Tomi Lahren


Epic take down on the Chattanooga shooting


FBI agents worked the scene at an Armed Forces Career Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, July 16, 2015. Four Marines were killed Thursday by a gunman who opened fire at two military offices before he was fatally shot. A Navy sailor injured in the attack later died on Saturday. Reuters/Tami Chappell

We all know by now about the horrible shooting that took place this past Thursday in Chattanooga, Tenn. where five military members were killed by Islamic terrorist Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez., a 24-year-old Kuwaiti-born electrical engineering graduate opened up fire on two different military facilities killing and injuring military and police personnel in an act of terrorism. The gunman was killed in a shootout with police. Although our brave military men and women who fight to protect us and our freedom continue to put their lives on the line, we can’t seem to lower our flag to honor them.

President Obama still has not ordered the lowering of the flag to half-staff at the White House. Yet, the people’s house was lit up in rainbow colors shortly after last month’s Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

To note, Obama did issue same-day orders lowering the flag following the the July 2012 Aurora, Colo. mass shooting, December 2012 Sandy Hook, Conn. mass shooting and the September 2013 Washington Navy Yard mass shooting.

Many people are upset with how President Obama has handled terrorism and the way in which he has treated the entire radical Islamic problem we face in America. The political correctness has certainly been a major concern with his administration and some people are fed up, including OANN’s Tomi Lahren.

Watch below as Tomi delivers an epic take down on the Chattanooga shooting and radical Islam.

They– Radical Islamists– have brought the fight right here to the Red, White and Blue and it’s about time we bring it to them. Full force. Let’s show them what the United States of America looks like up close and personal.

The victims killed in the shooting were four Marines – Thomas Sullivan, Skip Wells, David Wyatt, and Carson Holmquist. A Navy sailor, Randall Smith who was injured in the shooting later died from his wounds on Saturday.


Gone, but never forgotten.