Letters to the Editor


Kentucky County’s proposed Intl. Code Ordinance intrusive, tramples property rights


Dear Editor,

My wife and I attended the Boone Co. Code Enforcement Board Ordinance non-vote Tuesday. Thank you, Mr. Kunkel, for calling this to our attention.

Vic Altherr

Anyone who reads this document has to be incredulous that it would be presented, much less adopted, anywhere in the U S.A. (maybe with the exception of Bill DiBlasio’s New York City).

An overflow crowd agreed, packing the first floor of the Administration Building to overflowing. Many turned around and went home.
I have to wonder about the Administration’s tin ear in presenting this wide-ranging, intrusive document to the most conservative county in the State, two months after they overwhelming elected a Governor who ran on radically shrinking government; and this on the heels of putting tolls back on the table after voting for a no-tolls resolution.
A surprising amount of attendees were first-timers, many I recognized from community service through churches and charities…people who quietly make our community a better place. They are angry. Two people involved in local government for awhile talked to me.  One said (paraphrased) over half of those people weren’t the normal crowd and the Administration better take notice. The other one chuckled, shook his head and said, “They really stepped in it this time.”
I also went to International Code Council’s (the source of this ordinance) website. This appears to be a multi-layered globalist website with keywords such as sustainable, green codes, solar codes, etc. I clicked to this portion of the site which shows the “successful” code official how to grow his empire.
The 2012 edition of the property maintenance code lists other codes it is in compliance with, including Int’l Energy Compliance Code, Int’l Existing Building Code, Int’l Green Construction Code, Int’l Private Sewage Disposal Code, Int’l Swimming Pool and Spa Code, Int’l Wildland Urban Interface Code and Int’l Zoning Code. International  means county citizens can be bound by rules voted in by autocracies, monarchies (yes, they still exist) and authoritarian single party governments half way around the world.
Boone County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the state for a very long time. Visual evidence tells me the lack of a Code Enforcement Board isn’t stopping people from moving or investing here. The Administration should get rid of this document and concentrate on making people aware of existing ways to deal with these problems. The consensus we are hearing is that it’s a bad document that should be forgotten.
Something else struck me at the meeting. More and more government employees are calling taxpayers “customers.” The main definition of customer is “one that purchases a commodity or service.” Given a choice, there are quite a few “services” I would discontinue. I consider customer a free market term indicating someone who is the subject advertising campaigns. I prefer “citizen of Boone County” or “employer”.
Vic Altherr
Union, Kentucky
Vic Altherr is a resident of Union. He publishes the community newsletter Boone and Beyond…Grassroots News, with his wife Ann Altherr.