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Celebrities cause confusion on what ‘American Sniper’ is really about


If Clint Eastwood said ‘American Sniper’ is about a hero who fought for our country’s freedom against radical terrorism, the right would be in a roar of agreement and challenge anyone against those views with passion.  In opposition, if left-wing actors like Michael Moore, Seth Rogen and “comedian” Bill Maher said that Chris Kyle was a psychopath who murdered innocent people and was a coward for hiding, in tall, dry, grass while handling sniper rifles, the left would hang on it and run with it for miles without ever seeing the movie.

And that’s exactly what happened.

A “Twitter war” broke out between actors and celebrities on whether Chris Kyle, the famous sniper who made over 160 confirmed kills, was either a national hero or a psychopathic war-lover who enjoyed blowing people’s heads off.  The left has also been pointing their fingers at the director of the film Clint Eastwood for simply giving Chris Kyle a film and exercising his 1st Amendment rights by comparing his film to Nazi propaganda.

Seth RoganSeth Rogen later back-pedaled on his twitter comments and apologized.

However, neither views that Kyle was a great hero or that Kyle was a murderous psychopath is supported by the movie itself.  In fact, Eastwood himself has commented that he is dismayed by attempts to ascribe political meanings to the movie.  “Pardon me for sounding defensive, but it certainly has nothing to do with any (political) parties or anything,”Eastwood told The Star, in an interview.  “These fellows who are professional soldiers, Navy personnel or what have you, go in for a certain reason. Their commander-in-chief (U.S. President Barack Obama) is a Democrat and the administration is, and there’s no political aspect there other than the fact that a lot of things happen in war zones.”

The star of the movie who played Kyle, Bradley Cooper told the Daily Beast, “The guy that I got to know, through all the source material that I read and watched, and home videos—hours and hours—I never saw anything like that. But I can’t control how people are gonna use this movie as a tool, or what they pick and choose whatever they want. But it would be short-changing, I think.”

The movie draws less from the idea that Chris Kyle was a war hero who took down the Iraqi terrorists who waged war on their own people.  And more on the idea that the human man Chris Kyle experienced emotional and psychological hardship from being deployed multiple times in such a war-torn country and then coming back home to his family.  It also expounded upon the stresses and the emotional hardship his wife bravely struggled through, knowing that Kyle could be killed any second in Iraq.

What’s most disappointing is not Eastwood’s personal analysis that Chris Kyle is a hero, but that men who would never sign up to serve our country in the time of crisis are willing to demean and slander the name of a man who actually died trying to help a friend overcome PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

The leftist criticism on ‘American Sniper’ has been used to gain 15 minutes of fame and to rile people up against a man they don’t even know personally for political upheaval.  The movie’s success of $105 million on its opening weekend is proof enough to show that Americans who support the movie aren’t looking for an affirmation of their political faith, they are looking for a good, honest film about a soldier named Chris Kyle.