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Father might know best… if we gave him a chance

We all remember the show “ Leave it to Beaver” with Ward, June, Wally, and the Beav – a perfect family unit who always had dinner together at the table with mom and dad asking their sons how their day at school was. And often times Wally and/or the Beav had done something wrong and even though they knew they’d be in trouble, they’d fess up and Ward would have a long talk with them about the importance of not doing whatever it was they did. There would often be a message about honesty, integrity, working hard, never giving up… and while Wally and the Beav learned their lesson, the show sent a message to viewers as well and that message was fathers matter.

Today, if you watch any television show you will see a very different side of fathers. They are mocked, ridiculed, treated as the secondary parent or completely absent. We have made a joke of the role fathers play, and not just in entertainment but in our media and ultimately our homes as well.

It is important that we discuss this, especially in light of recent events such as Michael Brown and Eric Garner and their untimely deaths. The leftist media would have us believe that both Brown and Garner were victims of the system brought on by police officers who deliberately go out of their way to harass black men because ya’ know, they’re racist and stuff. It has nothing to do with 72% of all violent crimes being committed by black men, no no no, it’s all because the police inherently hate black people. Sure, they might not have been racist before, BUT once they put on that badge they change into the Klan.

The reality is the system is responding to crimes being committed, and if the majority of crimes being committed are by black people then there is not a problem with the system, but with that community. Now before you start sending me hate mail and calling me a racist, KEEP READING. We are failing our black neighbors, by not being honest about this, by coddling them and most of all by creating divisive rhetoric that keeps them at a distance.

For example, the left has been pushing the “hands up” marketing for months, even though it was proven via forensic evidence that this was indeed a lie and that Michael Brown did not surrender. And yet thousands of “activists” have been lying on the floors of malls, disrupting tree lightings, attacking shoppers on Black Friday using just this sentiment. Does this change a thing about what happened with Brown? Does it address why he didn’t live at home? Why his mom had given up on him? Where his dad was? No. Instead of looking at what may have happened to Brown to put him in this situation to begin with, the whole leftist narrative has been RACISM.

When we make excuses for the Browns of the world we do them a disservice and we set them up to fail. Instead of going out of our way to make sure no one feels bad that they robbed a convenience store (because God forbid anyone is accountable for their behavior) we need to look at what’s happening at home and at school.  Did you know that 72% of black children are born to single mothers – that is nearly 3 out of 4 with NO FATHER in the household – whereas only 28% of white children are born to single mothers?

Now single moms out there, I respect you, I can’t begin to understand what it takes to be a single parent, however there is something to be said for needing a father in the home. Society has done all it can to lessen the importance of the father and in doing so is perpetuating this cycle of poverty and crime. Government has become a parent and is proving to be a lousy “dad” at that.

Fathers, you do make a difference and until we start working on the family unit, not only in the black community but in all communities, nothing changes. Putting cameras on cops doesn’t stop the crimes from being committed – maybe sitting down at dinner with your family as you grow up though does. Making cops take sensitivity training doesn’t stop crime – but maybe some true discipline as children grow up does.

The problem is not outside of us – sorry liberals, it’s not just a society thing where we only see skin color and make assumptions based on said skin color, ya’ know, racism? This problem will actually take work and sorry not sorry, fueling riots and creating hate-filled narratives that divide this country further does nothing but make you feel better about yourselves

Ferguson increases number of National Guardsmen patrolling the streets

ferguson national guardAfter an evening of chaos in Ferguson, Missouri, Governor Jay Nixon on Tuesday tripled the number of the National Guard forces patrolling the area. Tensions were high as darkness fell and troops and police were out in force. Four people including one woman was detained in front of the Police Department where most of the extreme protesting took place. In comparison to Monday’s riots, the area was calm.

Earlier Tuesday, Gov. Jay Nixon pledged to beef up law enforcement here to prevent a second night of violence over the non-indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown Jr. Brown’s family lawyers criticized the grand jury process as well as the handling of the case.

Governor Nixon’s announcement comes after Ferguson Mayor Knowles said that the National Guard wasn’t deployed quick enough calling the misstep “deeply concerning.” Wilson spoke for the first time Tuesday night since the non-indictment in an interview with ABC. The interview will air in three parts, beginning Tuesday on “World News with David Muir.” Wilson released a letter Monday evening thanking his supporters. According to the local Fire Chief reported that twelve commercial buildings in Ferguson were burned down during the protests and firefighters responded to fires at eight others.

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Several arrested after Ferguson protesters march onto I-75 in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Protesters briefly shut down a section of I-75 in Cincinnati near the Ezzard Charles exit as they chanted, “Hands up, don’t shoot” to protest the grand jury decision Monday not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

All lanes on the interstate were closed about 7 p.m.

Protesters on highway in front of officers (FOX19/Ben Katko)

Protesters on highway in front of officers (FOX19/Ben Katko)

The march began as protesters gathered on the steps of the Federal Courthouse where National Action Network leaders and Mayor John Cranley addressed the crowd. The group then marched north to Over-the-Rhine, some wearing white masks signifying anonymity.

“Like all of you, I am deeply concerned about the loss of life and the events that are unfolding in Ferguson, Mo.,” Cranley said. “I can sympathize with all aspects of what the community is experiencing because Cincinnati has had similar tensions in the past.”

Approximately 10 people were arrested. Cincinnati police said the protest was dangerous and that those arrested would at least be cited for pedestrian violations.

Hundreds of protesters marched from Cincinnati District 1 headquarters to the Ezzard Charles exit.

“Please, get off the expressway or you will be arrested,” police told protesters through bullhorns.

The highway was closed for about 20 minutes, but it remains unclear at this point where they were planning to go or why they sat on the highway. There were approximately 200 people marching.

Those arrested were charged with inducing panic and disorderly conduct, police said.

A police spokeswoman said everyone arrested was from Cincinnati.

Many other rallies were planned across the nation Tuesday in places like Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles.

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Ferguson residents are ‘Ready for War’ over the decision not to indict Officer Wilson

Source: NBC News

Source: NBC News

As we all know by now, late Monday evening the grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. This as expected and planned, sparked mass rioting and looting throughout the city of Ferguson deep into the night.

Many small business owners watched as their buildings and incomes went up in flames all at the hands of those who cannot comprehend nor want to accept the evidence presented. These race-baiting, tension escalating, and self-described law experts such as Al Sharpton and President Obama certainly do not help the situation with their recent remarks either.

What happened in Ferguson last night is appalling and unacceptable, but it’s because of the attitude and self-consciously absorbed victim card of those who are not after justice for anyone, but only to stir violence that is to blame.

Those “protesters” who were seeking justice in this case only wanted their justice. They were only after the answers they wanted, not necessarily the right ones. It certainly appears the facts do not matter in this case to them. Check out a map of a few businesses they decided to torch:

Source: KSDK NewsChannel 5

Source: KSDK NewsChannel 5

Here are a few messages from one resident who has been ready for war for months reported via St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Paul Hampel:

Too much chaos occurred last night after a late announcement of this decision, but it seems that no amount of preparedness or lack thereof was enough to stop or help limit the amount of destruction that was done to a small town. Gov. Jay Nixon did not order the National Guard to Ferguson until Tuesday and the Ferguson Police Department was ordered to stand down for the most part. All of this while a small town went up in flames and people lost their livelihoods and watched their businesses burn to the ground.

Even Michael Brown’s step-father wanted people to burn buildings down. Watch the video here, with the “burn this b*tch down” chant coming at around the 3:00 mark:

CNN reports: Activists are set to rally Tuesday in more than 115 cities in the United States, speaking out in support of Brown’s family and accusations about police violence and racial injustice — rooted in the fact that Brown was black and Wilson is white. And their calls will likely be loudest in and around Ferguson, a city unknown to many worldwide more than three months ago, but which is now ground zero in this debate.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said he heard more than 100 gun shots fired by unknown people on Monday evening.

What we saw tonight was much worse than what we saw any night in August.

A very sad time in our nation. This is a time for prayers. Prayers for an entire community as they remain at ground zero for violence and ignorance.

Pray for Ferguson. Pray for America.

Darren Wilson Will NOT Be Indicted

The Grand Jury responsible for deliberating whether or not Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted for the shooting that killed Michael Brown has reached a decision after 108 days. Robert McCulloch, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, gave a press conference in Clayton, Mo. He says that some statements were completely refuted by the evidence. McCulloch said that all twelve jurors heard every word spoken in testimony, and they are the only people who have heard and examined every witness and every piece of physical evidence. He declared,

The jury deliberated over two days making their final decision. They determined that no probable cause exists to file any charge against officer Wilson. And returned a no true bill on each of the five indictments.

This has been one of the most anticipated legal decisions in recent years. The nation waits on edge for the fallout promised by the ‘peaceful’ protesters. What will the next few days look like for Ferguson, Mo? One thing is sure, the police officers of Ferguson and St. Louis County will be kept busy.  Many schools have cancelled for the week, and businesses have closed early out of fear.

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