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NY Mayor de Blasio rolls out his plan on affordable housing in State of the City Address

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers his State of the City address at Baruch College in the Manhattan borough of New York City, February 3, 2015.    REUTERS/Mike Segar

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers his State of the City address at Baruch College in the Manhattan borough of New York City, February 3, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Segar

NEW YORK — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled his plan on affordable housing in his second State of the City speech on Tuesday. Stating high cost living in New York City along with the high prices as his profound challenge, de Blasio is pushing his ambiguous plan to organize the construction of hundreds of thousands of new apartments over the next decade.

The mayor outlined his plan to tackle along with his top priority of affordable housing during his speech at Baruch College in Manhattan late Tuesday morning. Highlighting his first year achievements of 2014, de Blasio touted making Pre-K available for 50,000 children, Vision Zero plan of making the streets safer for crossing, paid sick leave for tens of thousands of workers, as well as improving conditions of city’s jails by pouring millions to more surveillance cameras and expanding mental illness programs.

De Blasio’s address focused the majority of the speech on affordable housing, citing “if we don’t act and act boldly, New York risks taking on the qualities of a gated community.” Going on about the New York diversity gap, de Blasio expresses the reason is due to the “soaring cost of housing.” His central focus was on the housing plan opposed to outlining policy proposals for 2015 set a different tone from previous mayors as de Blasio plans to invest $200 million in affordable housing infrastructure job initiatives.

Focusing on the city’s zoning laws to help achieve his housing plan, it will include 160,000 new apartments at market-rate over the next eight years.

“For the first time in New York City history, we are creating a mandatory inclusionary zoning requirement that will apply to all major residential rezoning and in every major rezoning, development will require developers to include affordable housing as a precondition.” De Blasio eyes to target six neighborhoods for rezoning to include East New York in Brooklyn, Long Island City and Flushing in Queens, Jerome Corridor in the Bronx, Bay Street Corridor in Staten Island and East Harlem in Manhattan.

De Blasio’s affordable housing plan will face challenges from Albany and Governor Andrew Cuomo as most components of his plan won’t be undertaken anytime soon as promised. Sunnyside Yards is a huge controversial plan that the mayor’s vision for new development of 11,250 affordable units is controlled by the Amtrak and the state Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The governor’s office commented after the address on this issue, stating “it’s an important facility for our transportation system and it’s not available for any other use in the near term.” A study from city officials will examine this new vision beginning this month to determine the cost and infrastructure needed to redevelop the rail yard.

Along with his housing plan, de Blasio wants to extend ferry public transportation throughout New York City stating it will ease options for isolated neighborhood development. The launch of citywide ferry service will add new services to already existing services and linking them together. The cost to use this ferry system from the mayor is “pegged to the cost of a MetroCard ($2.50). The plan for the riverine is set to begin by 2017.

De Blasio’s speech repeated his core central campaign theme – “Tale of Two Cities” as a step in fulfilling his campaign promise to narrow the divide between New York City rich and poor. He emphasizes the need of raising minimum wages and benefits. Noting Henry Ford- de Blasio added his left wing “socialist” idea of increasing living wages for his workers to afford the cars they worked to build. Stating it was good for business, it can work here in New York as well.

However, this will be a problem that will be halted by Albany. De Blasio’s goal of working to raise the city’s minimum wage to $13 an hour this year and $15 an hour by 2019 is a non-starter as a means to indexing the rate of inflation. Cuomo’s proposal outlined two weeks ago would increase New York City wages to $11.50 an hour. The office commented on the proposed increase of wages stating, “They wouldn’t gain the approval of lawmakers in Albany.” The mayor’s focus on changing policy goals without Albany will be difficult to achieve due to the mayor’s closest ally Sheldon Silver not being speaker as of Monday night. Without Silver, it will be difficult for de Blasio to get his plan inside the capital floor for a vote. Another obstacle de Blasio will face is the Senate Republicans who now control the chambers and will not forget the mayor aiding to oust the Republicans in last year election, but failed.

Protesters outside Baruch College

Protesters outside Baruch College

On the issue about the NYPD, the speech included only a brief mention. With a police officer beginning the speech by singing the national anthem, the minor reference to policing issues were de Blasio touting the ending of overuse of Stop and Frisk, another campaign cornerstone promise and 2014 overall crime stats. “We ended the overuse of stop-and-frisk, reducing stops by over 75 percent. And since we instituted our new marijuana policy, arrests are down almost 65 percent.”

As the mayor was inside touting the accomplishments of the NYPD, outside a small group of protesters “New Yorkers against Bratton” gathered, holding signs and chanting “Mayor de Blasio stop hiding behind your son’s Afro, Broken Windows has got to go.”

Since the assassination of two NYPD officers before Christmas along with the ongoing feud with the police unions, the mayor became more explicitly pro-NYPD in his public speeches. “Keeping New York City safe, Our NYPD officers helped bring the city’s crime rate to an all-time low – with the smallest number of murders, robberies, and burglaries on record.” However, the last stats released as of this week shows that murdering and shooting are up compared to last year.

Winter storm Juno hits East Coast leaving grocery store shelves empty

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Winter storm Juno, a Nor’easter, is the first major snowstorm of 2015 and has hit the Northeastern United States late Monday evening. It’s been forecast to last through Wednesday, with some areas feeling the storm’s wrath for up to 36 hours, reported.

Thousands of flights in and out of airports on the East Coast have been cancelled, forcing stranded travelers to wait out the storm or make new travel plans. Officials are not taking any chances with this blizzard. A State of Emergency has been declared in New Jersey,  Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

The National Weather Service describes the storm as a “high-impact winter storm expected to bring crippling snowfall amounts and life-threatening blizzard conditions to much of the Northeast.”

The storm is expected to spread from Maine down to Pennsylvania. Many officials have taken to Twitter to post emergency information.

Governor Gina Raimondo of Rhode Island declared a State of Emergency and issued a driving ban effective at midnight, Jan. 27.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo tweeted:


Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy tweeted:


Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker tweeted:


In Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf urged residents to prepare for the storm and signed a disaster emergency proclamation to enable authorities to respond as quickly as possible to snow conditions.

The emphasis remains on safety first. Officials are encouraging everyone to stay home, stay off the roads to allow road crews to do their job, and keep cell phones fully charged in the event that power is lost.

As people prepared for the storm, grocery store shelves have been left empty.



WholeFoods line

This blizzard, which the weather service labels if a snowstorm has winds that reach 35 mph and blowing snow that reduces visibility to less than a quarter of a mile, will be sure to cause many delays early Tuesday morning.

The potentially historic storm could affect 20 percent of U.S. population.

NY Gov. Cuomo State of The State addresses his reform agenda for a new term


Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivering his State of the State address.


ALBANY, N. Y. — Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State address on Wednesday combined with his budget proposal focusing heavily on tougher education improvement reforms as well as criminal justice that is seen as easy to address but harder to solve as a whole. Much of the reforms proposed by the governor will be encountered by a divided legislature of Republican control of the Senate while an assembly is dominated by Democrats.

The governor’s 90 minute rushed speech with the reliance of PowerPoint slides to emphasize his policy priorities, was delivered in the Capitol of New York that had no surprises, as much of the addressed proposal was leaked during many news conferences prior to the address this month. Combination of the budget proposal and reforms overall calls for the spending plan totaling $150 billion, an increase of 5 percent from previous years with mixed reviews on both sides of education reform and criminal justice reform.

On education, Cuomo wants to overhaul teacher evaluation formula by increasing tenure to five years straight of high marks instead of three years as well as making it easier to fire ineffective teachers. Reforming the 3020-A of teacher’s removal, something Cuomo has been trying to push will face push backs from many democrats in the assembly as well as the teachers union.

The current formula found that only 1 percent of teachers are to be ineffective as only 38 percent of high school students are ready for college. Calling the evaluation “baloney”, Cuomo wants 50 percent of teacher evaluations to be based on standardized tests. He’s also calling for a 50 percent measure of an independent evaluator to observe the performance of teacher’s performance in a classroom.

On charter schools, Cuomo touted a proposal of increase funding of the number of cap allowed to 560 from 460, an increase of 100 as well as remove restrictions to charter sites where New York City is reaching its limit of reservation sites. The governor has also proposed $25 million funding into universal Pre-K programs to continue on in order to prevent increasing taxes. Last year, a feud over funding this program began with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio initiated increasing taxes as Governor Cuomo promised not to increase any, especially during his re-election bid.

The DREAM Act, a legislation that failed to pass last year was brought into the proposal. Cuomo’s budget includes providing tuition assistance to illegal immigrants as well as education tax credits for individuals and corporations. The proposed measures will be linked together forcing state lawmakers to take on both measures or none as democrats are opposed to the education tax credit for corporations, while Republicans are opposed to the Dream Act.

Expectations to bring reforms to criminal justice in the wake of the controversy over the Eric Garner case in Staten Island, Cuomo’s laid out a seven point agenda on reforming the criminal justice system. With only a small mention of this reform lacking specific details in his speech, both sides of the ongoing tension believe the agenda proposed isn’t enough. A proposal such as giving district attorney the power to release information of grand jury decision despite an indictment or not can give “people to know what actually happened” Cuomo stated. Instituting an independent monitor in cases of fatal episodes between police and civilians as well as recommended a special prosecutor to oversee such cases is told by the governor to help improve the system and confidence to “restore trust and respect between police and community.”

Police reform activists believes this isn’t enough and accountability is still lacking as they want the governor to do more to hold police accountable. Police unions on the other hand, believe that adding new equipment such as new bulletproof vests as well as bulletproof patrol car windows to help protect officers will not ease the tensions concerning police officers. “The tools to be horse-traded for criminal justice reforms designed to disrupt law enforcement due process rights.” said Michael Palladino, president of the Detectives Endowment Association.

Cuomo’s closing remarks were a national tone that ended with an emotional tone from his passing father, Governor Mario Cuomo’s famous 1984 Democratic National Convention speech as well as the late governor’s 1983 first inaugural address: Don’t let me forget what makes New York, New York.”

New York’s most powerful politician arrested on corruption charges


New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, center, is driven by federal agents to federal court, Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015 in New York. Photo: AP


NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a powerful Democrat in Albany, was arrested after surrendering himself to the F.B.I on federal corruption charges early Thursday morning. The lawmaker was being under investigation after the controversial Moreland Commission, created by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2013 unexpectedly shut down last March.

The 35 pages of the five-count criminal complaint includes conspiracy to commit, wire fraud, mail fraud, extortion of using his official position to commit and kickbacks of influence. Silver used his official position to extort and bribe millions of dollars as personal outside income. The lucrative outside income was claimed to be earned as an injury lawyer, but the legal work practice was a fabrication created to hide payoffs of at least $6 million dollars. If convicted, Silver will face a maximum 20-years in prison for each count.

In a press conference after Silver turned himself in without the traditional “perp walk”, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara slammed his five-count complaint case depicting the powerful democrat as a greedy lawmaker exploiting his power for secret monetary gain. Mr. Bharara said the arrest of Mr. Silver goes to the “core of the problem in state government corruption of lack of transparency, accountability and principle, joined with an overabundance of greed, cronyism and self-dealing.”

The press conference detailed the extortion scheme Mr. Silver undertook in obtaining legal fees for “doing nothing”, while hiding the illegal activities from the public. Mr. Silver is being accused of bribes and kickbacks, and acquiring millions from two private law firms.

“For many years, New Yorkers have asked the question: How could Speaker Silver, one of the most powerful men in all of New York, earn millions of dollars in outside income without deeply compromising his ability to honestly serve his constituents? Today, we provide the answer: He didn’t,” Bharara said. Bharara laid out the investigation to Mr. Silver’s outside work and how he urged the anti-corruption commission shut down.

The charges stem from the aborted Moreland Commission created by Gov. Cuomo to investigate corruption going on in Albany. Prior to the shutdown, Mr. Silver and lawmakers sued to prevent investigation from the anti-corruption panel of their outside income. Mr. Bharara took over the commission work and unfinished work after the rapid shut down in March 2014 from Cuomo and began to focus on lawmakers’ outside earnings from their state salaries. Questions of Mr. Silver’s outside income was subject to controversy in June 2013 when he reported earnings of $750,000 from legal work with Weitz & Luxenberg in 2013.

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on the floor of the chamber in Albany on Jan. 7. (Mike Groll / Associated Press)

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on the floor of the chamber in Albany on Jan. 7. (Mike Groll / Associated Press)

Mr. Bharara accused Mr. Silver in engaging in two separate schemes. Obtaining real estate clients to one of the law firms, accepting $700,000 in bribes and kickbacks for the referrals and state funds to a doctor handling asbestos patients to be represented by famous law firm Weitz & Luxenberg, and obtaining fees of $3.9 million from the law firm in a corrupt scheme of referrals related to asbestos.

Since 2002, Silver accepted $5.3 million in payoffs related to his “work” from both law firms. Bharara seized $3.8 million of Mr. Silver’s “ill-gotten gains” that were dispersed among eight different bank accounts within six different banks.

On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Silver was released on $200,000 bond and spoke briefly to reporters outside the federal courthouse in New York City. “I am confident that when all the issues are aired, I will be vindicated,” Silver said shortly after the remarks from Mr. Bharara’s press conference. Along with the release, Mr. Silver surrendered his passport and his next court appearance was set for February 23.

Silver, 70, represents the Lower East Side and a prominent speaker of the Assembly for the past two decades and the most powerful democrat leader in New York. Being a part of the “Three Amigos”, Cuomo referred to himself, Silver and Senate majority leader, all three heavy hitters play a major role in New York politics from crucial policy agendas, creating the state budgets, and passing laws.

The arrest of this powerful lawmaker will shake Albany as the capital legislative session begins. A day before Gov. Cuomo laid out the state’s agenda in the State of the State speech, the attention is now being focused on this newly found corruption scandal. The shock waves of a once untouchable powerful elected official shows that the plague of Albany with “show me the money culture” can come crashing down if Silver decides to divulge his colleagues misdeeds as an exchange for leniency. With the speech now being covered up by the arrest, Cuomo will now have to regroup quickly to implement his reforms as the division of support and resignation of Mr. Silver echoes the chambers from both party aisles.

Republicans, both in the Assembly and Senate are calling for a resignation while most assembly democrats support and stand behind their embattled Speaker. Other Democrats such as Charles Barron voiced their dissent against Silver calling for him to step down from his leadership post. Governor Cuomo didn’t call for a resignation stating it’s up to the Assembly Democrats to decide whether Silver steps down or not. The governor commented on the arrest stating it’s “a bad reflection on government and it adds to the negativity.” Mayor Bill de Blasio however, defended Mr. Silver, calling him “a man of integrity and he certainly has due process rights.”

Staten Island GOP picks Eric Garner prosecutor to run for Michael Grimm’s Congressional seat

Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan

Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan

STATEN ISLAND, N. Y. — After winning re-election by 13 points against his Democratic opponent Domenic Recchia with a 20 count indictment shadowing his congressional campaign, Congressman Michael Grimm officially stepped down from congress on January 5, a day before Congress convened.

Grimm had vowed to stay in Congress after winning his third term for as long as he could, even after pleading guilty to one count of tax evasion before the new years but later changed his mind.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has yet to call a special election to fill the seat and has so far not indicated when he will do so. The set date of the special election must be given 70 to 80 days notice once the state is notified of the vacancy by the U.S House of Representative. There will be no primary or petition collection to determine candidacy, only party leaders from both sides will choose the candidate representing their political party.

Staten Island GOP party delegates met with Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis. The interview meeting will officially decide which of the two Republican candidates will be the pick for this once again hot congressional seat that covers all of Staten Island and part of Brooklyn.

Michael Grimm (R-NY)

Michael Grimm (R-NY)

After Grimm’s resignation, Donovan announced in a statement that he would be seeking the “endorsements of the Republican, Conservative, and Independence Parties in the upcoming special election for the NY-11 Congressional District of New York.”

Donovan, who won 65% of the vote for Staten Island D.A race in 2011 and ran for Attorney General for New York State in 2010, but lost, was a little known politician locally. He gained the national spotlight due to the controversial Eric Garner case that Donovan oversaw and believed to persuade a grand jury to indict the NYPD officer involved in this case, which occupied the media’s attention for most of 2014.

The district is considered to be a law and order district and can garnish much support needed to win this seat. Donovan is the strong favorite to win this special election to replace Grimm and a favorite also to Republicans in the district and Washington.

However, the Garner affairs lingering over the candidate with many upsets with the verdict can pose many threats and a national spectacle for the upcoming months during the elections. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a statement after Donovan showed interest, taking a jab at Republicans in congress as Donovan is one to fit in “to protect the ultra wealthy and corporate special interest at the expense of the middle class.”

Malliotakis expressed interest in this race by making a trip to Washington, DC as an effort to lobby national republicans to support her candidacy to local Republican leaders. Her pitch of being a superior candidate based on her experience in Albany along with her heritage being of Cuban-Greek descent was not enough as the Staten Island executive decided to pick Donovan based on his deeper experience.

The Democrats have yet to find a candidate to support, though it’s speculated that Assemblyman Michael Cusick might get the nod from the S.I Democrat party. Former Congressman Michael McMahon, who Michael Grimm defeated in 2010, has also expressed interest in returning to his old seat.

No word yet on who the Democrats will pick to support over the next few days.

N.Y. Mayor de Blasio active supporter of brutal Communist regime


From Judicial Watch:

With Bill de Blasio making headlines for fanning the flames of racial tension between police and protesters it’s worth recalling newsworthy information about the New York City mayor’s dark past; that he was an active supporter of a brutal communist regime well known as one of the worst human rights abusers in Latin America.

Judicial Watch uncovered and reported the scandalous details last year. De Blasio was an active supporter of the communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua in the 1980s. He was so enamored with Soviet-backed revolutionaries that he traveled to the capital city of the war-torn country, Managua, to aid their cause by participating in a relief mission. Upon de Blasio’s return to the United States, he joined the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York (NSN).

JW examined the records of the NSN at the Tamiment Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, located on the campus of New York University (NYU) in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. The archive is also the NYU “Reference Center for Marxist Studies.” According to the archive record guide: “The Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York (1985-2002), and its member organizations worked to support the Sandinista Revolution and to protest U.S. support of the counter-revolutionary military movement, aka the Contras, who also killed civilian supporters of the revolution, targeting medical and educational personnel in particular.”

The records show de Blasio was an ardent supporter of the communist revolutionaries in Nicaragua, who raised funds for the Sandinistas and was a subscriber to the party’s newspaper, “Barricada” (The Barricade). He traveled to Nicaragua in 1988 and became active in the NSN upon his return to the U.S. New York’s mayor has been unapologetic about his involvement with a foreign Marxist political movement accused of slaughtering innocent civilians and practicing the “disappearance” technique of eliminating political foes.

In fact, the Sandinistas were renowned as one of Latin America’s worst human rights violators. During three years of revolution they carried out thousands of political executions and the disappearance of thousands more who were considered anti-revolutionary, according to a Russian-born scholar cited in a news article. By 1983 there were about 20,000 political prisoners held in the Marxist regime’s jails, the highest number of political prisoners of any nation in the hemisphere with the exception of Fidel Castro’s communist Cuba.

This information is relevant because de Blasio is in the midst of a major crisis involving the city’s police department. For starters he got rid of a successful crime-fighting program called stop-and-frisk because it disproportionately affects minorities. The initiative directed officers to stop and search people suspected of criminal activity. Leftist organizations, and de Blasio, claim it violates civil rights because a disproportionate amount of blacks and Hispanic were getting nabbed. Axing the program was the beginning of the war between de Blasio, who took office this year, and the police union.

The mayor’s popularity further plummeted during the national furor over the point-blank murder of two police officers in Brooklyn. Because de Blasio has supported anti-police protests nationwide, cops in his own city accuse him of fomenting an anti-police fervor that contributed to the cold-blooded murder of the two officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. The mayor also said that, as the parent of a biracial teenage son (de Blasio’s wife is black), he worries that his son won’t be treated fairly by cops. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani says de Blasio has to apologize to his officers for suggesting that there’s a substantial and systemic racism in the New York City Police Department when there simply isn’t.

Read more at Judicial Watch.

Political leaders and activists held conference after no indictment of NYPD officer


After the ruling last Wednesday to not indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo on the incident that led to the death of Eric Garner, prominent race-baiters jumped to gain media attention and began bashing the police force national. Here are the back-to-back press statements from the political leaders and activists.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio responded quickly to the development with anger as he cancelled events such as the Rockefeller Tree Lighting ceremony. The mayor went to Staten Island to meet with elected officials and clergy members where he issued a statement about the grand jury results.

He gave a personal speech by promising to heal the strained relations between police and minority communities as majority of New Yorkers sees this case as racial injustice. Stating this was personal for him by using his bi-racial family for his public image. Using his son Dante, he describes how he and his wife “had talks with Dante about the dangers that he might face” from the police.

Continuing on he cites, “Black Lives Matter” as a phrase that should never have to be said, but its self-evident and history requires us to say it.” The mayor acknowledges the protest and urged New Yorkers to avoid violence and riots such as the ones he seen in 1991 as a staffer to former Mayor David Dinkins, the riots in Crown Heights.


President Obama addressed the decision while not mentioning too many details of the case. At the White House Tribal Nation, Obama said, “It’s an American problem and it speaks to the larger issues.” Adding on he stated the decision is a “concern on the part that many minority communities that law enforcement is not working with them…We are not going to let up until there is trust and accountability that exists between law enforcement and our communities.”

Attorney General Eric Holder announced that an investigation of Garner’s death has been going on for a while quietly to determine if civil rights were violated. Holder said, “This is one of several recent incidents that have tested the sense of trust that must exist between law enforcement and the communities they are charged to serve and protect. Both cases have put law-enforcement officers under a microscope on how they use excessive force to arrests minorities.


Adding fuel to the fire was the leader of all leaders, Rev. Al Sharpton, an opportunist who only hurts a cause rather than to help. Declaring that this country is in a “national crisis” by comparing the New York events to Ferguson, Mo., the Veteran race-baiter announced an organized national march in Washington, DC for December 13. I don’t think if Dr. Martin Luther King was still alive that he would join this march, but career rioters will.

With all these players speaking about improving police-community relations, keep in mind that they seek to gain attention from this tragedy that wouldn’t have happened if Eric Garner didn’t resist arrest. Both Eric Garner and Michael Brown’s case shouldn’t be about race or discrimination or lumped together as a trend to protest and cause chaos. Race here is both irrelevant. The facts are that both broke and fought the law. Neither officers broke the law, they performed their duties as they swore they would when they become police officers. Both officers didn’t just wake up, head to work and intend to kill a black man that day. It’s tragic that two men died, but instead of bashing cops and protesting, why don’t the wasted energy go to chastising ones who actually break the law and commit the crimes, then maybe some real progress can be made.

Examine the facts first before acting on feeling then maybe the fog in your emotional mind will clear and the facts will show you exactly what NBA Hall of Fame Charles Barkley said is correct and that, “Cops are awesome, they’re the only thing in the ghetto separating this place from this place from being the wild, wild west“.

No indictment for NYPD officer…so here comes the anti-cop protests


On Wednesday, a Staten Island grand jury chose not to indict an NYPD officer for using a chokehold move that killed Eric Garner, adding more fuel to the race-baiting fires lit across the nation.

Garner died on July 17 after he resisted arrest while officers attempted to handcuff him for selling loose untaxed cigarettes, commonly referred to on the New York City streets as “Loosies”.  This fatal encounter was caught on video by numerous witnesses, showing the NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo putting Garner in a “chokehold”, a move that is prohibited by the NYPD’s policies and procedures but not banned nationally. Garner’s last words were “I can’t breathe” as it was heard numerous times on the video, words which can be seen as a ploy to get the officers to free him from restraint and try to attack.

Police are not barred by the law from using a “chokehold” during an arrest, but it’s a violation of the NYPD’s regulation policy. Medical examiners ruled the cause of death to be a “homicide” – a word used in clinical, not legal terms – based on the compression of the neck and chest, and prone positioning during physical restraint by police. However, the autopsy also attributed Garner’s death to his heart disease and asthma caused by his obesity.

Garner was certainly no saint himself. He had multiple encounters with the police, having been arrested on 31 occasions, and he most likely knew what he was doing was unlawful. For this instance, he was on the street selling untaxed cigarettes, which in this Nanny state is considered to be against the law.
Before the altercation, Garner shouts with the officers, “This stops today” as he struggles with officers to prevent being restrained. That right there tells you there is at least a question of whether the arresting officers’ lives were at stake. As he fights arrest, the officer begins to wrap his arm around Garner’s neck and under his arm. Garner, a  6’3, 350-pound man struggles, and is put to the ground.
Was Garner choked to death as the media and the race baiters make it appear? Or was Garner in poor health and should have known better than to resist arrest.  If Garner was healthy, would he have died from the officer “chokehold”?  Cardiac arrest was the subdue reason for his death, not the “chokehold”. Could it have been the heavy government overburden laws that Garner didn’t follow, resulting in the officers having to do their job since it’s the law?  Too many questions with emotional non factual answers. So here it is…

The 23-member Grand Jury viewed the video and the medical examiner’s report that was used as evidence to determine not to indict the officer. They decided to not indict with the video evidence and medical examiner’s report that ruled the death a homicide. They voted that the officer didn’t break the law.  They concluded the officer’s action showed no intent to harm and it was an unnecessary death due to Garner resisting arrest. They felt that Garner resisted arrest and the officer was doing his job with no intention to kill. Had Garner just followed the officers command, it would have been a different story.

Cops have a tough job. Period. They deal with people who hate them and are obnoxious to them, but always answer the call of these hypocrites when needed. Learn from this – if a cop is trying to arrest you and you resist, something may or will go wrong. Police don’t wake up everyday to go to work trying to kill anybody, let alone to kill a black man. At the end of the day we should be thanking them for keeping our city safe and protecting us. We should not be listening to the race baiting-money making-tax owing individuals such as Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Enough with the cop bashing.

One World Trade Center welcomes its first tenant

The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere is open for business. One World Trade Center opened is doors Monday morning to its new tenant Publishing giant, Conde Nast. The building opens its doors 13 years after the original World Trade Center was destroyed on September 11th 2001. One World Trade Center is a 104 story and $3.9 billion skyscraper that once again dominates the Manhattan skyline. It is now the center piece of a 16-acre site where more than 2,700 people died and were buried under the mounds of debris from the attacks. From the northeast corner of the site, the tower offers a view of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum as well as a view that stretches from Manhattan all the way to Connecticut and the Atlantic Ocean.


Cuomo sparks outrage from Conservatives, Catholics- Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity Respond

Sean Hannity Will Leave New York- To Dana Perino on Hannity

As a conservative from New York, it was more than troubling to hear that my governor believes that there is no place for me, or other conservatives, in his state.

Cuomo Statement: Get Out of New York- “Extreme Conservatives”

“Their problem is not me and democrats, their problem is themselves. Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives, who are right to life, pro assault weapon, anti-gay, is that who they are? Because if that is who they are, and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York. Because that is not who New Yorkers are.” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Progressives don’t even TRY to put a filter on their outrageous statements these days.  This is fascism, straight up.

Imagine if a REPUBLICAN Governor (like Rick Perry) had said: “Who are these extreme Liberals, who are baby-killing pro-abortionists, gun-grabbing, same-sex advocating, is that who they are? Because if that is who they are- the extreme Liberals, they have no place in the state of Texas. Because this is not who Texans are.” 

I know, right? He’d be ridden out of town on a rail.

Conservative radio and television hosts Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity were incensed by Cuomo’s statement, and demanded an apology. They also threatened to leave New York.

 In actuality, Beck left New York 3 years ago, when he left FOX News and relocated to Dallas, Texas with key staffers. He created his multi-media empire The Blaze in The Lonestar State, but built and maintains a large studio in Manhattan near Radio City. He employs about 200 people in New York. Read Beck’s letter to Cuomo HERE.

Writes an open letter to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Writes an open letter to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Glenn Beck responds to New York Governor on “The Kelly File” with Megyn Kelly: Video

Hannity stated on both his radio and television shows– in no uncertain terms- that he and his wife discussed leaving New York as soon as his contractual obligations are satisfied. He also has a large home to sell, children in school plus personal (philanthropic)  promises to keep. The Hannity family will head to either Texas (where Sean is already an “honorary Texan”), Florida (also a no state income tax state) – or Georgia, where they have resided in the past.

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst wrote Hannity a letter, graciously inviting him and his family to head to Texas VIDEO

The king of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, fled New York for Florida a number of years ago because of high taxes. Even though he no longer resides in the city, he has been audited (read harassed) continually for the past years.

The people of New York were none too pleased with Cuomo’s “my way or the highway” comments and noting that Cuomo is supposedly a Catholic, people wondered about the Governor’s outrageous attitude. Said parishioner Kate Ryan, who attends St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City regularly, “I guess Governor Cuomo wants all of us pro-life Catholics, including Cardinal Dolan, to pack up and leave. Fine with me- I am sick of paying 60 cents of every hard-earned dollar to the government.”

Under former New York city mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg, laws were passed to restrict salt, trans-fats, sodas over 32 ounces (repealed) and, of course smoking- outdoors AND indoors. God only KNOWS what kinds of ridiculous edicts will emanate from the “NEW” New York Mayor, communist Bill DeBlasio.  Apparently, the first burning issue he will tackle will be to ban horse-drawn carriages in the city.

Keep it up, Progressives. Run all the hard working, tax paying entrepreneurial -dare I say it?- CAPITALISTS- out of the Empire state of New York- and you will have another Detroit.  It’s beyond a crying shame, it’s downright criminal.

So thank you Liberals, Progressives, Democrats- whatever you call yourselves. Your policies are destructive. Your tactics are divisive.  Your laws are tyrannical.

Enjoy your enslavement, New Yorkers. You voted for it.


"If they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in New  York."

“If they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in New York.”