The Hypocrisy of the Presbyterian Assembly is pure Jew Hatred

Posted by on June 22, 2014


The Presbyterian Church narrowly snatched victory by voting to divest holdings from companies that do business with Israel; Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola Solutions.  The vote did not come as a surprise though it was narrow 310-303.

It’s apparent that the relationship between the Jewish community and Presbyterian church is fractured, perhaps for good. While Rabbi Rick Jacobs, leader of the Reform Movement in Judaism, tried to reason his position on how damaging this vote would be, at the end of the day, the Presbyterian church voted to alienate themselves.

It is  incomprehensible to look at those who are Presbyterian in the eye with an ounce of trust out of the position of their “it’s just tough love” for Israel and Jews to pressure Israel into a peace agreement with Hamas.  A peace agreement solely aimed at dismantling Israel’s existence.  The Presbyterian church’s aim to implement a permanent Hamas style militancy in the middle of Israel where Hamas will have the ability to murder Israel’s citizens.  Such an aggressive policy that behind the closed doors of the Presbyterian Church’s antisemitism  is code for this unexplainable position:  The reason antisemitism is rising is because you Jewish fundamentalists brought it on yourselves because you won’t tolerate antisemitism, and you refuse to be what we demand; weak, timid and taking the abuse that’s been dished out to us Jews for centuries.  There can be no other explanation for this in my humble opinion.

As I tweeted before, I would rather have an honest enemy no matter what faith they are tell me to my face that they hate me, then a treacherous friend who soothes me with “tough love” because it’s for my own good.

Kay Wilson pointed out their hypocrisy so eloquently.  It is so worth reading.It is sad and tragic that the Presbyterian church looks upon us as being inferior simply because we built up a country that was ours in the first place. She points out in her article that after they voted against Israel’s existence, they ended with a prayer for the “well-being” of the three kidnapped Israeli teens, Eyal, Gilad and Naftali.

Millions around the world will continue visiting Israel and contributing to her economy. The Presbyterian church will not be able to tie the hands of Jews from other parts of the world for connecting to our ancestors and history.  We will continue buying products that are sold in America and made in Israel.  We will continue giving birth to more Jewish children. We will continue to send our children to the Israeli Defense Forces to defend the land we love so much. We will continue to educate our children with Ahavas Yisrael (Love of Israel).  We will not teach our children to murder those we disagree with in terrorist training camps, indoctrinating them with false pretenses in school books, and put them in front of rocket launchers just to gain world sympathy because the picture is doctored and the poor dead child is really a Syrian child murdered at the hands of Assad Regime.

The Presbyterian Church exposed its true nature in their silent defense of Hamas by voting to dismantle their holdings in already strong companies that won’t stop doing business with Israel.  Why?  Because Boycott, Divstement and Sanctions hurts the Palestinians as well.  They use these products like any other person in the world.   The hypocrisy of divestment creates a hilarious position; They demand companies stop doing business with Israel. However, when these activists go to Israel they eat in the most opulent ISRAELI restaurants and stay in the best five-star Israeli hotels.  If they want to walk the walk on divestment, BDS activists should promptly throw out all of their high tech gadgets like smartphones, iphones, and ipads.  That little chip in these mechanisms come from Israel.

BDS activists should put their money where their mouth is.  Don’t ever come back to Israel because she is much safer without their violent presence. I whole heatedly find their hypocrisy delightful, but not at the expense of Jewish lives.



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Eileen Hart

Eileen Hart

Israel Correspondent at ANM News
Eileen Hart is a religious zionist who is passionate about Israel. Eileen articulates Israel's right to exist and defend herself on a daily basis. She has been working in pro Israel activism for almost 20 years and has engaged in outreach to fellow Jews who are uneducated on Israel and the truth about its conflict with Palestinians. Eileen devotes her time to homeschooling her daughter and writing the truth about the world's misconception about Israel.


  • Chrislynn

    My dad and stepmother were Presbyterian and major anti-Semites.  They believed in the Elders of Zion, Israel being a terrorist state, the poor abused Palestinians – the whole playbook.

  • PhillipPasmanick

    By pointing ONLY at Israel, with equal or worse atrocities being
    perpetrated against, women, gays, children, & minorities each day,
    and ignoring them all to only see Israel as a singularity demanding
    special attention, is most definitely motivated by pure antisemitism.
    expressing antisemitism seems to be manifested in such an orchestrated
    event, (that took a sustained effort in gathering a community together)
    without the considerations that those they defend have actually been
    the cause of their brethren’s demise & dwindling numbers, I’m
    see these Presbyterian being no different than the Arabs when Golda
    said, (if I may paraphrase) ‘There will never be peace until the Arabs
    love their children more than they hate Jews’.