the peace process?” My Israeli brothers and sisters on the left; when will enough dead Jews be enough dead Jews?

In the wake of the latest bloodbath in the Har Nof shul, where four Jewish men were butchered, pictures of bloodied siddurim (prayer books), tallit (prayer shawls) will be enshrined on google images forever.  Put those pictures next to the pile of prayer shawls piled at Auschwitz upon the Jews arrival to their death by gas chamber.  We have offered every inch of nearly 100% of the Palestinian Authority demands.  Our offers are met with a clear and resounding no. They will not stop at Israel.  The lessons of the past must be included in the coming Jewish State bill that will be passed to reaffirm that Israel remains the eternal homeland of the Jewish people.  Minority citizens of Israel will be brought into the fold of this bill, and their status as Israelis will not change.

Bibi is right when he says, “we can’t govern like this.” Something has to give to keep Israelis safer.  Loosening up gun laws are not enough.  To give a soldier a gun for three years only to have to give it up when military service is complete is nonsense.  My proposal is to allow civilian defenders who are discharged from the army the ability to keep their gun on them at all times.  It doesn’t hurt Israeli citizens.  It strengthens her self defense so we can breathe better while walking down the street, trying to avoid the knives and power drills aimed at the back of our heads when we least expect it.

The second proposal is to deny any and all entry to Palestinian activists from NGO’s such as International Solidarity Movement in Palestine.  This is a huge source of the bloodline of incitement that encourages the violent rage against Israel.  This doesn’t harm a free Democracy that exists in Israel.  Their exclusion will allow the IDF to do their jobs to thwart terror attacks. My suggestion would be to travel to Iran and protest the daily hangings of gays.  Perhaps they will get a lesson in what real human rights violations really are.

Gaza has arrived in Ferguson, Missouri

In lieu of last night’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson of Felony murder charges against Michael Brown, riots broke out in Ferguson, Mo. All across the city were signs being held up “From Palestine to Ferguson” waving in the air and stoking the flames of violence. Anti Israel protesters were bused in to create a disruption and goad the young adults into anger, violence, and property destruction. All this to destroy the minds of a generation who are now brainwashed that their hopes and dreams are stolen from under them. Blame Israel.

The anti Israel community consisting of human rights NGO’s, Boycott Divestment and Sanctions are determined to encourage people to act out in rage while they sit back and flame the hatred without getting their hands dirty.

Israel has spent an enormous amount of time having to deal with violent protesters whose specific target is to harass soldiers.  In every case, arrests are made and deportations to their home countries ensue.  It causes property damage, physical harm and the movement is only intended to use Arabs as a buffer to enact violence against Jews. Unfortunately, many in the Arab community still don’t know that they’re only being used for Europeans and American antisemites who take issue that Israel and Jews still exist in the world.  This is the Left’s assault on civilized society. Their motives are to canvass any peaceful areas they deem are unjust and create chaos and destruction.

The anti Israel protesters know they will be put back on an airplane at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv since it’s against the law to enter Israel with the intent to do specific harm to Israel and the Israeli public. Their attention has turned to Ferguson, and it has nothing to do with Michael Brown. Their appearance is to garner more support against Israel since their movement is falling apart. Unions anyone?

The tragedy of Ferguson, Mo. paralleling Gaza is that these young black adults are being used the exact same way. Here in America, we are smarter than that, we have an opportunity to stop the indoctrination of these kids before it is too late. Businesses were looted and burned to the ground days before Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

In the same way Israel is suffering economic turbulence in Jerusalem, Ferguson residents are suffering. Schools are closed, businesses are either gone or boarded up, and the police who do everything to keep this country safe are exhausted. It’s time for Governor Nixon to reach out to Israel and get training from the IDF on how best to deal with this crisis.

Nothing was accomplished last night. The police and IDF are not perfect. However, both America and Israel have a rule of law that the majority of the population abides by. In Obama’s press conference he asked that the police show “restraint” to the protesters. Where have we heard that before? Should the police sit back while innocent people in the neighborhoods around Ferguson suffer? No. Is Obama asking the police to allow the criminals to burn buildings and cars to the ground before they take action? Tell that to the families that own small businesses that can’t pay their mortgages or put food on the table now.

The same goes for the Palestinian criminals causing violence against Jews in which innocent Arabs and Jews who work in Jerusalem businesses together are suffering now that tourism has dropped.  The most important tactic for anti Israel protesters is to attack its economy first. In Ferguson, it seems they accomplished just that. The criminals in Ferguson and Palestinians have one thing in common. Both groups don’t aspire to have communication skills when things don’t go their way.

All that is needed is for Abu Mazen to make an appearance holding hands with Al Sharpton threatening to go to the UN and inflict sanctions against the Ferguson Police Department and Israel.

Jerusalem Synagogue massacre: Israel’s enemies unite in thoughts, words and deeds!

Scene of terror attack in Jerusalem synagogueOn Tuesday November 18, 2014 many Jewish people around the world were gathered in their respective synagogues for worship and prayer. For pious Jews, synagogue attendance is part of a regular routine that punctuates their daily schedule. Prayer is like breathing; you simply can’t function without it. It was Elie Wiesel in Night who, asked by Moshe from the synagogue why he prayed, answered: “Why did I pray? A strange question. Why did I live? Why did I breathe?”

 It was in the midst of a daily service that the lives of the congregants of ultra-orthodox synagogue Kehilat Bnei Torah were changed forever. Apparently “inspired” by the butchers of ISIS, two Palestinian cousins, hatchet and gun in hand, barged inside the house of prayer and killed four people–three of them rabbis– and wounded many more. The death toll was raised to five when one of the first responding police officers who was shot in the head, died within hours. This was the worst attack in Jerusalem since 2008.

My heart goes out to the families of the victims as well as the community around that particular synagogue. But it really is the whole worldwide Jewish community who was hit on Tuesday. I have often said that the new anti-Semitism finds all Jews guilty of Israel’s “crimes” as if by proxy, regardless of their locale. While this concept is not rooted in logic, a similar one–that one with merit– relating to the global Jewish community, makes all Jews mourn when they hear of the loss of a fellow Jew. For that reason, I mourn our loss and I denounce the barbarism of the perpetrators.

Passed the obvious outrage about this unspeakable act of terrorism, we need to consider the crimes beyond the crime, as we have also witnessed much more anti-Semitism than that of the two Palestinian murderers. What was the world’s response to this third act of terrorism in Jerusalem in the last month?

President Obama, appeared to be denouncing this bloody carnage when he said:“ The murderers for today’s outrageous acts represent the kind of extremism that threatens to bring all of the Middle East into the kind of spiral from which it’s very difficult to emerge,” yet I am trying to understand what he really meant when he said: “But we have to remind ourselves that the majority of Palestinians and Israelis overwhelmingly want peace and to be able to raise their families knowing they’re safe and secure.”

I don’t doubt that the majority of Israelis want peace in the region. I am also aware that even in the midst of the Jewish community, there might be some who do not wish for peace with the Palestinians and might even display some signs of racism. Let’s remember that racism is part of human nature and as such it exists globally. This being said, the vast majority of Israelis do want peace.

On the other hand, I strongly disagree with President Obama regarding the Palestinian desire for peace. Come on Mr. President, it was only minutes after the crime that Palestinians were celebrating on the streets, holding pictures of the two terrorists as heroes and passing out candy. Even Hamas leadership was very clear in their position as they praised the attack on the synagogue. Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas denounced the attack, but of course he remained silent when it came to voice his disagreement with Hamas. It wouldn’t be the first time that Mr. Abbas speaks from both sides of his mouth. Let us not forget that Hamas and Fatah are at peace and working together to promote the establishment of the State of Palestine. According to Hamas’ charter, Israel and the Jewish people must disappear for Palestine to exist, as is clearly stated in several of their 36 articles.

Article 8 The Hamas document reiterates the Muslim Brotherhood’s slogan of “Allah is its goal, the Prophet is the model, the Qur’an its constitution, jihad its path, and death for the sake of Allah its most sublime belief.

Article 13 There is no negotiated settlement possible. Jihad is the only answer.

As a Jew, I must ask: “What part of ‘they want to kill us ALL’ do you not understand Mr. President?” In the meantime, the US and the EU continue to fund the Palestinian Authority indiscriminately. Does that make them co-conspirators or co-perpetrators?

Aside from the two direct perpetrators, the myriad of cheering Palestinian supporters and various world governments making empty statements, we also must consider how the media kicked Israel and the Jewish people while they were down–a common practice, so it seems. The bias is nauseating!

  • CNN originally reported that the attack was perpetrated on a mosque not a synagogue (most likely a mistake, but seriously!?)

Once again, in the midst of a bloodbath, Israel’s enemies have joined forces. Perpetrators, supporters and reporters all seems to look at the Middle East crisis through the same warped lenses of bias and anti-Semitism. Long gone are the days when I gave them all the benefit of the doubt and allowed them to claim ignorance. There was malice in the act itself, there was malice in those supporting it and there was even malice in the heart of those reporting the tragedy.

In Psalm 133:1 we read Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity! As the enemies of Israel continue to stand together in defiance of the real meaning of this beautiful passage of Scripture, we, the Jews and the friends of Israel must dwell together, hold hands and keep each other in a prayerful vigil.

There has never been a more appropriate time to remember God’s promise to Abraham and the Jewish people in Bereshit (Genesis):

I will bless those who bless you and I will curse him who curses you”.

Who exactly is the new EU Foreign Policy Chief, Federica Mogherini?


As we settle into the European Union’s new unelected disaster of a Foreign Policy Chief named Federica Mogherini, questions begin to form.  Who exactly is this woman and what in her background makes her so hostile to Israel?  To find out, let’s take a walk through her elitist life and political career.

Federica was born into wealth, the daughter of  Italian film director Flavio Mogherini.  She attended the Sapienza University in Rome, majoring in Political Science and Political Philosophy.   Or, as those majors are also known, “How to be an enlightened Marxist radical.”  An activist with the Italian Communist Party, in 2001 she revamped herself by joining the National Council of the Democrats of the Left.  It appears with a little rewording, the Communist party was reborn as an acceptable movement in the confines of the former Fascist movement in Italy.

What is striking about Ms. Mogherini is what transpired in 2002.  Federica traveled to Ramallah and posed for a photo op with Yasser Arafat which is very disturbing.

The year of the second Intifada in Israel:

When the photo was exposed, she removed it from her blog.   It can still be found by searching Google, though.  At that time, Federica was working for the Department of DS.  This may explain why she is not so neutral when it comes to the Israeli-Arab conflict.  She was openly hostile in a joint press conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu.   He schooled her that the Temple Mount is the legitimate prayer site of the Jewish people and site of our blessed Second Temple as she stood with a scowl on her face.  She couldn’t respond because she was lacking all historical information necessary to be prepared for such a press conference.  What an embarrassment for this radical.

The next part of the press conference shows the Prime Minister providing accurate accounts detailing the violence initiated by the Palestinians; vehicular terrorism, knives, rock throwing and fire bombs.  Watch here:

Within the last day, it has come to light that the EU has secretly planned to impose sanctions on Israel in a document that Haaretz has received.  It  is being promoted to deny Israel it’s right to self determination–meaning the eradication of modern Zionism would become illegal if practiced were applied in the state of Israel.

It’s difficult to think that such a document, drafted in smoke and mirrors, has the support of all 28 member states of the European Union. It’s a last ditch effort of control from a body of failed leaders who know nothing about leadership, economics, politics or even running a small business or how to create a job.

The center of this document is to deny Israelis the right to free elections and the ability to choose political leaders they approve of.  The document seeks to have this body choose the leaders for the Israeli people.  Chilling beyond words, it clearly states the EU would have the right to decide who they approve of while refusing to cooperate or have a relationship with the leaders they disapprove of.

It is a full throttle hate on Israel by the EU because of the fact that Israel will not deal with or tolerate or negotiate with the spectrum of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.  Especially as the latter is a  corrupt co-terror network that seeks the destruction of the Jewish people and Israel.

Israel, the bad child, is going to be punished and the EU will come in and make decisions for them.  Because, as you know, how dare Israel be trusted to make any decisions for themselves.  Below is an excerpt from Lori Lowenthal Marcus’ article in the Jewish Press detailing their agenda:

Several states, including some that are considered great friends of Israel, are the ones who conceived the move and are now hiding behind the EU’s foreign service so that it can act as the bad cop.

The EU diplomats claim the mandate was received from the “political echelon of all 28 member states.”  Further quotes from those whispering in the ears of Haaretz:

This is a sign that a great deal of anger and frustration exist in the member states. In recent months there were meetings of European foreign ministers in which ministers, who are considered extremely close to Israel, spoke in the most critical way against the policies of Netanyahu’s government.

And then comes the direct threat:

“The fact is that there is an agreement among all 28 member countries of the European Union to discuss measures against Israel, and that is what should worry the government in Jerusalem and the Israeli public,” they said. “This paper will be handed over to the political echelon in Europe, which will decide which actions, if at all, to take.” H/T Lori Lowenthal Marcus The Jewish Press

Other mandates included in this document are stifling the Bayit Yehud Leader, Naftali Bennett, and Israeli President, Ruvy Rivlin, imposing economic sanctions that include punishing Israeli business and countries who participate in free market projects beyond the Green Line.  The punishment would force a Dutch water company, Vitens, to cease their collaborative effort with Israel’s water company, Mekoret, if they dare to cross the Green Line.

Note to the EU: Israel has developed its own irrigation system to grow things in the desert, and they don’t need your water systems to survive!

Israel must not cower to these demands nor should they allow any member of the EU from entering Israel again.  They should be banned for life as was the case for Mads Gilbert and William Schabas’ UN investigative team.

As President Reagan stated in his great speech, we have a rendezvous with destiny.  We must stand up for our sovereign nation, defend every elected official and continue to prove every day you are the safest country for Jews and Arabs in a swirling continent surrounded by countries who consistently torment their own citizens.  Countries  that add to the vast bevy of human rights violations ignored on a daily basis by this very EU entity.

Let us send a message loud and clear to Federica Mogherini; Lady, you’re not worth anything but sitting on the beach in some exotic island sun bathing to your heart’s content.  And, stay on that beach because it’s all your’re good for.


Four killed, others hurt in terror attack at Jerusalem synagogue

At least four people were killed Tuesday morning in a terror attack at a synagogue in Jerusalem, according to Magen David Adom.

Eight other people were reported wounded, including four in serious condition, two in moderate condition and two who sustained light wounds.

Two police officers were among the wounded.

“We are viewing this as a terrorist attack,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

According to police, the two suspected Palestinian terrorists, armed with a gun and axes, attacked worshipers after entering a synagogue on Agasi Street in the capital’s Har Nof neighborhood. Two police officers quickly arrived to the scene and exchanged fire with the suspects,  killing them.

Both attackers appeared to be from east Jerusalem, according to Channel 2.

Large numbers of police and emergency teams were at the site.

Medical workers evacuated three seriously injured people and one lightly wounded to Hadassah University Medical Center – Ein Kerem, MDA said. Meanwhile, Shaare Zedek Medical Center in the capital was treating one seriously wounded person and one moderately hurt.

Read more at The Jerusalem Post.

State Department weekly bullying of Israel

Attached is an entire compilation of all the terror attacks aimed at Jews in Israel over the past week.  23 people are wounded and two are dead at the hands of stabbings. As the intifada against Israelis rages on, Jen Psaki, of the State Department continues to degrade Israel’s technique on how best to deal with terrorists. One of the tactics in dealing with terrorists who visibly strike at Jews is to destroy their homes to send a clear message of no tolerance of violence toward any and all Israeli citizens. The murders of Sgt. Almog Shiloni and Dalia Lemkos has brought us to the reality that no matter what Israel does to defend itself, the Administration and State Department will demand that every time a terrorist is taken out, that Israel sacrifice a life to make up for the weakening of terrorism in Israel.

In recent months, Egypt has stepped up to the plate as a partner with Israel to squash Hamas’ terror network by destroying 13 tunnels during Protective Edge, taking out Hamas terrorists and destroying their homes in a response to the constant threat Hamas poses in the Sinai desert in Egyptian territory.

Egypt speedily destroyed 800 homes in Gaza to create a buffer zone. This action was taken because of a bomb that exploded near Egyptian troops which raised security alerts along the Gaza border.   On October 24, 2014, 31 Egyptian soldiers were murdered making it one of the most deadliest attacks in recent history.  Egypt has finally tasted a dose of what Israel has been experiencing from Gaza.  Finally, a neighboring country is taking the terror from Gaza seriously.  WE hope this eases the ongoing nightmare for Israel.

Counterproductive is the new term Jen Psaki put forth in the new and improved way to determine that Israel must give up defending its citizens in exchange to save the lives of terrorists. Ms. Psaki can use all of the softer terms she wants so as not to look like an antisemite, but the tactics are the same.

Ms. Psaki was asked on Friday about El Sissi’s demolishing homes in the Sinai and her response was, “Their only crime was living in an area of the Sinai in order for Egypt to create a buffer zone.” Condoning Egypt’s right to self defense is good, but Israel having to put up with 240 terrorist attacks, serious injuries and two murders is acceptable so as not to hurt the feelings of the Palestinian Authority or Hamas? She is telling Israel it’s insulting to destroy the home of a terrorist because they’re justified in their violence over settlements. Let me get this straight; it’s completely okay for Egypt to fight Hamas and destroy homes, but Israel should allow an intifada to perpetuate danger to the Jewish people?  Here are some of her responses when questioned about both Egypt’s and Israel’s right to self defense asked by Associated Press, Matt Lee and in Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu’s article in The Jewish Press:

“There have been some serious security challenges in the Sinai,” Psaki said. “We respect Egypt’s concern about their security in the area and support its right to self-defense. We also expect that they will ensure the rights of those being displaced are respected and that they are adequately compensated. That continues to be what we have conveyed to the Egyptians.”

And how about Israel’s right to self-defense?

“So you don’t regard that as being counterproductive to the cause of peace or fighting extremism, these home demolitions?” in the Sinai, asked Associated Press reporter Matt Lee. “You would not argue that – I mean, you say that there are serious security problems in the Sinai for the Egyptians. Are there not also serious security concerns and security problems for the Israelis?… H/T Jewish Press

”It’s not okay for the Israelis to demolish homes, but it’s okay for the Egyptians to demolish homes?”

Psaki dug up the expired “borders’ argument, to wit:

“Well, it’s an entirely different scenario, Matt. Egypt is not predetermining what borders would be by taking these steps. It’s a different scenario….

We believe it’s counterproductive to their stated goals. In Egypt, we understand their concerns about their security. We’ve seen recent threats to that in the Sinai, as you all have reported on. I think I’m going to leave it at that. They’re different scenarios.”

So now Egypt’s borders are what’s allowed for destruction of Gaza homes, but Israel’s borders are considered illegal and so is their right to self defense?  How is the fact that Israel and Egypt facing an onslaught of terror from Hamas inside of Gaza entirely different scenarios?  Israel’s security and safety of all her citizens should be the most important stated goal.  A woman with no experience of visiting or living in a country that is under constant threats of terror declares two different scenarios exist for two exact situations.

What the State Department is saying is Egypt already has predetermined borders, but Israel’s borders are not because of the incessant whining and crying the Palestinian Authority does over settlement building.  The State Department only views Israel as a thorn in the world’s side because according to them, if only Israel ceased existence, there would be peace in the Middle East.

I’m looking forward to what Ms. Psaki’s next moronic comment is at Chanukkah time.  I’m sure it will look something like this:  “Israel can no longer have menorahs in their homes because it’s an insult to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Max Blumenthal and David Sheen banned from German Parliament


Max Blumenthal and David Sheen

In a twist of fate and moment of delicious irony, two of the most anti Israel activists have been banned for life from the German Reichstag. Max Blumenthal and David Sheen traveled to Germany at the behest of members of the German Socialist Party to give testimony of Israel’s alleged oppression of non Jews. David needs to remember that Israel is a Jewish country with 1.5 million minorities that enjoy free and equal rights as citizens. Out of the 1.5 million minorities living in Israel as full fledged citizens are: Druze, Israeli Arab Christians, Israeli Arab Muslims, and Arameans.

However, it has been reported that illegal infiltrators from Africa are leaving on their own accord from Israel. These people have caused an increase in crime against Israeli citizens. Israel is still a nation of laws like any other country and has a strict policy toward illegal citizens. David has been accusing Israel of illegally expelling African citizens from Israel. Note to David: Israel is not a melting pot of many nations like America is. It is the Jewish homeland and if you seek a melting pot then immigrate legally to America. Israel is not home to non Jews, it is home to Jewish people who seek to live a full Jewish life as commanded to us by G-d in the Torah.

Recent infiltrators from Eritrea and Sudan have quadrupled the crime rate in South Tel Aviv. David Sheen seeks to create a dangerous policy that would put Israelis in mortal danger. Bad enough Israel is facing another intifada at the hands of knives and vehicular terrorism with a side order of rockets from the South, but a much closer brand of criminal is rooted in Tel Aviv neighborhoods by Africans seeking asylum.

My friend, May Golan, has taken this issue of illegal squatters and educated an Israeli population in order to preserve a Jewish society and a Jewish country. If these infiltrators have their way, Israel will cease being a Jewish country. In this photo, two police officers in Tel Aviv can be seen dealing with a naked, Africa prostitute. Do any of us really want our children to see this first thing in the morning on their way to school, let alone on our way to work? This is not far from Levinsky Park. What right does David Sheen have to shove his pro illegal immigrant views down the throats of Israelis like May Golan, Michael Ben Ari, Danny Danon, and hundreds of us who have a right to preserve our Judaism in our own land?

Max and David attempted to confront the head of the German Left Party, Gregor Gysi. David Sheen accused Mr. Gysi of calling him an antisemite. Nothing could be further from the truth. The two agitators proceeded to hunt Gregor down the hall in which Gysi had to lock himself in a bathroom stall so as to escape what could have been a violent physical confrontation at the hands of David Sheen. Below is the first video of Max whining on camera while the crowd virtually ignores his demands:

One of greatest moments of this video is the German camera man asking Max, “Und how do you feel zat he doesn’t vant to discuss wit you, Max?”

This is the next part of the video where David Sheen claims that Mr. Grysi has smeared his reputation, and that David will promptly face a bevy of death threats upon his arrival to Israel.

In an email from the German Parliament’s chamber President, Norbert Lammert, it solidified  the ban of Max Blumenthal and David Sheen as well as ever entering the German parliament in the future.

“Every attempt to exert pressure on members of parliament, to physically threaten them and thus endanger the parliamentary process is intolerable and must be prevented,” Lammert said, according to the statement.

Imagine two Jewish anti Israel agitators being expelled from the Reichstag for antisemitism. The very building where the implementation of the Holocaust began.

Al-Haaretz sinks to its lowest form of existence

In the wake of the shooting of Yehuda Glick, campaigner for Jews to pray at the Temple Mount, Al -Haaretz put out a cartoon depicting a plane with Israel written on it flying toward the Twin Towers. Yehuda Glick was shot four times because the Islamic Jihadist terrorist was upset that Yehuda wants us to have the right to pray on our Temple Mount, peacefully I may add.

On to Chickenst-gate.  Jeffrey Goldberg’s article revealed a senior White House official anonymously called Prime Minister Netenyahu chickenst, filled with Aspergery and a coward who won’t have the courage to attack Iran. Really White House? It is you that told Israel to show the ultimate “restraint” while working out a backroom deal with Iran for their continued program in developing materials intended for a nuclear war in the Middle East; primarily to attack Israel.

Al-Haaretz scrambles to protect Obama’s already drowning reputation and poll numbers in posting a despicable cartoon.  Peter Beinart’s twitter page was blowing up with comparisons from the Clinton Administration where he proposed that squabbles between our two nations occurred, calling for Moshe Ya’alon’s firing for apologizing to John Kerry for referring to the Secretary of State as “obsessive” and “messianic” over his need to control Israel.  It’s one thing to describe someone with an accurate adjective and quickly man up and apologize, but it’s another thing when the White House uses the Saul Alinsky tactics of personal attacks in an attempt to sway public opinion against Bibi Netenyahu.

BOOM AND A BACKFIRE. Al-Haaretz has a history of twisting Israel’s right to build on its own land as “occupation” in an attempt to give street cred and justification to the Palestinians who engage in constant terror and fear tactics when they don’t get their way.  The cartoon is the poorest attempt at discrediting their own leader who has fought valiantly in the Sayeret Maktal unit to defend Israel, ensuring that Israelis could sleep in their warm beds every night. It might be helpful for the narcissists at Al-Haaretz to revisit Bibi’s time in the Israeli Defense Forces and realize it was he who was one of many soldiers that risked his life for them and their families to defend their right to exist and live in peace.

In many articles by Gidon Levy ,Peter Beinart and the former drunk employee, Emily Hauser is a ghoulish fairy tale that no target in Gaza is ever legitimate.  When the summer war of Protective Edge was happening, it was Emily and her cohorts in their fiercest self loathing and being over indulged as spoiled, rotten children lamenting how hard life was for them because they were so conflicted with their Jewish identity while Israeli lives were being threatened with missiles and rockets.  The product of over indulged, old money, overnight camp going and private school tutoring, limousine liberal driving parents who gave them more than most can afford.

On 9/11 America faced its worst attack by Arab terrorists.  Israelis, Muslims, American,s and people of other faiths and cultures were murdered just because they showed up at work and because of the Muslim hatred of the west, America, and Israel. PROJECTION. This is a disgusting display of Jesse Ventura type conspiracy insanity. The two countries who fled to our side in a horrific time of grief were England and Israel. Shame on you, Al Haaretz. It’s time you packed up, left Israel and settled in Qatar.