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It’s time to take the Republican Party back from men like Scalise and Boehner

Do you remember what the GOP establishment did to conservative Mississippi State Sen., Chris McDaniel, during the primaries? The GOP wanted Sen.Thad Cochran to win so badly, they drummed up bogus race charges after he had won the first primary to ensure that he would lose in the run-off. Many people even believed the election might have been stolen if the African American voters who were targeted in Cochran’s advertisements voted for Cochran after they had also voted in the Democrat primary weeks earlier. That would be illegal.

J. Craig wrote in an article posted on

This race woke up a lot of people both inside and outside of Mississippi to the corruption and deception known as the Barbour Plan. Former Governor of Mississippi and well-known lobbyist Haley Barbour, through his Mississippi Conservatives Super PAC was able to use funds and radio ads to mislead Mississippi voters about Chris McDaniel. Haley’s nephews Austin and Henry Barbour are very close to Thad Cochran. Austin is the senior Cochran campaign adviser and Henry is the Republican National Committeeman and also runs Haley’s Super PAC. These are the people, including Pete Perry, GOP Chairman for Hinds County who were hand selected as part of the Barbour Plan to keep Thad Cochran in office no matter what. Yeah that Pete Perry. The guy who raked in $171,000 from the Pro-Cochran Super PAC to “Get Out the Vote” for Thad Cochran.

The Cochran campaign knew they lost on June 3rd and also realized they could not win in the runoff without the help of Democrat voters. They soon rolled out a plan that would almost guarantee a victory for the Senator that had absolutely no idea he was even in a race. The Barbour funded campaign used racist radio ads that aired only in the heavily populated Delta area where the majority are Black Americans and Democratic voters. A Mississippi radio station aired an ad warning voters that the Tea Party would “take away” food stamps and other welfare benefits before the run-off. The ad certainly appeared to target black voters.”

Mises quote qolAt the time, the situation in Mississippi reminded me of this Ludwig von Mises quote: “There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men. ”

Chris McDaniel was an honorable man, but Republican Party establishment hacks, and groups like the NRSC, will use any corrupt means to hang onto their political power. These crooked race baiting tactics exist within the Democrat Party as well as the Republican establishment, and conservatives need to stand on principles and speak out against these underhanded maneuvers.

Fast forward to the Steve Scalise scandal. It’s been all over the media that Steve Scalise may or may not have given a tax policy speech to a group of white supremacists associated with the horrid David Duke. This event was twelve years ago while he was a state representative. The same establishment players who were condemning an innocent man like Chris McDaniel last summer, are now quick to come to the defense of a man of questionable character like Scalise. Some of the NRSC members posts on social media prove this point. Steve Scalise may or may not be a racist man, but he certainly isn’t an honorable man.

Everyone in the Republican Party can see there is a double standard. Obama can associate with every radical person and group in existence and nobody bats an eyelash. Some of the white people in the Democrat Party, like Sen. Robert Byrd, have had numerous ties to racist groups and events and nobody cares. Majority Whip Steve Scalise possibly speaking at a conference for a group he didn’t know was associated with white supremacists seems mild by comparison. However, as conservatives we need to raise the bar and hold a higher standard for principles than the Democrats. Steve Scalise may or may not have spoken to the EURO group, but he does have ties to Kenny Knight, a longtime political adviser to David Duke. Kenny Knight, like David Duke, holds anti-Semitic and racist views and he has ties to the KKK and other hate groups. Knight even claims to have donated to Scalise’s campaign. Since the scandal has broken, Scalise hasn’t done enough to disassociate with Kenny Knigh,t and this isn’t good enough for the number three leader in the House. We can’t have a man in GOP leadership that tolerates anti-Semites and white supremacists as a constituent group. It is bad enough we have to be falsely called racists for merely criticizing the policies of a half-black president, we don’t need this kind of unprincipled person in such a high position in our party.

It is reprehensible that Speaker John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy have rallied around Steve Scalise and defended him. Nobody in the Republican Party is saying that Scalise himself is a racists, but can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and Scalise had been a Tea Party conservative? Boehner would have hung him out to dry. He would have asked a conservative to step down in a New York minute. Scalise betrayed Americans over Obama’s amnesty last month. The Republican Study Committee (RSC) use to be the conservative body of the GOP which would fight back when bills were promoted that didn’t align with conservative values. Scalise bumped real conservatives out of the way to become the chairman of the RSC, and since then has done everything in his power to destroy the purpose of the RSC.

In interviews with four aides who worked for Scalise while he helmed the study group, the staffers, who spoke under the condition of anonymity to avoid retaliation, described being actively prevented from working towards the RSC’s traditional goal of moving the GOP conference and its leadership to the right.

Plus, Boehner and Scalise worked behind the scenes to rid true conservatives from certain committee assignments.

Steve Scalise is an integral part of Boehner’s establishment team out to defeat conservative politicians and conservative goals. Meanwhile, Boehner is seeking re-election from his Republican colleagues as Speaker on Tuesday, the first day of the new Congress. A recent poll shows that over 60% of the Republican voters want him gone. When asked why, most stated he wasn’t effective at opposing Obama’s agenda. It would only require 29 House members to get rid of Speaker John Boehner

Joseph Story use to say:

Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them.

The wise have been banished from our public council and D.C. has become filled with immoral leaders who don’t represent the values of America. Too many people side with the Republican Party as if it were their “team”, even when the Republican Party is wrong. People need to stop looking at political parties and start looking at political philosophies. The problem is there are too many people who never even ponder what the Republican Party should stand for. We need more conviction in our politicians who advance a creed, not a Party. Finding our way back to the mindset of the framers will go a long way in healing the progressive damage to our country. Either you believe in Constitutional liberty, personal property rights, individual sovereignty, federalism and the philosophy of the founders, or you believe in big government control and central planning. If we want to save our Republic, we need GOP leaders who represent principles first, not men who commit all of these underhanded maneuvers. Conservatives need to get out the scrub brushes and clean house! Scalise needs to step down and Boehner needs to be voted out as Speaker. Now is the time. Conservatives need to go full force on their fight against the GOP establishment to win back the Party.